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Dados Data

May 30th, 2012
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The data locking of the companies and the privacy of consumers and users of social nets? how Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.? continuously the risks are displayed. In way to this scene, entrepreneurs, academics, researchers and legislators if lean over on the questions that involve security and privacy of data. The management of the resources of data (GRD) if presents disciplines between them of the Governana de Dados as that capable one to minimize the risks and to guarantee the sensible data locking. In this context, a personage, with strategical paper for the success of the governana of data, arrives in port in the Brazilian market, the example of what already she occurred in other countries. One is about the Steward Date, that in Brazil is known as strategical manager of data, also called governor or custodian of data. This new personage, who starts to be searched by the companies and institutions, has as performance premise to identify new chances of business from a strategical management of the data (credibility, quality and integrity).

To this if it adds the objective to guarantee more effectiveness and efficiency in the use of these data (Origin and Destination of the Data); To be the responsible one for the voice of the data (Transparency of the Data); to answer for the Governana de Dados, catalytic factor in the success of the Chief Steward Date. In accordance with Renato Opice Blum, one of the few lawyers specialized in Electronic Right in the country and professor of Digital Right of the FGVLaw, more early or later this function tends if to consolidate of irreversible form, the example of what it occurred in other countries, either as reply to the necessities of the market, either of the legislation. According to lawyer, the market is of who withholds the information, that he needs to be kept with segurana' ' to act of preventive form ' ' we have to leave of the principle, of that one day the data will be able to leak, and if they go to leak, that it is of the best form.



May 30th, 2012
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It agrees that this communicated politics either through all aorganizao for the users in the form that either excellent, accessible ecompreensvel for the reader in focus. Coordination of the security of the information In great existemprofissionais organizations that are responsible for implanting security controls dInformao.So they responsible them for the search of security rules, metodologiae processes, such as the evaluation of risk in the security system dainformao. Attribution of the responsibilities in seguranada information Agrees that the responsibilities for the protection of each ativoe for the fulfilment of specific processes of security are claramentedefinidas. It agrees that the politics of security of the information supplies to general umguia on the attribution of rules and responsibilities of security in the organization. However oproprietrio it continues as responsible end for the security of the asset and convmque either capable to determine if they are being correctly delegated asresponsabilidades. It is essential that the areas for which each manager is responsvelestejam clearly established; in particular one sends regards that the itensseguintes are fulfilled.

) It agrees that some seguranaassociados assets and processes of with each system are identified eclaramente defined. b) He agrees that the responsible manager for each asset ouprocesso of security is in agreement and the details of this responsabilidadesejam registered. c) It agrees that the authorization levels are claramentedefinidos and registered. Physical security guard For physical security understands-seaqui the related aspects of security with events where contactofsico abnormal person with the equipment exists. For times some physical proximity suficiente, as happens with imperfections of confidencialidade for detention distncia of electromagnetic signals emitted by the communication lines oumonitores of video. Events not deliberate Imperfections in the electric feeding the imperfections in the alimentaoelctrica or its me the quality are an important factor for the instability dossistemas, normally take to the non-availability of the system, being able provocarainda losses of data, disable of applications or same you damage de' ' hardware' '.


Chile Intention

May 29th, 2012
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In three times the life is divided: in present, passed and future. Of these, the present is brief; , the future doubtful; the past, cierto." Sneca We are in a year that have indicated earthquakes already, tremors, misfortunes with much continuity by the Caribbean and Latin America, now recently before the occurred thing in Chile, that although the characteristics of his earthquake, it was major that the one that finishes confronting Haiti, poor country, with modest constructions, quite the opposite a those of Chile, that in spite of to be more intense its earthquake, the number of victims was smaller, undergoing its houses, highways, buildings very considerable fractures, but that luckyly they did not summon up many life. Knowing Chile, having lived and studied in that beautiful country a postgraduate, and what is more, confronting earthquake not of so great dimensions for years back, I have not been doubting, that her people, will be united, her just chosen president, like her present president, they will know to confront with strength, sapiencia, union, anger the situation. The publishing house of the Newspaper the Nation of Argentina, on the matter of this event it express: After the tragedy of Saturday, Bachelet appealed to the capacity of recovery of the Chileans against the adversity and, being worth of mass media to which it was thankful for the service to them that was lending the population, it urged to its town to preserve the calm and the spirit without doubting a second in that it will leave ahead: " Once again, force, Chile! ". It is the vote of all, Chilean and Argentine, in front of the tragedy beyond the $andes, and so that means for us in regard to the historical bows of brotherhood against which, as it happens to Uruguay, certain conjunctural situations would not have to affect. .


State Model

May 29th, 2012
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In accordance with the Ministry of the Communications, currently only 17.8% of the domiciles have access to web. It has three proposals in debate: a state one, a other private and mixing. 1 – State model Defended by the Ministry of the Planning, the state model foresees that all the net is under control of the Telebrs what it would give conditions of being charged a value below of what it is offered by the great companies who offer Internet service. The value to be charged by the federal government would not exceed monthly R$ 35,00. Moreover, the public company would manage the net and would directly venderia services of broad band to the consumer. The Ministry of the Communications evaluates that, a time that the government made all the investments alone, it is who deserves to be with the control of the net. In this scene, the Telebrs would act as a competitor of the established companies already, as NET, Oi, Telephonic and GVT. Point the favor: The government will have total freedom to define prices and to use its net with social purposes, beyond pressuring excessively teles private to improve its services and selling at a loss its prices not to lose customers for the Telebrs.

Negative point: It would be the concentration of all the investments in the public power having the risk of the state model not to be most efficient to take care of the consumers. 2? Model of Manages Private also Defended for the Ministry of Communications, the private model would deliver great teles the infrastructure of the new net. However, to take web until the agricultural zones and small cities, the federal government would offer tax incentives to compensate teles for taking care of regions where it does not have economic interest. Moreover, the project of the PNBL foresees the sharing of the mobile nets in moved away regions, diminishing the cost of teles. Point the favor: It will allow to the attainment of private investments and the delivery of the management to the company that already have expertincia in the sector. Negative point: It would not have the increase of the competition in the sector and it would not guarantee low prices for the service, since teles would have freedom to define its prices.

3? Model of Manages Mixing Defended in this case for the Ministry of the Civil House, the mixing model would leave all the management of the net under the cares of the Telebrs. However, the public company would not take care of directly to the consumers, but only small suppliers. Thus being, these companies it is that they would be responsible for the service of last mile, that is, taking the connection until the house of the user. The State could operate as supplier only promptly, in the agricultural regions where it did not have interest of private companies. Point the favor: The model would finish creating thousand of new competitors in the sector of broad band to compete with the traditional companies. Negative point: It would not please to the interests of teles and would concentrate all the investments in infrastructure in the public sector.


Leica Geoffice

May 28th, 2012
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In case that the processed points do not pass in the CQ (Quality control), and the solution will not be the desired one, the GNSS offers to the user the resource to alleviate the satellites or to eliminate them, when for some reason, as loss of signal, not to take care of to a desirable solution. It has wide it scales in the use in processing of transport of coordinates, and also is used in the processing of the perimeter. Of gratuitous form software in question alone processes waves of L1 carrier, and in the case of waves L1/L2, that are used in the tracing of long base, the GNSS it functions of free form in the period of 30 days. Figure 7 – Final model of an adjustment of transport of coordinates, standing out the closing of the circuit 4,4 LEICA GEOFFICE the Leica Geoffice is a program of manipulation and data processing GNSS. It offers processing options, as much for transport of coordinates, as for the raised perimeter. It it contains all the functionalities to manage and to process the collected data and supplies the tools necessary to visualize, to edit and to process these vectors.

The calculation of the transport can be made through coordinates RINEX of the survey, and as well as the too much programs it presents the closing of on circuit for survey lines. The way of operation of this program is a little differentiated, therefore some of its tools of operation are activated with the direct button of mouse, the report emitted for it after the processing of the vectors are of easy interpretation. 8-Illustration figure of the program Leica Geoffice As said previously, format RINEX is universal and can be read in any one of softwares here described, however, the existence of these different programs is directly on to each model of receiver.


Resource Location

May 23rd, 2012
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(Lvy, 1993 apud Aquino, online, pg. 3). What it is bilateriaridade? As example, the bilateriaridade distinguished for Nelson in the hipertextual net, it can be detected in some examples in the Modern Europe: the manuscripts (' ' less fixed and more malleable texts of what impressos' ' (Aquino online), that is other people beyond the author could add or take off something of what they copied. Therefore, the bilateriaridade if showed in the manuscripts, therefore it oportunizava for who it copied and it read to modify its contents. Another example in the History of hipertextual writing meets in the average age with Leonardo of the Vinci (Aquino) Leornado wrote down in the edges of the pages of its writings. In centuries XVI and XVII they had the calls ' ' marginlias' ' , that is, done notations by hand in the edges of books printed matters of the time In form of personal indices, citations of texts remissions to other parts or other texts, the marginlias were transposed for a notebook of ' ' places comuns' ' for posterior consultations (Aquino, online p 4). The baseboards of our books printed matters could not be one hipertexto, even so similar to the notations to the edges of the texts for the readers, do not provide modifications of the same ones, that is, the bidirecionabilidade. The sites of the Internet, not yet allow active participation of the user in the construction of its texts.

However, the Blog tool, can assist in the modification of sites, a time that blogs allows postagem of commentaries on the postados texts and can be connected to the sites. We understand a site as a place in web that it represents a person or entity, and possesss a virtual address called URL (Uniform Resource Location). As already said previously, the hipertextual net sends in them to the similar way to the functioning of the mind: for associations.


Skinner Skinner

May 22nd, 2012
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One of them was responsible to porelaborar a system that receives the data, treats them and shows the effected dosexperimentos results; another one worked the communication of the computer with ascaixas of Skinner, sending and act of receiving of the data and conectividade of these boxes. The project of software, Skinner IF, created a SistemEspecialista from the concepts in one of the areas of Artificialde Intelligence way that could guarantee a bigger precision of the supplied data, eflexibilidade to adjust the system the new experiments. It is a system with capacidadede to make inferences from the analyzed data, to interpret and to classify ocomportamento of the rat as if COAST was a specialist (GRANDSON; HARE, 2004). The project of the hardware, Ratoware V2, defined protocols of communication and umaarquitetura that it possesss as component a computer to manage effected osexperimentos, a microcontroller, responsible for the module will queencaminhar the data and the circuit multiplexer of words, that to permitirutilizar 16 boxes of Skinner (I CASTRATE; S, 2004). However, these foramtestados projects simulating the linked box of Skinner and fact of them not to be aessa disables that they are used by the laboratory of Psychology.

The objective of this article is to make possible the integration of doisprojetos, the Skinner IF and Ratoware V2, that had initiated the automation process dascaixas of Skinner. Through this integration, the automation dosexperimentos of analysis of the behavior of guineapigs in the laboratory will be possible dePsicologia of this college. The contribution of this work for the learning dosdiscentes will be the easiness of the analysis of behaviors of animals, permitindoainda to the observer a bigger perception ahead of the environment and the ratosenvolvidos ones in the executed experiments, what it will offer the attainment deresultados more necessary in the reports bred. In this article the soluesencontradas ones in the market will be boarded first, Skinner Box and Insight, after will be presented the propostada architecture for automation of the box of Skinner, the formularization of circuitosnomeados for distinct modules and consequently the come back conclusion aostrabalhos futures that can come to complement it the project.


Business Decisions

May 17th, 2012
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The Decisions of the Games of Companies: Fulfilled these etapaspreparatrias, it has beginning the game. It consists of the repetition detantos cycles how many the administrator of the game to judge convenient educational aosobjetivos. In each session, one supplies each company, umconjunto to it of reports that consubstanciam the reached results pelaequipe in function of its decisions and the ones of its competitors in the aulaanterior. Analyzed the previous results, the pupils argue alternativasde action and take the decisions pertinent, aiming at appeared aproveitaroportunidades, to correct imperfections and to reach the planned one. Tendodecidido what to make, its decisions in a form register apropriadoque is supplied them by the administrator of the game. 4.

Processing of the Decisions: The calculation of the values of 0 variable to aserem definitive for the decisions taken for the teams and the resulted apuraodos are made through the equations that compose the model. At this moment, the use of technological apparatus reveals as umaferramenta that it confers agility in the dosresultados feeding and calculation, as well as precision and trustworthiness of the gerados2.Tais data results are the reports to be distributed to the teams and given osnovos historical. This cycle is repeated during the course, as many how much foremnecessrias times to the fulfilment of the didactic objectives. The administrator dojogo looks for through the dialogue and of the analysis, to guide the teams nosentido to make to recognize them the instruments and techniques daadministrao would help that them in each one of the situations that vosucessivamente if configuring throughout the simulation, stimulating them, thus, to apply and to test the knowledge acquired during ocurso of Business administration. Moreover he requests, periodically, reports of specific management and works with afinalidade to force them it the reflection on the activities that being estodesenvolvendo, looking for, thus, to prevent that the instinct of ‘ ‘ to gain ojogo’ ‘ if it overlaps to the learning that must derive from the participation nasimulao. In traditional education, it is observed that the main paper is desempenhadopelo educator, personage with raised envolvement degree and that to desejaensinar, for its disciples, supported in its proper experiences.

It establishes collective educational objectives, guided for classecomo one all. Permanentede keeps in progress lesson by means of the generation external stimulatons. Acting in such a way, it creates individualistic and a competitive one ambienteeminentemente. In the existential learning (through games of companies), the papelprincipal is dislocated for educating, that it starts to be the center doprocesso, of education differently. This facilitates a envolvimentomaior, for the desire fomented in the search of ecooperativa competitive learning. The work in group prevails on the individual apresentaoexpositiva and of the instructor. Contents are exercised doeducando and of the educator. The process is paved in the reasons of the educandos, in an environment that defies, at the same time where it receives, combinandomomentos of dispute and union between the educandos and them and oeducador. Much evolved in the Brazilian scientific production of last the 15 anosa respect of games of companies and existential learning. Although to setratar of one cinqentenria technique, its application if intensified nasltimas two decades, mainly for the computational dosavanos proceeding easinesses. This text looked for to make one briefing revisobibliogrfica of the opinions of the main Brazilian authors arespeito of the didactic technique of porjogos education and proportionate learning of companies.


Softwares Proprietors

May 14th, 2012
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To understand the concept, you it must think about ' ' freedom of expresso' ' , not of price. Free software is not synonymous of gratuitous software. What it makes a software to be free is the form as the rights on it are acquired or transmitted. More necessarily, it mentions the four freedoms: – Freedom n 0: freedom to execute the program, for any intention; – Freedom n 1: freedom to study as the program functions, and to adapt it for its necessities; – Freedom n 2: freedom to redistribute copies; – Freedom n 3: freedom to perfect the program, and to liberate its perfectionings in way that all the community if benefits. The use of Softwares Free translates the possibility of if eliminating the dependence the systems proprietors, generally of highest cost and of closed code source, alliviating sufficiently the weight that these represent in the boxes of the companies. Moreover, through the use of Softwares Free adequate, it is possible to guarantee stability in projects.

With the use of Softwares Proprietors, it is spent with updates, supports and constant exchanges of systems. Many times if acquire a license of use of a system and after certain time, its inefficiency is noticed, then it is spent with a new system. Acquiring a free software, the same it starts to be of property of the company, and thanks to its open code-source it is possible to modify it, adjusting it the necessities, and to improve it the demand in accordance with, reducing costs and optimizing processes. When taking care of in satisfactory way the expectations using them, this system hardly will be substituted, thus preventing new expenses. In this direction, solutions based on Free Software, result in gradual economy for its users, whose values can be reapplied in investments in other areas of the company.


Scripts One

May 11th, 2012
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Another great one advantage of the PLC is the speed of reached connection. In conditions ideas, this speed can reach until 200Mbps. One of the negative points of if using the PLC is the interference caused for determined devices hardwired in the same electric net, what it will be able to cause noises, losses of intensity of the signal and attenuations. It will fit to the manufacturers of equipment PLC, to develop correction modules that can minimize of efficient form this type of interference. Another found negative point during the elaboration of this article was to the difficulty in finding equipment of national manufacture.

The great suppliers are foreign, what it becomes the acquisition of these more difficult equipment in relation the other presented technologies. A great net of distribution in equipment Brazil does not exist PLC, however, it gives credit that this situation can be coated with the spreading of this technology. One gives credit that with the recent approval of normative regulation of the ANEEL, that authorizes the use of the electric nets for the transmission of data, will be of great advance for the country. That is, with the approved technology, supplying national they start to have a new incentive for the manufacture of the equipment and with this, the equipment for the population becomes accessible and, as consequence, increase of the competitiveness, that generates benefits for the population. 5.PROPOSTAS OF FUTURE WORKS As possible future works is suggested: The creation of a laboratory for analyzes of performance of the PLC in detriment to the other existing technologies in the market. Verified the viability of the use of the PLC as a competitive alternative in institutions with infrastructure problems.