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Energy Star

February 29th, 2016
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1. Asegrate of which they are totally conscious of the functionality of your device. When they are used correctly, the multifunctional printers (MFP) can be saved in the amount of copies and impressions that its company makes slight already less cost in terms of the finances and the power consumption that if go to work several devices of a single function separately. 2. To make conscious to everybody: The express is incredible that the people acquire bad habits. For example, copies remove from a document, when it could easily be scanned and sent by electronic mail around its colleagues. To involve his personnel so that every time paper is consumed is absolutely essential and can make a difference substantial, as much in terms of financial energy and costs. 3.Apagado Copying: All in the office must make sure to verify that all the nonessential copiers and other machines are dull before leaving the office, being reduced potentially their invoice of energy.

to 4.Hacer use of the system Duplex (double slide) by defect: This would have in fact to be established like predetermined in the copiers, which will to a great extent reduce the amount of paper that is consumed and also to reduce its costs of office. 5. To only use what you need: For example, not to copy or to print to color in a leaf of great size/paper much more satin MFD when one smaller, simpler machine of paper in black and white, mate would be sufficient. 6.Comprueba the screen before printing: In fact, it is worth the pain to become familiar with the menu of the machine. This way, if you are not in a hurry frenetically to find the function that wishes or in risk of the unnecessary copy accomplishment.

7. It knows your feeder documents: It can sound elementary, but when using the document feeder, asegrate of which the correct direction is towards where you are accommodating your paper, mainly if you are going to use a membretada leaf. 8.Verificacin of saving of Energy before buying equipment: When buying a new copier, printer, scanner of the printing multifunction (MFP), asegrese to verify the environmental credentials of its product. Example that counts on accreditation Energy Star. 9. Consultation to a specialist in document management: Applications allow him to form the printing multifunction and copiers to work of the most efficient way, avoiding than the machines badly are located or are badly being used. 10. To recycle. Sofia Alvarez. Expert in solutions of copied equipment of for office.


Benjamin Franklin

February 27th, 2016
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The economy is a State of mind.The money does not give happiness but welfare. Money is not happiness, but the poverty much less.Happiness or sense of well-being? There is no absolute truth about the subject. An infinite number of variables and factors influencing the State of happiness and each person has their own standards and conceptions about the topic. However, the feeling of happiness is unique to each person.The ideal is to find a balance between money, family, friendships and love. These ingredients far provide a transient feeling of well-being, will bring a better quality of happy life. I invite thoughts what it is for you happiness, think about what gives happy moments, do is the same welfare as happiness?, financial tranquility gives you or give you the possibility to go favoring you more and more happy moments? I firmly believe that work in our development in a comprehensive way, encompasses all the aspects that we are discussing to modern society, but I also believe that the get financial tranquility allows us to interact more freely with our environment. We all want to pay our bills without concerns, provide quality of life to the family, in addition to vacation in a nice, quiet place, and yet can be also spiritual. Baggy income allow you to provide to you and yours for better quality of life, while it is true that money in itself does not make happiness, but makes you possible to use older tools to be putting everything into place and let you more happy moments.

It should assess the hiring of coaches and consultants, which is common in developed countries and is becoming more recurrent, as well as the implementation of techniques and strategies through specific and material systematized to accommodate and optimize each area of your life. Life always te da what you invest in it, as said Benjamin Franklin,…Empty your pockets in your mind, that your mind will fill your pocket… I appreciate your attention please, wishing sincerely that your desires are spilling in your reality multiplied. And if you have any comments about this or any other topic do not hesitate to publish it in my facebook wall, I send an affectionate hug. Until next time!


Improving Selfimage

February 27th, 2016
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With the passage of the years, many women wonder how to use imported perfumes so they enhance your image and your self-esteem against other women, at work and with your partner. After listening to messy tips, I’ve decided to make this brief article; I hope you serve. Never get much perfume only once a day. Get much perfume will not perfume or Cologne last you longer throughout the day. Instead, the best is to wait approximately 5 to 6 hours and reapply, but with great restraint. Remember that you do not you are able to smell the perfume on yourself after several hours, as opposed to those who come into contact with you or who are close to you.

Even the fact of using too much perfume can denote insecurity when it comes to interacting with other people, such as those who wear makeup too. All these excesses affect your self-image and your self-esteem instead of being a help. In some women, the use of different scents smell good, provided they are not too strong, do not cause an excess of aromas by themselves or look like you that their combination clashes instead of combining harmoniously. In modern cities like Mexico, D.F., excesses like this are bad seen and do not help your personality and self-esteem. Like many women use a combination of floral smells together because in the biochemistry of your skin, that mix looks good.

To have certainty of if a combination is good for you or not, the only identity is to try it and ask a good friend what he thinks. To store your perfume, do it very carefully so that they last you many years. To do this, keep them far from the Sun and extreme temperatures. Especially the temperatures that rise and fall much can change imported perfumes smell. Something very important that you will want to avoid, is buy a perfume just because you like the way that smells like another person. As we all know, the body chemistry is different in every woman, so what smells good in a person, can not be pleasant in another. Always test your perfumes in yourself and let stand in the skin for a few minutes to know how you have left to TI. He remembers that in large stores in the city of Mexico you get papers so you can smell the imported perfumes, but if you aren’t safe and interested in buying one in particular, the best thing is to spray the inside of your wrist. Finally, it is common sense that to buy original perfumes, there is to buy those cheap bringing similar names to original perfumes of recognized brands. The truth is that the imitations are a waste of money and are more alcohol than smell. This you can check it easily when you realize that just a few hours after you’ve updated that perfume, its aroma will have disappeared completely and you will need to use it often, and I think that it is not what you really want. I hope that these suggestions will be useful and that other people come out with some new tricks of perfumes. The men who read these lines, I tell them to not feel excluded, since the same rules apply to you, especially when it comes to give more weight to the self-esteem and psychological health instead of using crutches to through the appearance.


Money Ticket

February 27th, 2016
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It is good to realize the effort that means getting money, therefore when it comes to spend what we must consider what has cost us, if really this expenditure which we are about to make worth. Please rate the money that passes through their hands, adopt the habits necessary to care for it and administer it intelligently, do work in his favor in investments for which has trained primarily in a responsible manner. Each ticket has the potential of larger quantities, each ticket that save and invest intelligently will mean for you larger amounts that will be born from this ticket is like a magnet that will attract more tickets is up to you what you do with each of them. Take care of every ticket that pass through their hands and invest them in the best way that they work for you to attract more tickets. Save and make your money work in continuous and intelligent way for you, collect it and then put it to work for you 24 hours a day throughout the year, that money depend on you and not vice versa. The key to prosperity It is not so much the amount of money, but in how it manages, in the way how puts work so that it produces alternative income, what’s really important is treatment that gives the money he gets and that way works for you. Must you probably know people who have big income despite which they manage to make ends meet without having anything more than show that you accounts payable and some tickets in the Pocket, to avoid this must then initially learn to manage wisely our money, that’s the first step and before you think of the amount of the same. If we have large revenues but our culture of money management is poor we will see how every month disappears from our hands and continuously.



February 25th, 2016
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I am love, I am light, I am peace. It is important to repeat ourselves these claims I am, this way we take conscience that I am that I am. We are the most important thing of all for us, if we are gratitude, if we are unconditional love, if we are rich in abundance, if we are all this and more, we will be full, we will arrive to have everything, the essence of life will be at us knowingly. I am cannot be egoico, is be self-centered at times, and so have happiness, and then is when we can give what we are to each other. It is not necessary to have much to give, but if you need something, it is then when we can give and receive and thus maintain the balance that it should exist. It is said many times I give all my love to my son, that’s wonderful, but we must be certain that that love what we have in ourselves, that we are love also.

If we love, we can give it, if we have money, we can give it, if we have joy, we can give it. Sure that ever ye found a person angry, uncomfortable, etc, in those moments yourselves you’re feeling uncomfortable, poorly, and possibly arrive to be angry also. In these aspects influence, and allow me the redundancy, because what influences is the power to influence. Receive the energy that we emanate the people we have around us, we influence them in that aspect, though they decide if take that energy or not, but there are many people that is not aware of this, and is left to carry that energy and just taking our reactions. It is as a day of rain, many times we entristecemos by that day, the energy that reaches us is sadness and we usually end up sad, dull as the sky, but we must be aware that this energy is not for us if we do not want it, we can accept it or not, we can sadden us as the day or rejoice for other infinite things more or simply accepting the rainy day as it is, and see it as positive. The phrase, the Decree I am is very powerful, say it knowingly provided that can, in a voice high or mentally, in meditation, relaxation, going by car, walking, and even above all say it when you feel bad, say for example I am light and visualize a divine light that fills you throughout your body and bodies, and gives you that strength and vitality that you need in those moments. Day 11/11/2009 decrees I am, can be used since it is a very powerful date when this Decree, a date on which a great connectivity opens with the planetary cosmos.



February 19th, 2016
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It’s simple, as we have heard it many times: the money is in the list of subscribers. To use email marketing successfully to achieve effective results in the business, the construction of a genuine list, quality is paramount. We all know that one way to encourage visitors to subscribe is to give something for free: can be an ebook, audio, video of a report or report. But how we managed to build a genuine, high quality list? He here are some strategies to achieve this: 1) adds a form on each of your pages. Add a subscription form to every page of your web site ensures that no matter which is the first page that the user visits in the first place, you will learn about your valuable ezine and your special offer. (2) Get advertising on other sites. One of the best places to invest in advertising is in email, email marketing newsletters, electronic publications of other entrepreneurs and businesses aimed at the same market niche.

Let’s this point most people are already subscriptions to electronic publication or electronic bulletin and the likelihood that it will subscribe to another that offers something of the subject you are interested is quite high. On the other hand, the cost of advertising in an electronic publication is quite low. You can try different calls to action in your banner, you should just make sure the person you got undertakes to run your ad several times and the follow-up of their links. (3) It promotes your site in the signature of your emails. At the end of your signature of e-mail, after all your contact information, detailing your product with a mini announcement of a line, and if you have a special offer or gift, that people know about it! Something like if you liked what you read, share it with your friends so they 4 can read it also) announces your electronic publication on social networks. Be sure to send a summary of your new product as promotional marketing way to announce your electronic publication to your clients, networks of companies and friends on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Technorati, all who are accustomed to using and you know your niche uses.

You can also send an invitation to join your list and continue to receive your electronic publication. In addition, if you belong to any organization or professional association, see if you can place an advertisement in your newsletter or publication of the industry. (5) It sends a (media press release) press release. If you are offering something new, you must use all the resources that exist and the press release is one of the oldest in marketing. In addition, you can optimize the press releases with the right key words and key phrases: are very powerful tools for optimization in search engines and visibility online for you, your electronic publication, and your business. No1 journalists use resources online to search for press releases that are relevant to their stories. Bloggers flock to sites of distribution of press releases to see what content is popular and to get ideas for new articles on their blogs. Why is a very important resource: you should use press releases with links to your web site, products and services to increase your ranking in search engines. I hope these points will help to make your list more valuable and genuine and to learn more about how to optimize your electronic newsletters with our formula extreme, I invite you to download the newsletters Minicourse.


Illegal Downloads

February 16th, 2016
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These pages were accused although not formally attributed to offer links to the Megaupload network and form part of the framework dedicated to infringing intellectual property and money laundering. In addition, they include Peliculasyonkis (like Series Yonkis, Madrid owned by Burn Media),,, or Some of them, such as The PirateCity, Ninjavideo and Ninjavideo German have been closed by the FBI intervention. The indictment against seven leaders of the portal now imprisoned Kim Dotcom, Finn Batato, Julius Bencko, Sven Echternach, Mathias Ortmann, Andrus Nomm and Bram van der Kolk and two leading Megaupload Limited and Vestor Limited talks about the existence of a Conspiracy Mega (playing with the name multiple domains and companies of the plot, which begin with the prefix Mega-) which he accuses of illegally distributing movies, music, pictures, computer, video games and e-books, and programs go to expand business to other industries. Atmos Energy helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. But also of having assembled a plot to launder money and evade to the U.S. Treasury through complex payments and international transactions. 4% Of global internet traffic according to the exhaustive investigation directed by the Chief Prosecutor against cybercrime, Jay V.

Prabhu, after Megaupload existed a plot of companies that charged above all of the subscription of users to have better service downloads online, at prices ranging from the $9.99 monthly (7 euros) to 199.99 dollars (150 euros) of lifetime, and advertising, which obtained both his own media Megaclick managing Google Adwords and other popular services ad. By these concepts came to obtain, according to the Prosecutor, some 150 million dollars (116 million euros) over six years, from September 2005 to June 2011. By advertising, however, researchers believe that only Megaupload earned $ 25 million, despite their figures of 180 million users registered, 50 million unique users per month and grab 4% of global internet traffic. Payments by Paypal in the investigation, in addition to Google, appear involved other companies that handled payments of the plot, such as Paypal and Moneybookers, two of which closed the accounts in support of Wikileaks pages. To Paypal, owned by Ebay, whose leaders are contributors to the Republican party, proponents of the law soup, intended to pursue illegal internet downloads is accused of having dealt with $ 110 million in payments from Internet users to the network. Moneybooks processed 5 million dollars to accounts of those responsible.

Demand also mentions several monetary transactions of defendants, moving amounts exceeding one million dollars every 15 days. To these have seized them numerous assets, including 25 cars and bikes of luxury, as 13 Mercedes, a Maseratti and a Lamborghini, as well as numerous screens and computer data hosted on Megaupload USA had hosted servers in the State of Virginia, a few miles from the official headquarters of the U.S. Government, including the Pentagon and FBI. Your provider of hosting, Cogent Communication, housed in U.S. territory 24 petabytes of information (24 million gigabytes) on 525 computers, although it also had other data centers in Europe and Asia. According to the researchers, although Megaupload is presented as a service to store private files, the network kept on their own servers a public copy of this content which was which supplied at the request of third parties. According to the text, the web violated systematically privacy policy which gives subscribers the responsibility of your files, which considers private and publicly placed this content so that the download of free software would be faster.


Hide Stretch Marks

February 16th, 2016
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Tips to conceal stretch marks. ** In first place, there is much to moisturize the skin. Massaging the area with oils help to stretch marks go by rinsing with time. You can use jojoba, sweet almond oil, rose hip. Apply after shower. You can obtain these oils in herbalist’s shops or supermarkets. I bought in Mercadona oil of sweet almond and Rosa de Mosqueta. * Another way of dissimulate them is to apply yourself self-tanners, these products stain your skin temporarily, covering stretch marks.

Self-tanners there are many different brands and prices. There are maquillaje, Loreal, Garnier, Dove, Nivea, Lancome, Avene, Clarins * another option is to buy a body makeup that is your skin tone to apply I what about stretch marks to make them invisible. Although some manufacturers have lines of water resistant make-up, make-up is probably not the best solution if you plan to spend much time in the water. Use a concealer that is slightly lighter than the natural tone of your skin. Never choose a darker tone, only will cause stretch marks stand out more. Using a makeup brush, apply the concealer in strokes only in the tread area. Gently mix the other skin. Use a concealer to polluted heavy make-up test if you plan to swim.

Once you apply this makeup in the area with stretch marks, it is time to apply a little powder compact, also of the same tone. As well as when you maquillas you face don’t forget neck, when cover stripes e.g. legs, do it across a broad sector; not only in the hairlines typical, because it feels that it will be makeup and will draw attention; precisely what we want to avoid. Artdeco has some proofreaders camouflage for what are stretch marks, scars, tattoos and things as well, and are highly recommended. MAC also has body makeup. You don’t need to spend money on a specific make-up, you can use your spell if it is good and hiding. Looking for a color similar to your skin and apply the flutes, fixing it then with translucent powder. ** If you take Sun therefore the best you will see that in summer to the Tan skin stretch marks almost unnoticed. ** The stretch mark creams are generally very expensive, and none will take your stretch marks. Many creams there are stretch mark, mainly in pharmacies, Isdin have good fame. Laser removal is a method that is currently used but this is a very complex process, there are several recipes that are recommended and that give good result.


Energy Conservation

February 15th, 2016
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It's no secret that in recent issues of energy efficiency and conservation are being actively discussed on all levels of government. Energy efficiency and conservation are five strategic directions priority of technological development. To date, active work is underway to improve energy efficiency in industry, utilities and other industries throughout the country. As part of the energy efficiency programs and energy efficiency by 2020 the state had planned a large-scale financial support. Choosing energy-efficient pumps for industrial and utilities plays a crucial role in implementing energy efficiency programs and energy efficiency.

Today in Russia there are many companies that offer pump equipment. One such company is the German industrial group WILO SE. Studies show that the price the buyer pays for the equipment at the time of purchase is relatively small percentage of the actual total amount it will actually have to pay over the life of the pumps. For drinking water, this percentage amounts to an average of 5%. The costs of dismantling equipment is only 1% of the total cost of ownership, while as the cost of repairs – 10%, while costs for electricity consumption to 84%. According to the installation of energy efficient WILO SE pump systems will enterprises to reduce up to 60% in energy costs. To date, many industrial enterprises and municipal services in Russia has been received huge economic effect, due to assigned to them a modern pumping equipment. Alexander Rassomahin Acting Director of "Branch State Unitary Enterprise of the Stavropol Territory" STAVROPOLKRAYVODOKANAL "-" Kavminvodskie sewage treatment plant "" In March 2010, on our predpriyatiibyl installed pump WILO-EMUFA.

Monthly energy savings of 135 MW (378 000 rub.). Within a short period of operation of the pump and its start-up apparatus shown high reliability. During operation, not registered a single failure in the unit. " Information about the German concern WILO SE: The German company WILO SE is one of the leading manufacturers energy efficient pumps and pumping systems for heating, cooling and air conditioning, water supply, fire fighting, as well as removal and further treatment of wastewater. Concern was founded in 1872 in Dortmund Germany. Today, he presented 70 subsidiaries around the world. Group sales of around one billion euros per year. In 1996 he founded a subsidiary of German company WILO SE – LLC "WILO RUS". Today Open Company "WILO RUS" has 27 branches and 13 regional depots, from Kaliningrad to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

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Weight Reduction Using Channels Cosmoenergy

February 15th, 2016
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Many patients ask me about losing weight, since this problem is usually solved very hard. The use of different pills for weight loss is mainly reduced appetite, but once you stop taking pills, the former with an excess weight comes back. Herbs that make many patients, cause diarrhea and dehydration as a result. Is it even possible to solve this problem? And if 'yes', then this can be done with channels ? Approach to each patient must be individualized. First, determine the number of sessions that need to pass the patient to address his weight problem. It is possible that a patient who has 30, 40 kg or more lose weight, you will need to work first day, after some weight reduction to switch to another schedule: 3-4 times a week.

For those patients who wish to remove 10 kg of weight, work schedule may be quite different. Under influence channels Cosmoenergy will occur not only reduce weight but also will address the patient, as all the usual sessions Cosmoenergy. But in addition, there will be a normalization of the endocrine system of the patient, general metabolism and hormone, and therefore automatically normalizes weight. When working channels Cosmoenergy weight reduction opens the channel and rejuvenation while minimizing weight is tightening facial skin and body wrinkles. Patient needs to drink charged water, the reception which will clear the body of toxins and wastes, loss of appetite and skin rejuvenation.

Number of sessions that must pass each patient individually. Someone needs to go through 20 sessions, and someone – 60. For example, my patient Valentina, 41, was held in my sessions in 2006. 07/02/2006 city – weight 88.7 kg, the 30/07/2006 – weight 83.5 kg, the 16/08/2006 – weight 80.0 kg, the 09/04/2006 – Weight 78.0 kg in two months weight Valentina decreased by 9.3 kg. Skin does not limp, and was, by contrast, elastic. During the sessions, she decided, and many of its other problems: improved relations with her husband, children, the pain in the spine, liver, has changed its relationship to surrounding people, it has become more positive, fewer negative thoughts and actions. Currently, Valentine is my student, she had a great spiritual growth, have gone almost all the health problems which have bothered. By the way, after the passage of initiations into the channels Cosmoenergy Valentine continued to work on reducing its weight, and now her weight – 68 kg.

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