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Balarini Lawyers Associates

November 29th, 2012
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Lawyer Specialist in Conservation and Ambient Planning, Specialist in Civil law, Specialist in Civil action, Consulting Ambient emGesto, Member of the COE Commission Organizer of II the ConferenciEstadual of Environment, Commission agent of the III Discusses National of MeioAmbiente, Teacher of Constitucional law, Managing Legal Ambient doEscritrio Balarini Balarini Lawyers Associates. SUMMARY: To prevent the evolution human being is an utopia, the reality to deverser established in colon focal: the conscientious consumption and the change of produode energy. For in such a way it will have to be opted to the use of energies of fontesrenovveis, as the AEOLIAN ENERGY. At the time of the crescimentodesenfreado one of the industrial revolution, vriosfatores had not been taken in consideration, amongst them, the excess of the emissions of the effect gases greenhouse, as odixido of carbon (CO2). In result of the raised number of emitted gases of efeitoestufa daily,> some consequences for the planet had appeared, osquais if present of some forms and ways: as illnesses, generalized aquecimentoglobal e, in way of consequence, the glacier melting, acelerandoum natural process of the planet. In turn, nations emdesenvolvimento are searching strategies to evolve of sustainable form, exactly with a discrete slowness, many are if mobilizing in seminriosinternacionais to argue the subject. The resistance to adopt methods atuaispara to control the emission of the gases of the effect greenhouse still is very great, therefore, it implies in some changes, and all change requires planning primordially, and, so that this occurs, it is necessary to make use itself to accept the new conditions to deevoluir and basically this implies in change of habits. the trend is changes form of the exploration of the use of unsustainable energy. Currently, worse and more comummtodo of energy production is that one it is extracted where it of the coal betuminosoe that transformed, frequent, in coke it has ample industrial job.



November 25th, 2012
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An emergency call always comes stuffed of some surprises. It was thus when somebody asked for the ambulance in the ready attendance of the Saint Casa de Aparecida where I worked per five years and seven months, being dismissed in July of this year. Necessarily in one day 25 of December, a woman requested the ambulance that readily was to see about what was the case. Some minutes later here it is that a woman and its son with the estria of that chagam to the P.The boy, running behind pipe for there, she finished fincando a taking in the heel. She was then that the mother said: ' ' My son said that he is with the foot hurt since ace 4 of the afternoon. Child you know as she is, you have as much energy that she finishes if forgetting hurt it. Now that I arrived of my service is that it came me mostrar' ' What I wise person am not that in the heel of the boy still was fincada the taking, with its two ' ' plugs' ' sunk in the heel of the boy. Until it was calm and the mother also. After all, it was with that fincado in the foot more or less one 4 hours. The mother only not it liked when somebody spoke playing that &#039 went to bind one; ' it blinks-pisca' ' in the taking of the foot of the boy pra to see if lit. Child has much energy, but also already she is there excessively


Energy Matrix

November 24th, 2012
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Sabidamente we are in collating with one of the governmental lies, that si to happen comumente and in special in the uncertain last mismanagement and the not very hopeful current government. A beautiful day and these days already if make so distant, appeared a Japanese who was hoisted in the Ministry of Mines and Energy, one such of Shigeaki Ueki that Jnior piously believed Navarrese Lamartine engineer, honest and correct man and created for the Decree N 76593 of 14 of November of 1975 Prolcool, that this would be salvation of the Native land and that more we would not be dependents of the mulumanos. The Japanese cited one was author of the shining phrase: ‘ ‘ If all the Brazilians more to work one hour per day, the inflation cai’ ‘. It did not only mention that if the politicians made its time, as its commitments of campaign, also to the time, the inflation would fall. It practically did not move in nothing.

Not in relation to the workers, but in relation to the politicians. Another citation still exists celebrates of lawyer Shigeaki Ueki: SURPLUS OIL BECAUSE BRAZIL ESTAGNOU’ ‘. Souvenirs to the part the attempt of we free in them of fsseis fuels? hydro-carbons – they had always given with donkeys n? water. In the years that had succeeded the 1975 the great one asked for it was to buy cars the alcohol. Soon to follow to become a great problem for the proprietors of these cars. The alcohol simply disappeared of the market. thus continues until the current days. Units of energy matrices for the alternative fuel production had been inaugurated, but that today they are abandoned. One of the examples, the one that the former-president inaugurated with an enormous fuss, that would use the tame nut.


Universal Energy

November 23rd, 2012
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Often the questions are answer. When you establish goals you are making him multiple questions to your brain about How to increase to your prosperity, and at the suitable moment, your brain it will respond developing an ability to you, a knowledge, recordndote a information enfocndote in an opportunity, abrindote options that before perhaps you ignored, to be focused with another system of beliefs.It is then that the life begins to you to work as always had to be: easily and without effort. Everything begins with a thought, the thought to think that it is Possible for you to obtain what you wish. What agrees to think to you of the life to obtain what you want? Aplicativo exercise: 1. A list of everything writes what you would like TO HAVE, TO MAKE AND BE from today and during next the 10 years. 2. It writes the REASONS for which you wish that TO HAVE, TO MAKE AND BE. Frequently we spoke of which we wished prosperity but often we did not detail with exactitude what means prosperity for each of us, when doing it him material DAS to your brain and to your emotions so that they focus in that one portion of the Reality that it gives you what you want. That is to say, through your goals you maintain permanently focused in which you wish, which feeds your creativity so that you and the life find ways to show it, from that moment which you wish begins to exist within you and who only pronounces yourself outside you is question of acostumbrarte to sentirte with your new YOU well.


Save Energy

November 21st, 2012
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Tired to spend money in heating and to see how the house it does not conserve the heat? The reasons are many of which your home can be in favor losing heat, something that us can be leaving very expensive in the electricity or gas invoice. So that these do not exist ' flights of calor' and for ayudarte to maintain the house hot, the following recommendations ten in account that can be to you very useful. – Clean regularly the radiators and the apparatuses of air conditioning, as much on the inside as by outside. In case you did not know it, the dirt increases the power consumption. – Asegrate of which your house has a good isolation. According to the experts, to have the isolated good house can suppose until a 40% of saving of the energy that is destined to the heating. For it, and if the house loses heat by the windows, perhaps the moment has arrived for thinking about changing your old windows by insulating windows that, as well, isolate to you of the outer noise. – You do not ventilate the rooms for more than 10 minutes.

To have the window abierta during more time will only make us lose heat. – The air extractor of the kitchen Reduces to the maximum. Although it costs to believe it, if we put one hour can extract all the hot air of the house. – To close the rooms that are not being used. – It places carpets to isolate the ground. You will notice a temperature rise.

– During the day, the raised blinds ten to allow the solar entrance of light. As soon as it grows dark, you do not forget to lower it to avoid the inncesarias heat flights to the maximum. In addition, at night he is recommendable to extinguish the heating. Although it is cold is preferable also thinking about the saving and the health, that you take shelter more in the bed and not to have an excessive cost of heating.


Server Virtualization

November 19th, 2012
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Server virtualization is a technique that allows you to run multiple virtual operating systems on one physical computer as if you do have a few machines. The modern tendency to widespread proliferation of virtual machines (VMs or vm in ) demonstrates our commitment to efficiency and environmental friendliness. Data centers use a lot of space and a huge amount of energy especially if you combine that with their accompanying cooling systems and infrastructure. Consolidation and the creation of virtual environments triggers a domino effect. The number of physical machines required to work as a server decreases, which reduces the amount of energy required to operate machinery and space required to accommodate them. Reduction in the number of servers and space reduces the amount of energy required for their cooling. And if you use less energy means less carbon dioxide is produced.

Let him not for Russia but for Europe it is a very important factor. From a financial point of view, virtualization is an important point of economy. This not only reduces our need to purchase additional physical servers, but also minimizes our requirements for their placement. Virtalny server also shows the reduced waiting time included in the of your problem, by reducing the period of installation, configuration and delivery of your server system. Unlike mainframes, pc hardware (a prototype of the modern server) was not originally designed for Virtualization – until recently the entire burden fell on the software. Only in the last generation model of its processors in the x86 architecture, amd and Intel first added technologies that support virtualization.

Unfortunately, both leading processor Corporation created their own technology (AMD-V and Intel vt, respectively) independently, which is why they are incompatible at the code level, although shows similar results. Thanks to the support hardware virtualization entire load on the access control of virtual servers for I / O channels and hardware resources takes processor. Hypervisor (in principle, allows simultaneous, parallel execution of several or even many operating systems on a single computer, and provides for their containment, protection and security) is exempt from performing the most demanding tasks. Virtualization on the cpu level is not happens by itself, automatically. Requires special software, which it would be implemented. However, given how significant advantages that make such technology, software Virtualization inevitably created and perfected.


Promotional Marketing

November 11th, 2012
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A Looreal promoter offered me Elvive shampoo (safe for the name was homage to Che Guevara). I took him to touch without noticing if it was for oily hair, dry, weak, damaged or stained. Like any result at least gives me and all I keep falling hair to fool. To end this torture I went through the cleaning section where I was tempted to buy that sponge lustrazapatos so practical and easy to apply, but the reason I stopped. In the last two years I have acquired tens of sponges, and I do not know what is and what is not.

Unable to check, do not throw any of the doubts and until I find the proper shoe twenty minutes late for a bit of brightness Luckily there was toothpaste on the tip of a gondola. The last one I had not had Where more than squeeze and the children’s bathroom was dried for several months always crowded in the middle and nobody cares about cover it. My older kids, instead of collaborating going to buy even a doorknob, brushing teeth prefer stealing from me. As I do not accept free to advertise any brand of toothpaste from this page, just clarify that I took the red box, giving the order that I hang up. I’m leaving, bye does not take it anymore. Arriving at the checked boxes that continues past the time and nothing changed or will change more.

I tried to send in hock for quick cash, which is still the slowest of all, every four customers the cashier was wrong five times and is always waiting for the elusive magic card with your supervisor to amend those mistakes children two ladies a glance standing behind took the trouble to count the items at full speed in my car to denounce and take off as a rival. The only box was that few people gave priority to the mom, where a girl in a miniskirt with collagen in the lips, approximate measures 110 – 60-90 and pronounced cleavage than bore all the earmarks of carrying a pregnancy of more than two hours. Before paying I went to buy a razor to hide in my bedside table. The sight that left me dull the women of the household (wife, daughter, and to suspect the employee) I was happier and wallet in hand, taking the last can of peas, when I ate again the cry of a Precioa , so I wait with resignation the cadet coming in slow motion. He carried the can brought the money .


The Fluctuations

November 11th, 2012
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If the constraints can be ignored, the developer has the right to choose an energy source for a home appliance, according to their own preferences or specific areas (Presence-absence of the main gas, the cost of fuel and electricity). However, to reinvent the wheel is not worth it. It is best to contact a qualified organization. There, the developer will offer proven model solutions. Formulations like 'I want to automatic garage doors, the light that lights up by itself when it gets dark, etc.' enough to designers find the right solution. In addition, they will take into account the selection capacity and help to optimize the structure of electrical appliances. require A common problem of domestic electricity – the instability of parameters.

Indeed, the tension that differs from the nominal value by 10-15% (for a long time and, as a rule, the smaller side), not an event, even for city dwellers. In rural areas, where being in a poor state electrical network serviced less regularly and promptly, the fluctuations voltage is even more sensitive. At the peak of consumption (weekends and public holidays), some devices use impossible. However, the effectiveness of others also significantly reduced. By the way, the intensive operation of the power at reduced voltage can damage it.

On the other hand, some appliances (washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, computers) do not work in such conditions. A in excess of 'rules' they burn out, and regardless of whether operated at the time of the accident or not. The above problems are solved by installing uninterruptible power supplies, and stabilizers.


Invest In A New Company ?

November 10th, 2012
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When a person wants to invest in creating a new company you have questions like: Why should I invest in this business? How soon recover the money invested? "From that moment I begin to make a profit? How much is this risk of loss Entrepreneurship? Questions are just logical and that take a lot more substance when it raises the possibility of changing economic activity. Suggest to a farmer to invest in technological development, for example, generate attitude of suspicion. The farmer can look too risky "expose" their capital in a business that does not know, who dominates and who does not see immediate return on investment. Change a herd of computers, servers, platforms, programming languages, etc.. It has not be easy and much less when he finds out that you can not cash a check every 15 business days as a result.

However, if we take the example in reverse, a developer of new technologies will hardly make a bet investment in a herd of cattle. This is normal, human beings want to make us self, especially economically, is more for we have always taken out of necessity. But that does not, from any perspective, that societies, people can not change his business by taking advantage of development opportunities that generate the changes. At the end of the economy is the backbone of our global society. Each state, each nation legally constituted, has the infrastructure to benefit their own economic development. Organisations should collect statistical data to serve as a history and a platform for making decisions to give legal existence to the entrepreneurial initiatives, institutions for financial support, academic support institutions, etc.. Which facilitates the generation of businesses as entities of the aircraft engine production, trade and services, which in turn form the pillars of economic and social development of a country. The quantity and quality of the questions a new investor depend on greatly, the results showing in society across those agencies to provide entrepreneurs the tools for business development. If a Chamber of Commerce, a studio that used to learn the achievements of an activity then will confidence to invest in it and questions will be few and easier to answer.


Effective Organization

November 10th, 2012
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Every year in Russia increased the number of transport enterprises: small, medium-sized companies with their own goods vehicles. Also recently become actual transport of small cargo volumes. One way to effectively organize transportation of these enterprises could be the creation of cargo management through the Internet. Typically, these systems include the features: – Search free transport / cargo on selected areas – registration is free goods – Registration of free transport – efficient delivery of applications for delivery of goods – features ratings of businesses – and other features characteristic of transport companies. As a result, these systems allow you to adjust the relationship between companies which are involved in the transport of goods. The benefits of such systems of transportation companies: 1.

Saving the financial resources of the company: lower advertising costs and other overhead costs, 2. Self-establish contacts with the consignees, 3. Expansion of customer base 4. Independent search free transport for their cargo, 5. Saving time in finding 6. Search for the goods to back load, thereby increasing the utilization of rolling stock; 7.

Cargo owners receive Several applications for the delivery of cargo and can choose the best offer. 8. Calculation of the optimal value of cargo. As a result, increases the competitiveness of the transport industry, and hence quality of their work. Transport of goods is becoming better and more reliable.