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Cellular Functioning

April 28th, 2012
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Cellular devices are the ball of the time, growing each time more in the PDA paper (Personal Digital Assistant), functioning today also as TV, radio, MP3, agenda, video game, computer, GPS, reader of books, photographic machine and ah, telephone also. But who found that already it was excessively will have another surprise. Next the great utility to the cellular device will be as credit card. The subject is not accurately new. One says of research and concrete tests being carried through since 2007, but the great recent evolution of the access of data 3G, the power of processing of the devices and its popularizao form a scene more favorable to the accomplishment of payments in the system of credit card.

Some technologies already and had been cogitated, but currently most promising she is one that is being tested in the city of Is Jose of the Fields (SP), fruit of a partnership between the Mastercard and the Ita bank. Agency according to Been, 30 a thousand customers will be invited to use the product, that will involve special use of one chip in the cellular one that it will qualify its function credit. Other developments of this rising market involve the alliance between the Cielo (that it commercializes equipment for collection saw credit card for storekeepers) and the Oi for the creation of a company of payments saw cellular. The partnership between the Living creature and the announced Paypal last month also consists of important step confirming the relevance of this market. Beyond potentially extending the market of smartphones and credit card in Brazil, this newness can lead to other interesting changes, as the substitution of the physical money use for lesser payments each time, as tickets of bus or small subway, and other current expenses e. One another very interesting development to read more


Rio De Janeiro

April 21st, 2012
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14 At last, the technologies with its respective systems, exerts influence in the educative process, cooperating to the exchange of ideas and the sharing of the information. Such influence happens for intermediary of the personal qualification for the correct and ethnic manuscript of the instrument. In this process of learning, the young can use the cellular one, the most important tool of communication of century XXI, each enriched time more with new functions. Until it has little time was a mere mobile telephone with service of short messages (SMS), camera and video. Today, already it incorporates wi-fi, 15 Internet, correspondence (mail), rendering of services (Office), television, graphs and GPS. 16 Although incialmente to be conceived as a mechanism that becomes possible communication between two people, currently the technology in such a way of the devices how much of the services it is evolving.

In a next future, it will include compatible recognition of voice, readers of fingerprint and other technologies to the device ' ' the cellular ones are give to turn computers minsculos' ' 17. In the school, the proposal of use of the available technology in the mobile devices of communication, the cellular one, must be educative party to suit, therefore it contributes to develop it intellectual, as well as for the sociocultural interaction of the individual, premise of the education. ADVANTAGES AND CONTRAS ON the USE OF the CELLULAR one IN CLASSROOM In the process of quarrel on the inclusion of the cellular one as pedagogical tool, must be considered that the use of the available digital technology in the mobile devices is today focus of apprehension, its use in classroom, are of moment, without didactic criteria and the necessary orientation, configuring its inapropriado use. Strengthening this picture, some Brazilian states, had promulgated legislaes on the subject besiege, it present the following one: LAW N 5222, of 11 of April of 2008 of Rio De Janeiro – IT MAKES USE ON the PROHIBITION OF the USE OF CELLULAR TELEPHONE IN the STATE SCHOOLS OF the STATE OF Rio De Janeiro.


Commercial Learning

April 19th, 2012
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In the Maranho, as resulted of this partnership with the UAB, they can be detached: the Federal Institute Education, Science and Technology of the Maranho (IFMA) that it started to offer courses of Licenciatura in Chemistry and Computer science, beyond several other courses of extension and professional qualification; the State University of the Maranho (UEMA) offering about 8 courses of graduation, 6 of after-graduation the level of specialization and 4 of perfectioning and the Federal University of the Maranho (UFMA) developing 5 courses of graduation, 2 specializations and 8 courses of perfectioning. 2 EDUCATION ON-LINE IN THE STATE OF THE MARANHO The Maranho presents one numbers increasing of people who study through the long-distance Education. This growth also reflects in the modality on-line, but in a slow rhythm, beyond spreading antagonistically between the public and private spheres. In the private initiative, the access takes care of to a sufficiently restricted public, while the public institutions of superior education assume the role to spread out the modality in a region where the pointers of technological accessibility are inaudveis of the country. Being an institution created for the Federal government with management of enterprise groups, the National Service of Commercial Learning (SENAC It to ME) inaugurated in the 2005 end the cycle of the education on-line in the Maranho in the private scope through courses of after-graduation in the specialization level its employees, beyond offering partnerships with some companies directed public agencies to the management. The modality if became an important resource for qualification of determined strategical groups of the corporations, essentially, for its aiming the professionals who already possuam a daily convivncia with systems informatizados in its proper environments of work. Daily the digital one perfectly conditioned the acceptance of the modality for the proper flexibility of time and space, entering into an alliance itself with an enterprise logic directed to dinamizar the free times through the studies, that is, instruction without leaving its functions necessarily. .


Eighties Computer

April 14th, 2012
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Had the vises maken a mistake to this respect, some institutions say to have inserted the computer in the Education, but they had only added its resume disciplines it Introduction to the Computer science, whose objective is to teach computation. This allows that the pupil knows the machine, however, with regard to the teach-learning process, not it modifies in nothing the form as the others you discipline are given. 2. COMPUTER SCIENCE IN THE EDUCATION OF BRAZIL: Soon historical vision the use of computers in the Education is so remote how much the commercial advent of the same ones. This type of application always was a challenge for the researchers worried about the dissemination of the computers in the society. Already in middle of the decade of 50, when they had started to be commercialized the first computers with programming capacity and storage of information, they had appeared the first experiences of its use in the Education. (BRAVE, 1999, P.

11) At this time, the emphasis given to the use of computers in the Education was practically to store information in one definitive sequncia and transmitiz them it the apprentice, in the attempt of complementing the machine to teach. Today, this use is not diversified, interesting and challenging, of what simply to take information to the pupil. The computer can be also used in the learning environment enrichment and in the aid to the apprentice in the construction of its knowledge. The history still soon and little registered of the union between computers and education in Brazil, discloses that such process alone starts to be observed, of subtle form, only in the end of the Eighties, when the desire of the institution-school in becoming &#039 more; ' moderna' ' , it took it to accept the computer as an indispensable tool to its administrative and pedagogical functioning. Computer science in the Education in Brazil was born from the interest of educators of some universities motivated for what already it came happening in other countries as United States and France.


Notebook Functioning

April 8th, 2012
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Undeniable that nowadays with the advent of the mobile Internet and the broad band 3G and at a time that if says of broad band 4G if wants to get a computer that can be mobile and used of free form of handles. But you already stopped to think as you function a mobile computer? Here we go to display a little on the functioning of notebook one of the many computers you move that it exists for there. We do not go here in them to abide in details technician but yes to look for to give to the subscriber a global and superficial vision on the functioning of the computer. We go to initiate saying a little on notebook notebook and computer that any functions in the same way of a computer that is when if it binds the processing anger to search the operational system for then the proper operational system if to put in charge to leave the computer fully functioning. But now you must be if asking why specifically to write on the functioning of one notebook if the equal functioning and? Simple why it has some differences between notebook and the table computer for example notebook functions as a battery that accumulates energy electric and it feeds notebook for some time it are of the taking therefore and that it is obtained to use notebook without taking. But and the handles of mouse keyboard oque happen with these handles in one notebook? These handles leave to exist and mouse and the keyboard is connected to notebook without inside having an internal linking of notebook that it guarantees the functioning of the keyboard and of mouse but I in such a way begin it and the function of mouse as of the keyboard they are same that is in such a way the keyboard how much mouse has function to insert given inside of the computer to be displayed by means of the screen of notebook the Screen of notebook as visa possesss the same function of the screen of the table computer differentiating if that the same it has all its circuits connected internally if integrating to mouse and with the keyboard.


Operational Amplifier

April 7th, 2012
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The laser diode, evidently emits the leisure beam. The set of photodiodes is on the two operational amplifiers, one for adjustment of the focus and another one for adjustment of the trilhagem, this set of photo diodes serves to evaluate power of emission of the laser and to allow the perfect adjustment of the focus and the trilhagem, as well as a reading of the recorded information in the record. The two sets of bobbins are: Bobbin of focus, makes the heave of the objective lens (up and down) and is controlled for the Servant of Focus. trilhagem bobbin, generates the lateral motion of the objective, and is controlled for the Servant of Trilhagem.O FUNCTIONING When we place the COMPACT DISC in the device and close the cover, or drawer, a placed key strategically is closed, ‘ ‘ avisando’ ‘ to the Microcontroller of the system, that exists a record to be twirled. The microcontroller (that it is obedient) sets in motion the engine of the stand that locates the unit at the beginning optics of the record (the center of the record) where is the TOC (content table) a species of archive with the number of bands, duration of each band, etc. When the unit optics arrives at the beginning of the record, one another key, called limit key informs to our microcontroller, that immediately it disconnect the engine of the stand and sets in motion the engine of the record that starts to turn so that it is deals the TOC. Here the work of the Unit starts Optics.

The laser beam reflects in the record and in the return it is deviated by the prism that does not allow that it comes back to the laser diode emitted that it. THE FOCUS The beam it follows in direction to the set of photodiodes, if the height of the record will be certain, the set of photodiodes will receive the same amount from light and the result in the exit of the Operational Amplifier will be zero, therefore the focus is correct. If the record will be very close or very far, a signal FAITH (error of focus) is generated. This signal FAITH is applied to the focus bobbin that corrects the positioning of the objective lens. THE TRILHAGEM Beyond the focus, the necessary beam if to locate in the certain track, for that is used the same joint of photodiodes (with a method called phase difference) that they generate the signal YOU (error of trilhagem) this signal is applied to the trilhagem bobbin producing a lateral motion of the beam. THE SIGNAL OF AUDIO It remembers the dark points and shining points printed matters throughout the tracks of the COMPACT DISC. infra red light, emitted for the laser diode and reflected in these points of the record, it is applied to the set of photodiodes that, in turn sends these dark and shining points to converter A/D (analogical/digital) it transforms that them into ‘ ‘ some or zeros’ ‘ (binary data), later they are tranformados in sound (analogical signal) through converter D/A (digital for analogical) and amplified normally.