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Ken Follett

November 29th, 2013
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The famous writer of works of great worldwide success Ken Follet (the pillars of the Earth, among others), said in an interview that the people who get everything what is proposed, is depressed. Taking this with a little sense of humor, particularly, I would like to get everything that I intend to change a little bit, not much, of depression. Also, following the same line, ask me, what does then people that achieves absolutely nothing of what is proposed, does burn to the bonzo?, climb on the roof and pulled by parachute without opening it?, sticking a shot? Possibly be true that they say that money does not give happiness, the truth is that I like never have had it, at least in sufficient quantity, I cannot say whether this is true or that it is simply a hoax of the many that circulating on planet Earth. Perhaps those people who the only sense that give your life is making money, the more the better, and knead fortune, probably they won’t get this never get to be happy, despite the fact that at the material level, the money has allowed them to achieve everything it wanted. It can than Ken Follett what he meant, is that how much more success you have in life, and everything it comes to ask Boca, fewer things you left to achieve, less motivation you have to tackle new projects and perhaps incurring in a given moment a kind of frustration that leads to the winner to be depressed. Personally, I think that achieve the goals that one has in life not only not deprimiria me, but rather the opposite, would elevate my state of mind to a degree of satisfaction important and would make me feel good, happy and ebullient, but that Yes, once achieved the goal, small or big, it would not be me there, he would seek new challenges, that triumphs in any field that one to unfoldthey are somewhat ephemeral.

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Elegant Hairstyles

November 22nd, 2013
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60S offered a very elegant contribution to hairstyles for women as for men. Today, instead of using new hairstyles, you can see the biggest celebrities to add his unique touch on these as hairstyles for appearances at awards shows and similar events. Everyone can use these so showy hairstyles for special occasions such as weddings, graduations or simply a different night. Many of the hairstyles of the 1960s were a transition between great hairstyles of the 1950s and future styles beyond control of the hippie era. So was then as all women wanted to be see and appeared most original inventions, although always maintaining the same main features.Among men, the Beatles were doing incredibly popular, and, therefore, began to let grow longer hair than in previous years and cuts similar to the members of this band were sought.

Is amazing how these men and these women were suffering to achieve have the hairstyles they wanted. At that time there was no hand dryers, so had to sit under those monstrous dryers for at least an hour, and in addition to sleep through the night with rollers the size of soda cans. Some women even slept sitting so that the rollers acted properly during the night. These long, straight hairstyles have evolved for women since the late 1960s, when they began to fight against the different governmental movements and express their own views and preferences. Now you can see how these cuts are still popular and many times are updated using some original change that changes the structure of the same, getting so spectacular modern hairstyles. The best of these hairstyles is that they are much easier to achieve today with all the equipment and products available. In this way, not only is easily achieved, but it also stays throughout the day.

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The Energy

November 16th, 2013
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He regained happiness in an instant and after rinsing face to avoid that they discovered left room to talk with parents, who already looked anxious in the room of the House. Very strange that look like the recipe I’m going to give, is the only way to cure your daughter told them. Say whatever we will do so, replied the parents without leaving any doubt of that would really be. I’d like to give back to the small bed to conceal and provide one air scientist he explained something about the composition of the energy of the place, prescribed them special medicinal herbs and said goodbye to happy for the first time in a long time. But the story does not end there. The girl healed and lived for many years. The doctor returned to his home, hugged his children and to his lady as in many years I had not done it.

He enjoyed a dinner at family laughing and playing are his children and went to bed but not before embracing his family from a rare form in the. He woke up at dawn and empalidecio of horror when he saw death standing at the foot of his bed. He thought that it was his wife but he frightened even more when it began to speak to him. It was as if speak sighs frigid and choppy. Today I have come for you told her.

Why, if I am perfectly health? He replied. Fuiste vos who decided and her heart almost stopped when I heard his own voice repeating what countless occasions had told the relatives of many victims that He had attended. . I am not God to twist that finally the Lord had prepared. Perplexed and without saying a word was left petrified, thinking. I knew there was no turning back and to some extent reassured him.


Draw Energies

November 10th, 2013
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You can reach the moment in which you choose to sit in a dry trunk beside the road. It is not easy to walk without taking a breather. You take your time in order to prepare new forces for the March. However, sometimes it is time to return to the slaughter and do not see enough motivation to do so. If you’re someone with dreams in this life, things which fight, it is the worst that could happen. Because you need to get ahead, get ready, new resources. More than one ambitious project waiting for you, you are aware of that can wait no longer for you than what you’ve waited for them.

There you are, overwhelmed, tired, not able to answer the question of why put your hands on your thighs and reinstate you. We all have a moment as well. The majority of dreams are not frustrated because fallen plans, but because it fails the enthusiasm of fight for them until the end. There I see get your feelings of inferiority. They come along with ideas that perhaps not possible what you plotted on a principle.

That smile and that faith you had in those days was they become blurry. You know well that others have done it but now you begin to feel as if you were less than them. And you mentally review your deficiencies looking for an explanation or rather a pretext for not continuing to fight. But hear well this: NO-PUE-DES-PER-MI-T?R-TE – THING. You have to follow already same. And the way that you’re going to do, the resource that you are going to use are your own feelings of inferiority. Because they are not your enemies necessarily. But come! Feelings of inferiority are the curse of many people, you say. How we are going to now come with it that are that I will get out of this hole.

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Pure Energy

November 4th, 2013
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The King of wands Tarot is a letter that has a power very powerful and particular within the tarot is minor arcana power of pure fire, but this is not the case of an energy that is put in the service of creativity. Use this strength in wanting to change the world so that it matches their vision, rather than create or materialize ideas is ideal for him. It is a great visionary, an agent determined to change the world, make it a place better, coinciding with their own perception of reality. It is a natural leader and a commander of the people. The King of clubs is the maximum leader, someone who expects problems with a flood of adrenaline in your blood that will give you all the thrust to solve any problem, more impossible that may seem.

The King of clubs gives confidence to his followers, and take away the fear, becoming a legion of warriors willing to leave everything to carry out what its King a flock of timid sheep says. He is a commander with an acute intelligence, but with great respect for each other. You know delegate, extremely difficult to achieve in a mandatory thing. When he is not able to solve the problems by itself, find the right person to help you. However, the strengths of this character are its weaknesses.

He is a person who sometimes can’t recognize their own problems, and as a result’s it difficult to ask for help when you need it. Stubbornness is one of its main features, that takes it to be what he believed to be correct even if the result is negative. Its positive aspect, has a high sense of ethics, what justifies widely follow him unconditionally. Their energy nature leads him to take care of the problems. It has no objection to helping others and defend with soul and life to another human being if he believes that he is right and that it deserves to be defended. In the circulation of the tarot, this letter urges us to act in the way in which this King would act: with decision and determination, and with the certainty of knowing that our reasoning is correct. Tells us that all situations, no matter what desperate to appear, they can improve. He is a warrior of the light that stimulates us to take responsibilities seriously and never stop believing in yourself.