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Edit Sheet Metal And Wire

April 30th, 2013
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Sheet metal right before marking and cutting pieces. Rules can only viscous metals, do not crack or break from the blows. To edit a shallow convexity sheet is placed on the plate, encircle a convex space pencil or chalk. Thereafter, at the edge of the leaf is often, but do not swipe the hammer toward the bulge. Approaching the convex spot hit less often. Periodically inspect the work. Metal under the impact of Hammer is stretched at the edges of the sheet, the convex space decreases.

Soft and thin sheet metal ruled copper, aluminum and wooden mallet – Mallet. Sometimes a very thin metal ruled, smoothing sheets wooden float. So it does not damage the metal, it is covered with cardboard. Copper wire with a diameter of more than 1 mm right to the steel plate mallets. Wire is placed on the plate so that it rested against the points ruled by Au B. wire, striking first on the far side of the bend. Hammer blows are moved along the bend. Then scroll through the wire on the stove and light blows finally align all the irregularities.


Idaho National Laboratory

April 29th, 2013
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The price of oil continues to rise, new collection of solar energy technologies are developing, and are becoming more attractive. One of the latest innovations, revealed recently by the Idaho National Laboratory, is an improved variety of collector solar, so effective, that can even work at night. The key to everything is in nanotechnology. With this new technology, millions of tiny metal hoops are moulded as microantennas, which can be placed on almost any material, including plastic sheets. These microantennas in the form of spiral are about 1 / 25 of the width of a human hair. They are so small that they resonate in the interaction with the infrared rays of the Sun.

This resonance can be translated into energy. During the day, the Earth absorbs a large amount of this infrared energy radiating at night, allowing these microantennas to collect solar energy even after the sunset. Conventional solar panel can convert around 20% of infrared rays into electricity. The research behind this new technology team, believes that it can achieve an efficiency of about 80%. In addition, conventional solar panels are expensive to produce, because they rely on Silicon of high degree, which is becoming increasingly expensive.

These new solar collectors can be manufactured by much less, moreover, the research team is intended to create nanoantenas as cheap as possible in order to support security systems online, Panama energy of a computer consulting company and provide the necessary services in electricity for a home or business. But everything is not ready yet. A major obstacle remains. Although these solar collectors are able to collect solar energy, they can not currently transmit this solar energy into usable electricity. The Sun’s infrared rays hitting the nanoantenas and generate a current which has a frequency ranging ten billion times per second, which is more bigger than a normal oscillation of existing appliances. However, the research team working on it. At this time, these antennas are good at capturing solar energy, but are not very good in your conversion, but there is a very promising ongoing exploratory research.


Solar Heater

April 27th, 2013
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A solar heater is a device that uses sunlight to heat a substance. Its most common use is to heat water for sanitary use (showers, washing clothes, cooking, etc) both for domestic use, such as commercial or industrial (hotels, restaurants, factories, etc.). Having an operation very simple and no moving parts, maintenance is almost nil and its service life is calculated, in some cases, in more than 25 years. A solar heater can produce energy savings of between 50% and 75% in unfavorable times and between 80% and 100% in periods and zones of high solar radiation. These systems transform the thermal energy of the Sun to produce hot water and allow significant savings in the habitual consumption of gas and electricity. How work the solar water heaters of Solargreen? The water heating process starts when the Sun’s rays impinge on the surface of the collector and raise the temperature of the water circulating in the pipes. During the hours of sunlight the water temperature can reach up to 85 degrees Celsius thanks to our high-efficiency technology. Keep in mind that temperature for a shower does not usually exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

The hot water is stored in the sealed water heater supplied with the heater. It is estimated that the average loss of temperature during the night on the inside of the tank is between 5 and 8 degrees Celsius, so you can enjoy the stored hot water even during the night or the morning before that again the sun rises. Water heater Solar Solargreen solar heaters Solargreen collector Termosifonico termosifonicos consists of a series of tubes of vacuum glass arranged in series.Each of these tubes is formed by a double wall, the inner tube is coated with a layer specifically designed to attract solar radiation. The outer tube covers the first and vacuum seals the space between both tubes are eliminating convective heat loss and conductive, ensuring that all radiation absorbed by the inner tube is transferred to the water flowing inside him.

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Solar Water Heaters FAQ

April 17th, 2013
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What kind of maintenance does a solar heater?This type of solar water heaters do not possess any mechanical or electrical part for your operation, what makes them computers with a minimum of maintenance. The maintenance consists basically in two cosas.1. Clean the tubes evacuated at least two times a year with a soft cloth moistened with white vinegar. This cleaning is done in the morning or in the afternoon 2. Change the rod of magnesium that includes the team every two years. What happens if an evacuated tube is broken? In case that a pipe to break, this is because replaces on the other.

The team includes a CAP that is placed on the water heater to work while the damaged pipe is replaced. What size of equipment do I need? In Mexico is considered an average of 40 litres per person of hot water per day, by what we must multiply this amount of liters by the number of people who inhabit the House where the equipment will be installed and will have the recommended size. the teams that are most sold in the domestic market, have capacities among the one hundred and two hundred liters. May you have installed only the solar water heater (boiler) conventional backup system without? If you can, given the weather conditions of the Mexican Republic and the high rates of solar energy available in the country. Solar heater will more than cover 85% of the hot water demand in the year, to ensure consumption 100% recommended for use as a backup a conventional boiler. The hydraulic system of the House where the solar heater is installed is modified?Installation that is inside the House is unchanged for nothing, will have water heated with solar energy at points where it normally has.

The only points where the hydraulic installation is changed are out of hot water from the boiler (in case of having one) and in the main water supply cold that it comes from the overhead tank (gravity systems). Does the solar heater in winter? This type of solar water heaters, if they work in winter and do not require attachments additional to operate safely. Delivered hot water temperature is 50 C, approximately, throughout the national territory. Solar water heater works on cloudy days?Depending on the intensity and the cloudy period the team will deliver water from hot to cold. If the cloud is partial and takes few hours will have hot water, but if the cloudy is severe and lasts several days, will warm to cold water. What is the proper orientation of the solar heater?In Mexico the equipment installed in the roofs the geographical south-oriented, more minus 20 towards the East or West deviations are permissible. The angle of inclination average is 20. What is the lifespan of the solar heater?


The Solar

April 4th, 2013
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Solar panels for the home are also a fantastic addition to your home, since it reduces the need to spend vital fossil fuels to generate electricity. Solar energy is widely available, renewable resources, and this solar technology to use the energy of the Sun is getting better every day. Use of renewable energies as much as possible to remove is our excessive dependence on fuels that will soon be completely worn out. Another benefit of using solar panels for homes is that the Government offers all sorts of incentives tax cut for homeowners who decide to invest in construction of solar panels and use this energy source. Of course the installation will cost much money, probably thousands, but also save you money over time that are intelligent and conserve energy whenever possible. To conserve energy and the use of solar panels, it is not necessary to make important changes in your lifestyle, but will save money and be more friendly to the environment. Although it is important to note that the solar panels of the houses can be a great way to reduce electric non-renewable resources, which are not a solution completely. Depending on the area where you live, you may not be able to obtain sufficient viable sunlight for solar panels in your home to function properly.

In addition, a spate of storm days or cloudy really hinder the capacity of solar panels for homes to work. At this time, living off the network completely, is probably not a realistic possibility. But the current technology available in solar panels is a great start and a great way to be more respectful of the environment.

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