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Line Communications

September 29th, 2013
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Technological Anacronismo The ANEEL (National Agency of Electric Energy) finishes prescribed a called technology PLC (Power Line Communications). The notice is printed in the national media as an absolute sensation, technological revolution. Made a mistake! We go to make a story and an analysis of this fact, we do not need, nor we must blame the ANEEL for the committed errors, the agency played its role, only that it are of the hour. Technology PLC is the use of the electric net for transmission of data, nothing more natural in the age of the knowledge and the society of the information. Technological wonder? Not, the technological anacronismo starts here that we will try to explain. The PLC is used in the world since the decade of 60, some technologies had been developed in this platform, also in Brazil has success cases here. In 1995 the CEMIG made a pioneering project with the use of electric net for transmission of data. The technology was used for applicatory with focus in the improvement of its net, the results had been great.

In 2000 the same CEMIG had the possibility to expand the technology, also with technological profits and many improvements, but the rationing and other reasons that do not come to the case had not left the project to prosper. I imagine in how many other countries expeincias of this type had not been tantadas, always esbarrando in the conservadorismo of a sector, independent of its native land. We live in a world where the speed is one of the premises of the economy and the technology. In the end of the decade of 90 the cellular telephony blew up in growth, millions of consumers entered in the market and this generated a handspike in the resources of P& D and in the proper market that reached unimaginable scales. The consequence is the infrastructure and markdown of equipment.


European Space Agency

September 29th, 2013
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We are energy, and energy is created nor destroyed, only transforms. Our mind works like a powerful power transformer, which allows us to make great creations. Everything is energy, us, our thoughts, and of course our creations. Any human creation comes from energy is energy It is energy that has been transformed. And the element that has made possible this transformation is the human mind.

If we use this transformer positively, we will obtain positive results, while if we use it negatively, the results will be negative. What we deliver is what we receive. If we use negative, it is as if we invest in an electrical appliance wires if we put the Red wire on the black terminal as minimum will jump a spark? I encourage you to pour your energy into what they really want. In their true dreams. By doing this, they will be investing their energy positively. When concentrate our minds on what we do not want (for example, when) (we spent the time concerned, with fear, complaining, etc.) We are making a negative investment of energy, and therefore the results will be negative. We deliver energy in the wrong direction, and the results are incorrect. We put the wires reversed, and the spark! In every moment we can decide how to invest our energy.

It can be positively or negatively, and it is his decision to decide it. There is only a moment, the present moment the now. And now is when you have the full power to decide as you place the cables. The past does not exist, and the future is created now. It has the power to reinvent in every moment, and decide how to invest your energy. Put the right cables! Use your energy positively in every moment! Use it for what you want to achieve! I wish you every success and happiness in every moment. Dr. Felix Toran? Engineer of the European Space Agency, motivational speaker and author of the book the response of the universe?


Twitter Fiverr

September 28th, 2013
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Many sources exist to make money in Internet, but recently a little enhancement to has occurred him an English site in which it allows to do small works reason why you can acquire 4 dollars. It is truth that you can make money with Fiverr? How somebody with little knowledge can on Internet to be able to make money by means of Fiverr? As always, we do not worry, because or the marketineros, or that dedicate a to make money in Internet, and they are experimented in the subject help us. Several exist, mainly in English that they assure to give all the secret us by less than what we spent in a dinner or exit to the cinema or something of the sort. As they are the methods for it? Are reliable the reports that assure to say the secrets to him for that? In this occasion I will concentrate in a called report Money With Fiverr, of one such Yadira Barbosa. For a time when it began to promote this video, vendi in $7 Dollars, I believe that it was a price very under which was easy to want to pay it, in exchange for to receive to webinar (that is to say to be in real time and live listening to Yadira Barbosa " Coach" and observing its monitor). Good in fact that was a fiasco, but I will not pause in it, but in which really one receives, because in exchange for presenting some software to generate followers in Twitter or facebook, you would have to send commentaries, logically speaking of webinar &quot well to him; live ". Then if you did not send good commentaries then you do not receive anything of software, that in fact I am not very secret of deals with programs like Tweetadder or Tweetattacks good the case is that you did not only receive software the recorded video which podias to record if you are ready from the moment at you listened to which it with addon of Firefox of Download Helper, or with Camtasia.


New Unique Technology

September 28th, 2013
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The story of "BELLARGO" Technology "BELLARGO" and "MIKROBELLARGO" was invented and patented in 1994, in Germany, Ms. Heide-Rose Gang. Patent 19520972 "METHODS AND TECHNOLOGY EXTENSION OF OWN HAIR" Back in the early 90s Heide-Rose Gang took the first steps in creating a new eco-friendly and methodologies to help customers with weak and thin hair, make their dreams of a thick and long hair. Disposable system capacity who received special popularity as a result of their cheapness, but do not give an acceptable quality of service were a prerequisite for the birth of technology, "BELLARGO." Today this system is patented in 15 countries, including Russian Federation. In Germany alone, more than 400 salons are increasing the hair on the equipment and technology "BELLARGO." At the moment, "BELLARGO MIKROBELLARGO and" the world's only fully patented system, with Heightening the help of which the amount and length of hair is made without glue, keratin, metal and other chemicals that are harmful to the health of one's own hair. In 2004, the technology "BELLARGO" system has been tested "OKO-TEST" and was officially announced as the best and environmentally friendly of all the popular techniques of hair extensions. ALL ABOUT TECHNOLOGY Hair Extensions "BELLARGO" method of attaching the strands: Stackable strands are attached by means of small, matching the color (from white transparent to opaque black), elastic polymer shells through the heat. Used for fixing ceramic thermal clamps. Heated to a temperature of 120 degrees, they locally heated Heat sleeve, connecting with your own hair extensions locks.


New Characteristics

September 26th, 2013
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Beyond the characteristic above the Hibernet is ' ' code aberto' ' what it facilitates to its growth and the new increase of functionality in little time; in the case of the access transactions the Hibernet more leaves this task for another element in the infrastructure of the program; he is native for java more exists the version stops. Net (NHibernet); Map classrooms with JDK 5,0, among others. 1.3 New Characteristics (Hibernet 4,0) In its version 4.0 hibernet foca in the following objectives: simpler configurations; more flexibilities of mapping; otimizaes by means of improvements in the inicializao that currently are slow and the tools of hibernet for where all the DLL are generated automatically. 2. JavServer Faces One of the great difficulties still in the world of the development for Web applications is to have a programming tool where the desenvolvedor does not lose as much time with the part of ' ' design' ' , that is, all moment is looked to it similar tools of development to the Delphi or Visual beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code.

Thus. the JavServer Faces is one framework for the development of Web applications, guided the events, where the user can drag objects for the screen and modifies its properties. With this, surplus time not to exclusively dedicate the logical part of the application. The modules that compose the JSF are: components, events, valiao and conversions, navigability, backbeans. We go to say a little of the two main modules: components and events.

Similiar components to the Delphi folloied of framework contain some components that can be dragged for the screen. Events a time that we have the disposal component, then the JSF makes possible modifies the properties of objects saw command. The idea is the same one that the tool of the Delphi: guided the events. 2,1 Advantages and Versions the main advantages in using the JSF are that framework, as said, had to be a guided environment the events is its easy manuscript, support MVC for Web, extensible components, good demand of market and consequently of the desenvolvedores, opened code, etc.


Renewable Sources

September 26th, 2013
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Energy is a Greek word that comes from the words “in” and “ergon” meaning “action.” For this reason, we say that energy is the ability to work, forces, movements. We can not see, only discovered its effects.It is what permits it to almost everything in the universe: life, light, electric current, the career of a car, a flame, noise or wind. The law of conservation of energy says that it is not lost but transformed. It can not be created or destroyed, and when we believe will correct itself has become another form of energy. ENERGY SOURCES The energy comes from energy resources or the “energy” that nature provides. Energy sources are classified into renewable and nonrenewable. The non-renewable energy sources are found in limited quantities in nature, whose training has taken place over millions of years is that energy resources will be depleted sooner or later, and this depends on the intensity with which they explode.For example, fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas, providing heat of combustion. Radioactive minerals, which undergo a process of disintegration of their atomic nuclei such as uranium and which lead to heat of combustion. It is called renewable energy sources to the energy obtained virtually inexhaustible natural sources, some by the vast amount of energy they contain, and others because they are able to regenerate by natural means. For example: The sun provides solar energy. – The wind or moving air, which causes wind. – Water from rivers or seas, whose movement generates hydropower, in one case, and tidal energy, on the other.- Volcanoes, geysers and hot springs, giving rise to geothermal energy (the interior of the Earth) .- The living organisms, which, through suitable chemical processes, it draws power from biomass. – Hydrogen, the most abundant gas in the universe, whose combustion produces heat energy. TYPES OF ENERGY Energy can manifest in different ways: in the form of motion (kinetic) of position (potential), heat, electricity, electromagnetic radiation, etc..Depending on the process, the energy is called: ENERGY SOURCES The energy sources we can split into: Renewable sources are those that nature renews quickly, and we can get energy continuously. Non-renewable sources, are those found on Earth and depleted with use, because the quantities are limited. Renewable Sources Hydropower is energy obtained from the water fall from a height to a level below what this causes the movement of water wheels or turbines..


Alternative Energy

September 25th, 2013
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Solar energy is the energy obtained from the Sun. The incident solar radiation on the Earth and can be leveraged, by its ability to heat, or directly, through the use of radiation in optical devices. It is a type of renewable energy, by what is known as green energy. The power of radiation varies with the time of day, weather conditions that dampen it and latitude. It can be presumed that, in good conditions of irradiation, the value is approximately 1000 W/m at the Earth’s surface. This power he known as irradiance. Radiation is usable in its direct and diffuse components, or the sum of both.

Direct radiation comes directly solar focus, without reflections or refractions that are intermediate. The diffuse is emitted by the daytime sky thanks to the multiple phenomena of reflection and solar refraction in the atmosphere, clouds and other atmospheric and terrestrial elements. Direct radiation can reflect and concentrate for use, on the other hand cannot concentrate the diffused light coming from all directions. Wind energy is the energy obtained from the wind, i.e., the kinetic energy generated by effect of air currents, and that is converted into other forms useful to man. The term wind comes from the latin Aeolicus, and is relative to Aeolus, God of the winds in Greek mythology. Wind energy has been used since antiquity to make move boats powered by sails or operate machinery of mills to move their blades. Today wind power is used mainly to generate electricity using wind turbines. At the end of 2007, the global capacity for wind generators was 94.1 gigawatts. While wind power generates around 1% of global electricity consumption, represents about 19% of electricity production in Denmark, 9% in Spain and Portugal, and 6% in Germany and Ireland.


Alternative Xperience

September 24th, 2013
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The company, an expert in original leisure activities, committed to quality and continuous improvement to deliver better service to their customers. With more quality, more emotions, new Visual effects and more spectacular, Alternative Xperience has remodeled and improved its survival activity. After a few months of intense work activity of survival continues to maintain the ingredients that have made enjoy hundreds of people since its inception more than one year ago. A very active activity in privileged natural surroundings as it is Sierra Norte de Madrid, learning basic skills and tricks of survival and an argument that it envelops everything giving a meaning to the activity. The story begins after the crash of flight 5210, a modern plane crashed under mysterious circumstances. From that single moment there are two priorities, to survive and to find out what happened with the flight 5210.

Among the most noteworthy changes, the greater role of participants, who now have individual missions to fulfill. It also renews the space. How I couldn’t be otherwise, in the countryside, but in a more controlled manner. Now the activity is carried out in a closed farm which allows greater accessibility. Renew and innovate two of the basic principles of Alternative Xperience, are highlighted in this adventure that becomes an alternative to convert any Saturday in something different and original.

Alternative Xperience stands out as an important organizer of events, and among them it is worth highlighting the significant growth that has been experienced in the field of the original stag. Many groups rely on Alternative Xperience looking for an effective organization of farewells and above all very different to the current proposals. Flight 5210, is presented as one of the most fun and different alternatives to celebrate Bachelor Bachelor or bachelorette parties. And also a good price, because doing the activity on the dates proposed by the company, activity including corresponding insurance, specialized monitors, a snack and tons of fun, they claim on their website Web, cuesta 49. The next proposed dates are June 27 and July 4.


Professional Football League

September 18th, 2013
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The Professional Football League denies having record of this meeting. The footballers Union ensures that it is a step back. The AFE called a strike for the first two days of League. Both organizations will meet on Wednesday in Barcelona (10.00), in a statement, the Association of Spanish footballers (AFE) reported that no member of the League of professional football (LFP) has attended this Tuesday the meeting scheduled in Valencia, which the other party refused to have consistency, both with respect to the place of celebration of the exact time. The AFE felt the absence of the LFP in this encounter as a step backwards to the possibility to resolve the current situation, the narrow margin of time, while Jose Luis Astiazaran, President of the League, sent a burofax an hour ago to the strike Committee, said at the LFP, in which urged the Union to prove the alleged call to today’s meeting. The Board of Directors of the AFE said in his note that He received the unilateral announcement of the LFP to the meeting on Wednesday in Madrid via e-mail, and recalls that prior to the communication received this Monday, had another appointment scheduled and agreed on today (Tuesday), in Valencia, and that the Wednesday meeting was to be held in Barcelona, on the occasion of the dispute of the return of the Supercopa of Spain match. After the communication submitted on Tuesday by the LFP, AFE President responded by the same means of communication, which called on the members of that body to keep the meeting scheduled for today, it emphasizes AFAITH, that says that it has not received any reply to the communication sent on yesterday. The AFE also insists that it will always maintain a stance of dialogue and conciliation before the serious situation facing the Spanish footballers, and advocates the responsibility of the parties involved, in order to achieve a solution to the current situation.

For its part, the LFP has responded through a burofax signed by Jose Luis Astiazaran and sent to the strike Committee, which, in addition to deny that he had received a call for the Tuesday meeting in Valencia, has affirmed that, in the absence of call for its part, repairing his silence on the matter, it has fallen to this partin an exercise of responsibility, set up the meeting with the strike Committee as soon as possible. In that regard, the League urges the Union of players to confirm the strike Committee assistance to our call, August 17, at 10: 00, at the registered office of the LFP. The burofax, Astiazaran recalled that from the moment of notice and throughout the development of the strike, the strike Committee and the LFP are obliged to negotiate to try to reach an agreement which put an end to it. Pursuant to this precept, hold any meeting on the sidelines of the Committee of strike and ignore that it is the appropriate body by AFAITH, as convener of the strike, to understand how many negotiations have to be developed in relation to the reasons for the strike, would entail a clear delegitimization of the same, that this party is not willing to admit in any case, continued the President of the LFP. The AFE announced a call for strike to the first two days of League the past day 11. Source of the news: the AFE ensures that the LFP has not submitted to a meeting scheduled Tuesday in Valencia

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Colombian Jairo

September 17th, 2013
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Life takes many turns and if one is neglected, dreams become reality. That happened to me on July 7, 1985 when Professor Orlando neck, Coordinator of Radio Peninsula gave me the opportunity to participate in my first sports transmission. He played Deportivo Maicao against Junior (the powerful Junior from Otto Albert Dacunha) and el profe neck asked us that we narraramos the party. That, since you are new, will alternate with two companions who already have travel and, to our surprise these companions, turned out to be, precisely, Eladio Narvaez and Jairo Romero. Things came out perfectly and thereafter we could walk alone, but our friends were always willing to advise us and keep us company as many times needed them. I was looking at my side, in the dusty athletic track of our ancient Stadium and non me lo He believed.

But there was Eladio, and Jairo, was there with his easy Word, its exact verb, your precise comment, your innate joy, his extensive vocabulary. And by his side I was, with the open mouth and chest filled with pride for the opportunity to share that moment with my hero, my teacher. My memory tells me the Maicao Deportivo with a goal in the last minute tied one and on that day the swollen rojinegra was the happiest in the world. And I, the more stunned commentator on the planet today, years later, the news want me to fill the heart of sadness, but then I imagine Jairo Romero reaching the hidden country of immortality where must meet an appointment with destiny, quote that is only reserved to those who every day till the present and build the future. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics and the Human development. He is frequently invited as a speaker at conferences, forums, and other academic events. Get in touch with him through corrreo or call cell 300 8055526.