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Hanz Neumann

July 25th, 2013
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City located eight kilometres of my people, which was going to start a car bus and end in the last years of my career by studies and tasks played establish myself in it until I graduated. With this race, the same as my brother, I felt done because di both my father and my brother the pleasure of reaching where they aspired me. I write and I realize account that was carrying tools and age as to make decisions, I stay in Italy and not having to do the same as mine, but no, that wasn’t possible, the Greco somehow we were made with a fidelity that not only have developed it between family, when I do a review of my working life I I find that I’ve been delivered more than thirty-six years to the company with which I began to work, never has crossed me mind go to another place and want to highlight offers and good, never have missed me; These could have come as a partner, many ways and means, but it has not been possible, honesty and adherence to it of one, is in our genes and is so marked that I never heard the chants of sirens and I am proud to be part of the group in which I find myself. Oh, I forgot tell you, in the year of 1964 Burns factory where my brother was working then, resins Venezolanas, both were on the payroll, and had to open the new company by Hanz Neumann, Resimon, a company that has changed partners but with which I feel like part of the inventory, as part of the same infrastructure, as something of mine. I was telling my poor father, as I told them he mounted his company, drew up its products, did well and is sick in the best of economic times, an evil that thing forces, operate it, nothing serious, it was a simple surgery, an error occurs and by excess in the anaesthesia dies.

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Andrew Corentt

July 18th, 2013
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Uses the example of eating habits as a comparative, same thing happens then with wealth, many people want to keep playing certain roles and how to change those patterns is a highly personal decision, remember that has sed search water or where internally we seek answers, the power of our subconscious mind give us guidelines necessary to get where we want to. For these reasons you should not feel that achieving your financial goals focusing fully on the abundance is a selfish idea, it is not at all, only it is a role play, the important thing is that you be happy and achieve what you want, because that way then Yes you can contribute something to others, in the book the secret of the secret as part of the compendium of the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt explains in detail some negative ideas that we must overcome to achieve abundance comes into our lives, by reading this book you will have an absolute clarity to understand and apply the law of attraction will change your way of perceiving the world and will be able to realize all your wishes. The best way to help people is showing them their own power, making them see that there are no limitations for the minds who are able to understand your own divinity, for example see clear is what is happening through this article, several centuries ago, in feudal times the money was related to land, then the industries, it is now possible to have a virtual superstructure, as we can see there are no limitations, mainly when we resorted to our creative mind. original author and source of the article.


Jean Claude Abric

July 11th, 2013
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(highlight our). We have there the objetivacao, crystallization and the homogenization of the representation of the concept of public, in Brazil, is in the area of education in health, or other services also destined for the population. Crystallization and objectification which are real and which are produced socially. The same happens with knowledge, in that the production of one monograph or a hipotese in a TCC online also occur so public. It is not negligible considering the fact that public representation, anchored in various elements of the missing have, what remains to be done, works as negation is always present, of non-recognition of important actions for the improvement of the conditions of teaching. It consolidates a vision of continuous caregiving power public to education, which has an impact on attitudes and behaviour at school and in the classroom. With such crystallized representation, is as nothing, ever, could be good or relatively good, which generates a little receptive atmosphere the innovations, although interesting and necessary.

Therefore, the commitment to change that culture is condition to have a more conscious and critical (not reactive and destructive) participation. This is a space outside the scope of the linear rationality: not enough inform and disclose. It is necessary to mobilise, make believe, wrap, lead to effective participation, creating conditions for a critique anchored in greater objectivity and not in sentido-comun. Disinformation here has paper deleterious and, for that reason, it is imperative to create paths of communication more transparent, more agile, more exposed, to reverse that picture in which the image of the public school is always a something hopelessly ugly and bad. Pedagogical practices become contaminated with these images, generating little effective ways of dealing with real, specifically installed in society, problems and which are reflected in the classroom. In this sense, and matching Jean Claude Abric, we would say: the downtown core theory implies an essential methodological consequence: studying a social representation is home, and before anything, pick up the constituents of its downtown core. In fact, the knowledge of a content isn’t enough. It provides consistency and relevance to that content is your organization, its logico-semantica significance and, mainly, its sense.

Continuing, Abric deepens wound considerations and provides an example to clarify them further, saying that two identical content may correspond to the two different social representations. Let’s look at an example: studying the social representation about work in two groups of young people (a group of qualified, graduates and with high degree, and a group of unskilled, i.e. not holders of diplomas or qualifications), obtained through the procedures of Association, two identical productions. Original author and source of the article.


Meditation Trying

July 10th, 2013
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Over the years, I’ve maintained a fairly regular meditation routine, but in truth, I’ve always been a struggle to keep my internal chat quietly while meditating. I’ve used several simple techniques, such as focusing on breathing or watching a candle to help reduce interior monologue, but is still difficult for me (and has even been a source of small frustration). I really prefer yoga because I focus on my body helps me let me go, it allows me to rest more. But about three months ago I was introduced to the Silva life system, a system of dynamic meditation, that evolution has been positive in my practice of meditation. Background to provide some background information on the Silva life system which was developed by Jose Silva for more than 50 years. To develop their system, Jose Silva experimented much, based on their knowledge of electronics and psychology. She learned about alpha waves and electrical activity in the brain human and the hypothesis that the electrical impedance of the brain could be reduced to improve efficiency.

Silva found that the brain was more energetic when I was less active and discovered that at lower frequencies of the brain receives and stores more information. The dilemma of Silva was when he was trying to find a way to keep the mind alert in these frequencies more casualties, which are more associated to daydream and dream than with practical activity. To reach the lower levels of the brain, Silva developed exercises that require a relaxed concentration and vivid mental visualization, that eventually became an entire system of dynamic meditation. During the past 50 years, a series of studies about the Silva method has been made, and the results are quite remarkable. Evidence shows improvements in a number of areas, including health, relaxation, the control of the usual, own image, the level of excitement, and sleep.

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Buenos Aires

July 9th, 2013
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I think that much is he would win, if they multiply the foros(existen pero hacen falta mas) where they are analyzing with open spirit, that that has implications on middlemen involved by the swiftly growing irruption of ICTs. Us makes the greatest impacts of will make you feel in the marketing structures, in educational institutions, in the print publishing industry. and in the administrative work (white collar). It is certain that collective approaches and trasndisciplinarios, may incorporate other sectors or stripes of activity to this list. I think the list up sketched, can give an indication of desaviso them that lies ahead.

Structures of brokerage burocratizadas, will be subjected to voltages. And those who see positive aspects to the Tics, should arbitrate methods so that, within the limitations of the human condition, the traumatic changes that has overtones of inexorability Dim. From there, that of mounting outlying systems to ride on the evolution. Throughout the human adventure, has been seen as each incorporation of new techniques, he did not disappear totally to the pre-existing. Something similar may happen with ICTs, but that was vera with the passage of time. What we think is that this jump, is of greater magnitude than the previous ones. Therefore minimum it deserves an attitude of permanent meditation. It is clear that ICTs, imported a tremendous release of human and physical energy.

Of all the sublime and abject that houses each human existence. Anyway to guard the possibility comunicacional that other generations not met, is the possibility of the solidary coexistence and here we return to what we consign the principle approaches to: only in the extensive mark of the coexistence the free personality can take place. Meditation is still open. Buenos Aires on February 18, 2000, original author and source of the article.


United States

July 3rd, 2013
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JOSE BRECHNER new orders from Chavez for his submissive peasant Bolivian, are: Bolivia should break with the United States. As relations are at their most low, Bolivia does not have to do much to get to the break total. The first thing that occurred to them to the indigenous is require visa to Americans and renege on financial support from USAID 120 million unless the funds are freely available. Morales is accusing the U.S. Ambassador of finance to the opposition and diplomats launched thick warnings so that they are not interfering in the internal affairs of Bolivia.

Of course the reprimands do not include the representatives of Cuba, Venezuela and Iran. As whole megalomaniac, Chavez is paranoid and want to make sure that no presence or American influence that opposes the shipment of Venezuelan troops, which would begin arriving to repress any mass mobilization or uprising that destabilise the indigenous Government. The recent strikes and protests have worried to the Communist bosses, and the popular pressure grows as Morales becomes more authoritarian. The reasoning behind the orders is parent and child, but scary. United States intervened militarily in Grenada and Panama, and Chavez is afraid to attack Bolivia because he would lose all the millions invested, and more than that, zozobraria their conquest of the heartland, giving strategic advantage over neighbors if you have proper control of the country. In essence is the same plan that had Che Guevara to propagate his loving philosophy in the Southern Cone. With or without a visa, if the Americans decide to come, just them do so with a dozen of Apache helicopters to destroy the Bolivian armed forces altogether. But that’s not going to happen, because Morales was elected democratically, so that Bolivians will have to pay their guilt and endure whatever happens, acting independently of external aid. The scene is shocking because it indicates that Chavez is ready to invade Bolivia militarily.