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Changes In Place Complaining

November 24th, 2022
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These are the words of an old master on his deathbed. When I was young, the heart hurt by violence and injustice in this world. With all my soul I wanted to give you a profound meaning to my existence. a>. I wanted that, at death, my life would have served to make a difference in this world, although I had to pay a very high price to do so.It was therefore my prayer: Lord, give me the strength and wisdom my life to contribute to improving the adverse situation of this world. Then, being a mature man, me di account that had failed to change anything, that the world remained equal or worse. I was frustrated because I felt powerless, then I changed my prayer follows: Lord, since I could not change the world, give me the strength and wisdom to help change to my family and my close. Now that I’m an old man, I realize how naive and arrogant I was trying to change others. In my childhood they taught me that all my problems were guilt of others, that my happiness and my progress relied not on me.

That you were wrong. As I derroche my life me fixing the mistakes of those who surround me, blaming others for my problems, rather than focus on recognizing and correcting my mistakes, my prayer now is: Lord, give me the strength and wisdom to learn to see and recognize my errors, to use my strength and my personal power, for every day someone that knows how to grow and choose constructive instead of the complaint action. Our life would be lived differently and much more flavored, if all that energy we spent in blaming others for our problems, would have used it to solve them asking for help from others, making us responsible for our decisions taken, or not taken decisions and which had taken, because most of what happens to us is because we attract. You can do little to change the other, and much to change yourself how perceive you. If you’ve not done so already, you can start reconociendolo and assuming that you change. Original author and source of the Article


Mobile Accessible

November 6th, 2022
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(Online article) – online-marketing Dusseldorf communicates through all digital channels. Dusseldorf, September 16, 2008 – just in time to kick off the online-marketing Dusseldorf the organisers start a series of new communication services. Now can learn the visitors of the trade fair for digital marketing on a mobile platform about the event, search for exhibitors or explore the Congress program. Other new features include the iCube, a new Desktop Widget, as well as the new trade fair \”AllAboutMarketing\” webcast. Thus, the trade fair site, blog and newsletter now on all digital channels of communication is present. With the new features, it confirms its position as pulse generator for digital marketing online-marketing Dusseldorf.

As the leading trade fair supported by the OVK and BVDW now also through their own mobile website accessible, adesso mobile realized in collaboration with the Dortmund mobile service provider. The mobile portal is for Internet-enabled mobile phones, smartphones and PDAs at the address to find. Mobile users have direct access to the Exhibitor Search and the current Congress programme. The solution of adesso mobile, as exhibitors in Hall 11, booth B40 represented, ensures the optimal representation of content on different mobile devices. \”We talk not only about 360 degree digital marketing, but experience that also,\” Alexander rocks mountain, Director Fairtrade shows forward new media at the IGEDO company. \”We provide useful applications available which are tailored to different target groups and use situations.\” Desktop Widget brings iCube news directly on the machine even when the information processing and playback is breaking the trade show innovative ways: in addition to the existing possibility to subscribe to the latest information about digital marketing via RSS feed or to read structured in the press area, can this be downloaded now about the so-called iCube. Justin MacGregor has firm opinions on the matter. With this new widget that users can install with a mouse click from the trade fair site, all news land the fair, the exhibitors and media partners, directly on the computers of the user.