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Chile Intention

May 29th, 2012

In three times the life is divided: in present, passed and future. Of these, the present is brief; , the future doubtful; the past, cierto." Sneca We are in a year that have indicated earthquakes already, tremors, misfortunes with much continuity by the Caribbean and Latin America, now recently before the occurred thing in Chile, that although the characteristics of his earthquake, it was major that the one that finishes confronting Haiti, poor country, with modest constructions, quite the opposite a those of Chile, that in spite of to be more intense its earthquake, the number of victims was smaller, undergoing its houses, highways, buildings very considerable fractures, but that luckyly they did not summon up many life. Knowing Chile, having lived and studied in that beautiful country a postgraduate, and what is more, confronting earthquake not of so great dimensions for years back, I have not been doubting, that her people, will be united, her just chosen president, like her present president, they will know to confront with strength, sapiencia, union, anger the situation. The publishing house of the Newspaper the Nation of Argentina, on the matter of this event it express: After the tragedy of Saturday, Bachelet appealed to the capacity of recovery of the Chileans against the adversity and, being worth of mass media to which it was thankful for the service to them that was lending the population, it urged to its town to preserve the calm and the spirit without doubting a second in that it will leave ahead: " Once again, force, Chile! ". It is the vote of all, Chilean and Argentine, in front of the tragedy beyond the $andes, and so that means for us in regard to the historical bows of brotherhood against which, as it happens to Uruguay, certain conjunctural situations would not have to affect. .


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