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Skinner Skinner

May 22nd, 2012

One of them was responsible to porelaborar a system that receives the data, treats them and shows the effected dosexperimentos results; another one worked the communication of the computer with ascaixas of Skinner, sending and act of receiving of the data and conectividade of these boxes. The project of software, Skinner IF, created a SistemEspecialista from the concepts in one of the areas of Artificialde Intelligence way that could guarantee a bigger precision of the supplied data, eflexibilidade to adjust the system the new experiments. It is a system with capacidadede to make inferences from the analyzed data, to interpret and to classify ocomportamento of the rat as if COAST was a specialist (GRANDSON; HARE, 2004). The project of the hardware, Ratoware V2, defined protocols of communication and umaarquitetura that it possesss as component a computer to manage effected osexperimentos, a microcontroller, responsible for the module will queencaminhar the data and the circuit multiplexer of words, that to permitirutilizar 16 boxes of Skinner (I CASTRATE; S, 2004). However, these foramtestados projects simulating the linked box of Skinner and fact of them not to be aessa disables that they are used by the laboratory of Psychology.

The objective of this article is to make possible the integration of doisprojetos, the Skinner IF and Ratoware V2, that had initiated the automation process dascaixas of Skinner. Through this integration, the automation dosexperimentos of analysis of the behavior of guineapigs in the laboratory will be possible dePsicologia of this college. The contribution of this work for the learning dosdiscentes will be the easiness of the analysis of behaviors of animals, permitindoainda to the observer a bigger perception ahead of the environment and the ratosenvolvidos ones in the executed experiments, what it will offer the attainment deresultados more necessary in the reports bred. In this article the soluesencontradas ones in the market will be boarded first, Skinner Box and Insight, after will be presented the propostada architecture for automation of the box of Skinner, the formularization of circuitosnomeados for distinct modules and consequently the come back conclusion aostrabalhos futures that can come to complement it the project.


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