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Products Energy Sistem

February 21st, 2013
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Energy Sistem Soyntec, S.A. is a Spanish company located in Alicante and has over 18 years of experience in the world of hardware devices. This company’s products are distributed under two brand names. Energy Sistem and Soyntec brand. Energy Sistem is the market leader in devices related to the digital world. And its success is based on as well as combining the technologies more advanced with innovative design, your products have an unsurpassed relationship for money. The highly competitive price of products Energy Sistem joins the quality of them, backed by three years of warranty that offers its customers. Due to the demand for the products of this brand, in our company, marketing and e-commerce initiatives, S.L have decided to bet on their products and we have created an online store to sell exclusive products Energy Sistem.

In its extensive catalog of products include the mp5 player with DVB-t tuner. Other products the brand star are portable LCD TVs and DVD portable. Orders are shipped by the company Chronoexpress and are delivered in 24-48 hours once confirmed orders. In short, products of a solvent brand with three years of warranty and unbeatable prices. Initiatives in marketing and e-commerce, S.L.


Quantum Energy

February 19th, 2013
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Industrial products of energy quantum Quantum Enerchi is the name of our products that use a nanofrecuencia that breaks long molecular chains of liquid or structured gas (mainly hydrogen from hydrocarbons or water bonds) forming more short chains or clusters, achieving a more orderly molecular alignment. This leads to altered physical characteristics of liquids or gases, such as surface tension, viscosity, density or capillarity; characteristics that are critical and that allow us to carry out work in less time, reduce chemical consumption and save energy. The quantum energy is the accelerated concentration of atoms, particles, molecules and cells that allow to perform a transformation or regeneration in the matter. Using this technology, we increase the efficiency of a raw material or process, generating a saving of material and economic resources. Our products for industrial application consist of tubes arrangers, which do not require a special installation or modify or alter its pipeline or fuel tank.

Molecular effect in its normal state, both the hydrocarbon fuel and air are neutral molecules with negative potentials. When they come together in the combustion chamber, they repel molecularly resulting in inefficient combustion, this creates emissions, which is actually unburned fuel. When a fluid or a gas is structured with specific frequencies produced magnetic moment rearranges their electrons at the Atomic and molecular level. The hydrocarbon chains break into smaller fragments by the resonance effect, and they are positively charged, in this state the fuel molecularly attracts the air producing a more efficient combustion. Some uses savings in the consumption of natural gas, fuel oil, gasoline and diesel. Reduce toxic and polluting residues generated by combustion of hydrocarbons.

Energy savings to soften the water and allow it to warm up and evaporate more quickly. A great advantage in industrial processes where this is required. Removing scale build-up in water pipes, to reduce the presence of deuterium oxide and the heaviness of the water. Improving the lives of shelf for flowers or fruits. Structuring the irrigation water in crops, increases productivity and growth in crops. Structured water consumption, allows the cattle you assimilate more quickly your food, increasing the body gain and milk production. Structured with quantum energy water encapsulates heavy metals and harmful elements, in addition to eliminating viruses and bacteria, greatly improving its quality for human consumption. You can increase the performance of paints, to avoid is to bind the surface layer and the decline of its viscosity. For pools, you can reduce consumption of chemicals used in its operation. In rivers and lakes, can improve the ecological conditions for the development of wildlife, through the reduction of pollution and harmful elements for the same. It reduces the use of chemicals in the treatment of wastewater.



February 18th, 2013
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Let's start by explaining what the A-GPS and how it differs from GPS. Most cell phones do not have enough good receivers who would be able to ensure reliable reception of signals in a room or between skyscrapers. It is here that comes to the assistance conditional so-called A-GPS, which in most other cell phones is simply called GPS. A-GPS (born Assisted GPS) system that speeds up the coordinates of a GPS-receiver the biggest problem for GPS receiver is the so-called "cold start". It was at this moment is search for satellites. Depending on external factors, the process may be delayed start, which not only causes discomfort, but also leads to increased energy consumption. A-GPS technology helps to cope not only with this problem, but few make life easier for GPS receiver.

With the iPhone, this means that the current position will be determined by GPS, Wi-Fi stations and mobile operators (artisans from Apple have managed to use all of this, only 2 antenna, which are located in unexpected places – a ring around the camera, audio-jack, metallic bezel around the screen, etc. All of these will handle data staging server. Therein lies the advantage of A-GPS to GPS: first is much faster, and the second "slow" during the "cold start" when looking for satellites. With a typical GPS receiver for positioning you need several strong signals and a certain amount of time to get the coordinates. With A-GPS support server itself tells your phone where the satellites of the near, the shortening the time to look. In addition, this approach saves more battery. Unlike many other phones, A-GPS in the iPhone will work without network connectivity, allowing you to use it in nature, and indeed anywhere in the world, where the satellite signal is caught (but do not forget that you will need Google Maps, it will load up in advance).

At the moment it is not known how fast the A-GPS will put the battery: iPhone will automatically turn itself on and off as needed positioning system that will keep the charge. Assumes that the active work of its (constant trekig position, etc.) it will consume all the same quite a lot. Realizing what a good after all GPS will be in the iPhone, we move on to the fun – to navigate. That's where Apple, as always in his repertoire. Current version of the SDK prohibits its use for navigation in real time (Real-Time Route Guidance). But it is not so bad, giant TomTom GPS industry announced that they are already working on a navigator for the iPhone. Apparently, large companies have to somehow get permission to use the SDK on an individual basis. Thus, we are waiting for additional spending to make the iPhone an acceptable use for navigation. But we, apparently, is no stranger :-).

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Energy Drinks

February 16th, 2013
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Caffeinated alcoholic drinks often boast exotic ingredients that are known as taurine, guarana, ginkgo, bitter orange and ginseng. The key ingredients in these drinks come accompanied with alcohol and caffeine by which some of them may work like diuretics for its high caffeine content. Energy drinks became a controversy then that two schools in U.S. banned their consumption once some of their students are sick by eating them. These drinks are basically are the result of alcohol with caffeine more combination with drinks azucar-fructosa and a mixture of supplements. These supplements are bases of herbs and roots such as the Ginsengy its contents are too small to get to have some negative effect against the human body.

On the contrary, these energy drinks can be very beneficial, for example if you have a strong headache it is very feasible that eating one of these drinks could make disappear to a large extent the pain that you have. On the other hand, the same production of these beverages is endorsed by the respective departments of health of the Paice where are manufactured and which are more commercialized, likewise have a strict quality control and precise analysis of their levels of psychoactive like alcohol and caffeine. With regard to its ingredients taurine is one of its main contents offered by this energy supplement, which finally and after is the object of the drink; This element is a natural amino acid that largely found in skeletal muscles. It is one of the building blocks involved in physiological functions in the liver, brain, the creation of platelets, central nervous system and the heart. Taurine is also one of the main ingredients of the famous Red Bull and touted as an element to improve normal performance. But there is much scientific evidence of this.

Despite this lack of research, has been used in the treatment of alcohol withdrawal, the congestive heart failure, diabetes and other medical conditions. Guarana is a Berry from South America that is a natural source of caffeine popular in the Amazonian regions. Some companies put guarana to hide the caffeine in many of its products. This food is generally recognized as a food additive. Its single seeds contain twice the amount of caffeine that is found in coffee. Young adults and college students do not take this kind of energy drinks to find their health benefits or herbal supplements. As the most important ingredients here are caffeine and alcohol is a very recurrent in festivals and celebrations drink because its caffeine content helps very well inhibit the feeling of drunkenness which provides the excessive consumption of alcohol, also used to accompany the consumption de substances psychoactive, alucinogenos, stimulants and depressants. The combination of caffeine and alcohol which found in drinks such as rum with Coca-Cola, Red Bull and vodka, allows consumers who drink during a long period of time not feel frequent headaches, dry mouth and unpleasant side effects of alcohol.


Solar Marketing

February 16th, 2013
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Diving and ecological baths. That is what from now on will have the residents of the town of Alaquas valencia. And it is that its municipal swimming pool, thanks to awareness of sustainability of its City Hall and the work done by SunEnergy, the Spanish renewable energy business group, has a system of micro-cogeneracion in its facilities that will save them lots of energy. It’s a great energy efficiency system that is simultaneously produces electricity and thermal energy from primary energy contained in a fuel. Something that has been a challenge at a technical level since it had be combined with existing installations of gas boilers and solar thermal support, explains Jana Peiro, Director of Marketing and Expansion of SunEnergy.

For this purpose we have installed a micro-cogeneracion central in its municipal swimming pool combined with a conventional gas boiler and solar thermal installation already exists, add the directive. More swimming ecological well things the heated municipal swimming pool located in the complex sport of the town has opted for the CHP technology which will lead to a considerable saving in energy consumption, thanks to the micro-cogenerador in parallel with the boiler SunEnergy has installed. Existing boilers gas consumption has risen to an annual average of 860,000 kwh in previous exercises. And this counting that already relies on an installation of solar thermal energy with a surface of about 255 m2 useful acquisition?, adds Pere Negre, Director of engineering of Sun Energy. Saving that has needed a detailed study and that has been achieved thanks to a micro-cogenerador in parallel with the boiler. The study of the feasibility of implementation of a team is key when arises to perform a new installation in an existing building and that already houses such complex facilities for servicing the heated swimming pools (solar installation, boilers, deposits of accumulation, water treatment plants, etc.) additional as the micro-cogenerador.

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Efficient Energy

February 15th, 2013
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Sheets to the wind and the branches to the charcoal oven is one of the best friends in the kitchen of the wayuu. Its gastronomy is not the same if they used the same range of the alijuna (so tell us who does not belong to his people, because the frichi and based goat acquire a special flavor when they are prepared in the Firebox to incandescent fire produced by coal. To develop the coal family has an oven made expressly for that purpose. His grandparents taught him the best coal is achieved using wood trupillo, a tree that has been as his brother and next to the cardon, has accompanied him throughout the ages. Elders kept his time in memory a valuable teaching: the tree cannot be cut and, if possible, nor the branches, as does a friend damage and can live with him forever in a happy and harmonious relationship.

One of the daily activities is therefore the pick up dry branches in the rancheria and its surroundings and only if These do not reach will proceed to cut the dry branches of old. Which will not happen will never sacrifice the tree that provides shade, company and food for donkeys and goats. With this custom sound, own sustainable development taught in the classrooms of the most prestigious universities, the wayuu people manages to have virtually intact the forest which instead of backward, grows, thanks to a tacit alliance with the donkey and the goat which provides food in exchange for these dripping his seed to the length and breadth of the peninsula. The breeze, air conditioner free in all wayuu culture has a meaning and every thing an explanation. Housing for example, is made with a few materials and a location that seems designed by architects specialized in exploitation of climatic factors.

Materials used, Palm and yotojoro, favor the cool climate in the rooms. But there is an additional element: houses, in their majorities have few walls or none, so the breeze comes until every corner, crosses stay, caresses the face of children, helps ignite the stove in the kitchen or patio, freshens the body of those who work under the unforgiving Sun and be hurry in search of other places where carry his unmistakable sound, its aroma to quiet afternoon and its power to refresh the places where it is called or where it arrives even without that is called. When the wayuu moves to the big city it misses its landscape, its aroma of field, but above all your warm mornings and his fresh afternoons, her small cosy boat and a friend who wanders around the ends of the Earth in a joyful journey that seduce the flowers and makes choir with the guajiro cardinal in the sublime concert of nature. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. He is frequently invited as a speaker at conferences, forums, and other academic events.


Energy Efficiency Ratio

February 14th, 2013
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Ideal behavior – heat absorbed in the evaporator (QB), Btu/lb – heat expelled in the condenser (QA), Btu/lb – calculated work exerted by the compressor (W), Btu/lb – calculated work exerted by the compressor (W), kW/lb – percent enrichment of steamed the compressor suction, % – volume specific suction compressor, ft3/lb – refrigerant, lb/h-ton (per each refrigeration ton) – coefficient of ideal behavior COP, (Qb/W) actual behavior – total cooling, ton ref. -total cooling, Btu/h – power cooling, (Qb) in kW_frigorifico – power theoretical, (W) in kWe_teorico – power real power (W) in kWe_real – loss power, (Wreal vs Wteorico): kw-h = kWe-(W) and % – ton ref per kWe (ton/kWe_real) – coefficient of actual behavior, POPs (Qb/Wreal) – Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), (Qb) /W – CO2 emission in kg (Base F/O primary thermoelectric) by kWe_teorico – CO2 emission in kg (Base F/O primary thermoelectric) by kWe_real – possibilities of reduction of emissions, in kg/kWe_real and % improving efficiency indicators specific to the centralized systems of air conditioning. (a) the ratio of seasonal behavior of an air conditioner or a heat pump. SEER = EER * 0.85. Calculated based on the value previous Eid, ARI 210/240 2008 b) SEER determined in function of the refrigerated Btu/h and the energy consumption in Watt-h in the same period, has prepared an article and converted to pdf entitled refrigeration systems evaluation of comprehensive efficiency with the purpose of providing basic information to stakeholders. This document contains the technical bases needed to understand processing and the calculations.

The material may be freely downloaded. Its content deals with the following subjects:-thermodynamic overview to understand how to perform the energy assessment – volume refrigerant displaced and cooling capacity – cooling system running as heat (bc) in the air conditioning pump. -Differences (bc) from the cooling system (f). -Steps to take to determine the energy efficiency of the cooling system as already explained above, to assess the energy efficiency of refrigeration systems using ammonia, has been necessary to count with parameters and variables of this refrigerant natural state, information so you have automated the tables of ammonia in 3 phases possibleliquid, saturated and overheated.


Energy Companies

February 12th, 2013
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We could talk about renewable energy, which seems to be the future, but in this case focus our attention the electric power and gas companies. Since the market was liberalized, there are lot of companies offering their services, and by a very different price each other; It would ideally be compare the prices and benefits of each one and choose the one that most suits your needs and Pocket. Firstly, there is a series of concepts, make clear that there are two types of consumers what electricity and gas concerns: 1.-qualified consumers who opt for the liberalized market. 2. Consumers to rate: distributors to regulated prices are supplied by companies.

And secondly: what is a last resort rate? The maximum prices established by the administration. Some power companies selling of last resort are: Endesa energy XXI, Iberdrola commercialization of last resort or Union Fenosa Metra, for example. Companies in free market they are still more, and among them is Naturgas energy marketer. In it the gas comes to, it also has these two types of companies. Remember, check rates, compare prices and don’t miss this opportunity to choose.


Solar Energy

February 12th, 2013
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The objective is to help the environment and my wallet. Solar energy is not as complicated as it seems, but you have to do your homework. Start making contacts with some companies or specialists, who do an evaluation of your home to solar power, which would include: * the power consumption of the House, to be obtained from solar energy. * Measures of energy saving that you can implement at home. * Space and orientation of the ceiling available for installation of solar energy panels. * Amount of energy that is expected to be generated by the installation of solar energy. * Interference such as trees and other obstacles that produce cones of shadow and interfere with the uptake of solar energy.

* Infrastructure that need to be updated, existing electrical system, etc. * local restrictions on the installation of solar panels. Legislation, normative. * Cost of what you currently pay for energy versus the rate of local public service by the power returned to the network, then its entry into operation your solar energy equipment. * Return on investment projected, before and after the discounts. Tax credits, aid by self-supporting construction, etc. * policies of service enterprises and expansion plans that have. Not all the houses are possible to be converted entirely to solar energy, some is only cost-effective installation of solar water heaters, elsewhere the placement of a photovoltaic solar power system and other solar thermal power is highly depreciable/amortisable.

Total or partial solar energy. * Some homes do not have the proper orientation for the solar energy capture. Some roofs are too divided to give space to the solar panels to generate sufficient electricity. The country areas have zoning regulations and there are problems with the aesthetics of the solar roof panels. With all this, the technical, professional, can give you an idea of the actual feasibility invest in total solar energy or partially in your home.


HD TVs Consumption

February 12th, 2013
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If you are thinking of buying a TV, likely be wondering what are the differences between LCD, LED and plasma TVs. Leaving aside the fact that some TVs offer better performance depending on your settings, each one of these TVs have a different power requirement for its operation. For those who are concerned about the environment and seeking a low operation in carbon, having an LCD TV that doesn’t require tons of energy is a huge difference. The energy consumption within TVs HDTV is determined by three features: brightness, size of the screen and the technology that lies behind the TV. The brightness is an option for the user, so he himself can reduce it to low consumption. As for the screen size is concerned, a 52 TV will obviously consume more energy than one of 19 plasma but much more consumed is subjective to the user settings.

The size of the TV. If you are upgrading a old TV tube towards something a little bigger, will likely experience an increase in your invoice of electricity due to the larger size of your TV. The bigger the TV more energy consumes, something to keep in mind if you are worried about energy consumption. A 52 TV consumes approximately three times more than a 32 model. Technology the technology used to display the image is also a key factor in energy consumption. Plasma TVs are large consumers of electricity, so you are not a good alternative for those power consumption concerns that. In fact, a study of consumption between various models of plasma and LCD made for three years, revealed that plasma TVs consume up to three times longer than LCD TVs. Although the technology behind plasma TVs has improved its energy consumption, the arrival of LED LCD TVs has been put on the market a product with a more efficient energy consumption.

The reason why plasma TVs consume as much energy is because each pixel within the television has its own light source. As you can imagine, supply power to each small light source demand much more energy that provide for a group of pixels, which are able to replicate the same image without having each of them having its own light source. LCD TVs using LED technology, instead of black fluorescent light, are even more efficient in energy consumption, since the LEDs can produce more light at a cost of lower energy than standard lighting technology. The vast majority of HD TVs include some kind of technology of attenuation that will reduce consumption of taillight or even eliminate it totally depending on the configuration that the user use. Although these TVs are the best energy efficiency in the market, the savings that can be achieved with them each year is around $20.