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The Samaritana

March 19th, 2014
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The Samaritana sample that has knowledge of the Holy Writs, as well as us. But when Jesus if discloses for it, the wide woman its bucket and goes city to announce that the Messias was with it. The bucket of the Samaritana is for it what the heart is for us. When plays it to the soil is as it if it had played its heart, its life and its past is. The bucket was where it kept its water. Our heart is where we keep our feelings. We use our bucket to keep what we find. The Samaritana kept the backwater, salpa and without taste.

We know that a well does not exist alive water. Alive water is direct water of the source, of one spring. Who search water in a well never will drink alive water. Which samaritano you is? For which wells it has looked water? Which water you have drunk? Jesus only can give an alive water to you, it is only capable to saciar its headquarters, what as much looks for and what as much looks for to fill in its heart. The rich detail in this ticket. Which the hour that the woman was to search water? Half day.

Who already had that to search water in the well, it knows that nobody search water in this schedule. In general, the people at the beginning remove the water of the morning or to the end of the afternoon. The Samaritana even walked for the rejection of the city and to the half day, to search water, therefore it did not want to be seen, it did not want to be noticed and recognized. It lived running away from the people, therefore wise person who the life that led was not certain. It was a prostitute. Thus also ours in, we run away to the eyes of the people to saciar our headquarters in the wells of the life, but we do not obtain to run away to the look from that one that really knows in them. Jesus wants to give to it to drink, which will be its reply? Jesus this if offering you on this day, also offer you its life, its dreams, its joys, sadnesses and fears. He leaves it to give to the true alive water and you to you as well as the Samaritana, never more will have headquarters!


Alternatives To The Solarium

March 19th, 2014
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Salt cabins and chillooms for unused solarium space reduction of solarium rooms many ladder to the problem posed by today, how they can make your bathroom constantly more attractive. But are set financial boundaries through the tense budget layers of local authorities, so that must be used on an existing space. Lately spaces have become in many bathrooms free due to the reduction of space capacity by tanning booths. The size of this rooms related to the conversion of is usually limited. Here, Malsch Europe highly efficient medical wellness solutions offers pilzdesign headquartered in Baden for a wide range of room sizes, up to large salt rooms. The chilloom micro relaxation area, as well as the powerful salt cabins have the private Spa-Wellness character. Both can also be operated as small profit center, can the salt cabin and chillooms with forgers be equipped.

By pilzdesign space is salt cabins in the smallest hut, that is the motto of pilzdesign. And the you get even, with the salt cabin P4. It offers four seats. The dimensions for the cabin clearly show the space requirement is how low: 174 centimeters wide, 134 cm deep and 210 cm high. It is also advantageous that can be installed during operation. The salt cabin interior is an allergy free room of salt, glass and natural wood, in which a quality microclimate. “The free-standing, not cemented and perfectly backlit salt walls of salt cabins have no energetic function, but serve as a kind of filter”, explains Matthias Pilz, owner of the company pilzdesign, “you can record the wet CO2-enriched breath of the salt cabin visitor and thus demonstrably positive affect the CO2 levels inside the cabin. The salt cabin air is better than those with other cabin building materials always many times”. In addition to pure supply of the salt cabin the customer gets called a briefing by pilzdesign according to 5 of the medical devices act, short MPG.

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New Hyundai Solaris

March 18th, 2014
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The new model Hyundai Solaris was presented at the Moscow Motor Show in August 2010 as a concept car. Hyundai Solaris will be assembled at a new plant Hyundai Motor Company in St. Petersburg, which officially opened on September 21. The assembly is carried out on the full production cycle, with welding and forging, and by 2012 the Koreans hope to collect 150 thousand cars per year. According to statements made by Hyundai, the new model will be offered in two types of body: sedan and five-door hatchback.

Will be equipped with well-known series of motors Kia Gamma of 1.4 and 1.6 liter with continuous change in timing capacity of 109 hp (80kW) and 122 hp (90 kW), respectively. The engine of 1.4 liters will be used to 5-speed manual or 4-band "automatic" for the 1.6-liter unit is available only to "automatic". The South Korean unit to the base version with a manual spends about 5.9 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers (with 'gun' – 6.4 liters), and top-end – about six liters (with 'gun' 6.5 liters). Moreover, for any given cycle, these figures do not specify a Hyundai. Hyundai Solaris looks very decent.

Appearance Hyundai Solaris and different dynamic appealing elements, which were reflected in the front headlamps, nowhere else used L-shaped fog lamps and visually heavy grille. The appearance is complemented by continuous relief lines which are located above the front fog lamps and end at the rear combination lamps. To meet the safety requirements Hyundai Solaris has energy-absorbing body, which includes part of the high-strength steel. Also, the model can be used with the stabilization system ESP c ABS, climate control and audio system and can be equipped with six airbags. The basic package will include models of Hyundai Solaris rear glass, a big four-liter tank for washer fluid, as well as high-capacity battery (60 A / h). As options are available heating zone the rest of brushes 'caretakers', the front seats and outside mirrors. Size of the following: the length – 4370 mm, height – 1450 mm. According to the results held for some time by engineers and marketers Hyundai Research Programme in the Russian automotive market Hyundai Solaris offers many special options, explained by local weather and road conditions. There is a current emergency brake light, which flashes during emergency braking to reduce the likelihood of a rear impact. Release of the new sedan will begin in St. Petersburg at the beginning of next year, and in March, the car goes on sale. After about six months and will hatchback Hyundai Solaris. Materials from the site and Automotive News World Ukraine

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Animal Reproduction

March 10th, 2014
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The high frequency of head abnormalitys generally is related with cases of degeneration and hipoplasia testiculares. Detached head: The col of the espermtica cell is one of the structures most fragile. One high frequency of detached head can be an indicative of a disfuno of epiddimo or hipoplasia to testicular. However, it fits to point out that, in cases of semen evaluation for coloration in blade, the detached head can be decurrent device of problem in the preparation of esfregao. The same it can happen in the humid chemical preparation, when lamnula is pressured with force on the blade contends the semen drop. Intermediate part: Isolated alterations in the intermediate part are rare, but generally associates to other abnormalitys are observed, for example, head alterations. Folded tail and rolled up tail (defect of intermediate part and tail): Alterations in the form of intermediate part tail can have diverse causes. These patologias are more frequently originated in epiddimo, whose nature total was not elucidated, or during the ejaculao due to modified secretion of the accessory glands.

The occurrence of illnesses, febris pictures and nutricional deficiency also can generate tail abnormalitys. These abnormalitys can be classified as tertiary when they are resulted of thermal shock during the collection or dilution. Alterations of Acrossoma: Acrossoma is a basic structure in the fecundao process, therefore this structure possesss enzymes that participate of the fecundao process. Therefore, alterations in this structure are considered serious, therefore they result in loss of the fecundante capacity of the cell (Figure 3). The acrossomais defects can in such a way be primary how much tertiary.

The decurrent abnormalitys of imperfection in espermatognese can have as cause illness, vaccine reaction, vitaminic constipation or lacks. Another one cause is the interval drawn out between collections. Not rare, these abnormalitys are tertiary, had the harmful factors as aging, freezing or unfreeze, fluctuations of temperature, pH or osmolaridade during the processing. Also damage to acrossoma can occur when the used fixing solution, more frequently solution formol-citrate, was prepared of inadequate form or is storaged has much time.