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Resource Location

May 23rd, 2012

(Lvy, 1993 apud Aquino, online, pg. 3). What it is bilateriaridade? As example, the bilateriaridade distinguished for Nelson in the hipertextual net, it can be detected in some examples in the Modern Europe: the manuscripts (' ' less fixed and more malleable texts of what impressos' ' (Aquino online), that is other people beyond the author could add or take off something of what they copied. Therefore, the bilateriaridade if showed in the manuscripts, therefore it oportunizava for who it copied and it read to modify its contents. Another example in the History of hipertextual writing meets in the average age with Leonardo of the Vinci (Aquino) Leornado wrote down in the edges of the pages of its writings. In centuries XVI and XVII they had the calls ' ' marginlias' ' , that is, done notations by hand in the edges of books printed matters of the time In form of personal indices, citations of texts remissions to other parts or other texts, the marginlias were transposed for a notebook of ' ' places comuns' ' for posterior consultations (Aquino, online p 4). The baseboards of our books printed matters could not be one hipertexto, even so similar to the notations to the edges of the texts for the readers, do not provide modifications of the same ones, that is, the bidirecionabilidade. The sites of the Internet, not yet allow active participation of the user in the construction of its texts.

However, the Blog tool, can assist in the modification of sites, a time that blogs allows postagem of commentaries on the postados texts and can be connected to the sites. We understand a site as a place in web that it represents a person or entity, and possesss a virtual address called URL (Uniform Resource Location). As already said previously, the hipertextual net sends in them to the similar way to the functioning of the mind: for associations.


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