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Astrology For Pets

September 26th, 2010
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And just as the zodiac is divided into twelve different personality types, it is logical that this should also apply in animals. Astrology plays an important role in the life of your pet, whether dog, cat or bird. How to apply for these differences? For example, a dog run by the sign of Cancer is more likely to prefer to lie at home, while a dog governed under the sign of Aries prefer running around the streets and parks. Cats can be wild, lazy, friendly, aggressive or timid. All these differences can be explained by studying the astrological influences that determine the nature and patterns of behavior. Knowing all this, it will be easier for you to live with your pet and understand what they like and how their behavior is developed according to their astrological sign. If you have a pet at home, here we will help you know better and know how to live with it. We then describe the typical characteristics of each sign: Aries (March 21 to 20 April) Pets (pets) of this sign have lots of energy.

They love attention and be comforting them and are outgoing, yet are intimidated in public. They are hyperactive and somewhat disobedient pets, so they need some discipline and training. TAURUS (April 21 to May 20) These pets (pets) are quiet and passive. Pets are easier to train, but yes, not because they can cause troublemaker. They are cautious when meeting new people. They love the outdoors but also enjoy sleeping or playing.


Federal Electricity Commission

September 24th, 2010
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It turns out that the Justice Department gave U.S. announced through a statement the investigation of bribery by a network of hundreds of thousands of dollars on those involved four officials of the Federal Electricity Commission. The press reports that John O'Shea, a former manager of a branch of the U.S. company Sugar Land (corporate subsidiary of ABB Group) authorized in 1997 to bribe-four directors of which are still not released their names, in exchange for contracts. The operation was coordinated by the Mexican Maya Fernando Basurto, who had contacts with these officials and who confessed his guilt on 16 November. O'Shea, was charged with 18 violations of the Law on Foreign Corrupt Practices, which also includes charges of money laundering, conspiracy and falsifying documents.

According to authorities, the branch signed at least two contracts with CFE for goods and services since 1997, the first to implement an Information System Real-Time Energy Management and Control (SITRAC) by 44mdd and the second 2003-a period in which he led Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, to renew, modernize and maintain the SITRAC by 37mdd. The agreement with the CFE was corrupt managers give them 10% of the money obtained by the Sugar Land awards, "that they did not even competitive bidding. The bribes were disguised as legitimate payments "for technical and maintenance services." As expected the reaction of the CFE was distance themselves from the allegations that he never had knowledge of these acts, and even filed a professional complaint that led to the preliminary investigation 136/2009 against the person responsible for acts of corruption involving U.S. companies, which will be the responsibility of the Prosecutor for Crimes Committed by public servants of the PGR. However, documents in a U.S. federal court, ensure that ABB reported these facts to the Mexican authorities at least since 2004 when the company discovered that bribery and alerted the Justice Department and the U.S. Mexican authorities. The issue is not the time to finish and in many cases it is said that Light and Power Company was also involved in contracts with the company of Swiss origin, which by the way, justified by the federal-extinction by the presidential decree 11 October. But the question remains in the air, is it really the Commission Federal de Electricidad a "world-class company?


United Nations

September 22nd, 2010
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In addition, aprobarona $ 9.3 million for a special plan for rice production in Haiti and $ 5 million to develop a literacy program in Haiti. Appreciation for the presence of Father Miguel Nicaraguan Da Escoto Brockmann, president of the 63rd session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, who is the bearer of an invitation to the presidents and prime ministers of ALBA a "TCP and friendly countries to attend the a conferencia United Nations at the highest level on global financial crisis and its effects on desarrolloa to be held in New York from 01 to June 3, 2009, with the participation of Heads of State and Government. They reiterated their full support for the convening of this conference, emphasizing that this forum is by nature universal and democratic, is the appropriate place to discuss this important issue. For more information see this site: Xcel Energy. They called upon their counterparts in the world to attend this event of historical significance were received with interest the Bolivian proposal on the creation of a Human Rights Council of ALBA, the study and evaluation was instructed the Council of Ministers of the ALBA. It reaffirmed the commitment to the principles stipulated in the joint statement of 14 December 2004, signed by the presidents of the Republic of Cuba and The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. It took into account the proposal of the country of Paraguay special guest at the Summit, den integration areas, special and differential treatment to countries with less developed landlocked and also supports the proposal that country to advance regional energy integration in the Southern Cone.