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United Nations

September 22nd, 2010
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In addition, aprobarona $ 9.3 million for a special plan for rice production in Haiti and $ 5 million to develop a literacy program in Haiti. Appreciation for the presence of Father Miguel Nicaraguan Da Escoto Brockmann, president of the 63rd session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, who is the bearer of an invitation to the presidents and prime ministers of ALBA a "TCP and friendly countries to attend the a conferencia United Nations at the highest level on global financial crisis and its effects on desarrolloa to be held in New York from 01 to June 3, 2009, with the participation of Heads of State and Government. They reiterated their full support for the convening of this conference, emphasizing that this forum is by nature universal and democratic, is the appropriate place to discuss this important issue. For more information see this site: Xcel Energy. They called upon their counterparts in the world to attend this event of historical significance were received with interest the Bolivian proposal on the creation of a Human Rights Council of ALBA, the study and evaluation was instructed the Council of Ministers of the ALBA. It reaffirmed the commitment to the principles stipulated in the joint statement of 14 December 2004, signed by the presidents of the Republic of Cuba and The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. It took into account the proposal of the country of Paraguay special guest at the Summit, den integration areas, special and differential treatment to countries with less developed landlocked and also supports the proposal that country to advance regional energy integration in the Southern Cone.