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Galp Madrilenian Gas Energy

August 25th, 2012
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The power operator of Gas, Electricity and Maintenance services and Attendance, Galp Energy, sends a new promotion with which he gives Goal Television to the new clients who contract the Gas, the Light and the Maintenance service of Gas with the company. The gift, evaluated in 262, includes the apparatus decoder, the card of access and the totality of the quotas of Goal Television until 2012 July. Liga, the Champions or the Glass of the King, are some of the soccer competitions that will be able to enjoy the people who adhere to this promotion, in force from the 18 August to the 31 December 2011. In order to contract it, it is only necessary to call to 902 022 600 or to enter The new clients who do not wish the Maintenance service of Gas, as well as the present clients of Galp Energy, also have the option to obtain to Goal Television all the season, with very advantageous conditions that will be able to consult in the page Web of the promotion. In order to support the campaign, one is going away to celebrate a drawing in that, a unique winner, will receive eleven entrances to see the party of Real Madrid league Barcelona of next the 11 of December, as well as a contest of videos titled amateur What you would make see soccer free? , whose winner will enjoy a year of Gas, Light free, Service Confortgas and Gol Television. The bases to participate in these initiatives are in and the page of Facebook available: OTHER PROMOTIONS OF GALP ENERGY This supply, supposes an alternative to the Plans Well-being with which the company flatters to its new clients with 30 in fuel (in the Stations on watch Galp Energy of the Community of Madrid) and discounts in the fixed term of the Gas and the Light of until a 50%. More information can be consulted on some promotions in


European Country

August 19th, 2012
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Spain broke records in Europe when increasing in 3.522 MW (megavatios) its Aeolian capacity, the 41 percent of the total (8,554 MW) that settled in the EU, that altogether increased its capacity a 18 percent. Spain since before Germany and Denmark did has taken the leadership, indicated in an official notice the executive director of the EWEA, Christian Kjaer. With the increase registered the past year, the 10 percent of the electricity generated in Spain comes from the wind, according to the EWEA. Spain, with 15,145 MW, is the second country, after Germany, with greater Aeolian capacity available in the EU, zone that counts on a total capacity of 56,535 MW, that cover the 3.7 percent with the demand energetics of the Twenty-seven. Almost 190,000 jobs.

Renewable energies in Spain the sector of the renewable energies account with near a thousand of companies in Spain in which 188,000 people work, between direct uses (89,000 workers) and indirect (99.000), according to the Center of Reference Working Istas-Commission. The study bases in sixteen years the average antiquity of the sector. In fact, a third of the companies has been created as of 2000. The Spanish company Gamesa and the Vestas Danish were placed the year last in first and the second position, respectively, of the list of main manufacturers of aerogenerators for the Spanish market, according to announced Aeolian Enterprise Asociacin yesterday (AEE). Gamesa installed 1,670 MW, almost half of the 3,522 MW of Aeolian power in Spain during 2007, and more of the double of the 700 MW of the previous exercise. After duplicating his rate of provision of aerogenerators, the Basque manufacturer attributes 48.63% of the accumulated power, to the margin of 8.43% of his Made branch.

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Renewable Energy

August 12th, 2012
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The majority of our power plants is petroleum, natural gas and coal. The nuclear power and electrical of renewable sources is the ores used for the consumption. Between renewable the natural energies or of alternative sources that are used mainly include the water or hydraulic, geothermal, Aeolian energy, to pave and biomass. The biomass includes the wood, the urban solid residues, gases of garbage dump, biogas, the ethanol and it saw diesel engine. Before, people trusted the use of the renewable energies in the wood mainly, to provide heat and light. But when the fossil materials like petroleum and the coal were introduced, the renewable energies were annulled.

The renewable energy is something that can be used to generate heat or electricity, but without using untenable fuels nor releasing carbon dioxide in the terrestrial atmosphere. The reason for which the renewable energies are more and more frequent must that other nonrenewable resources like fossil fuels they are finite and the supply will end up run out itself. In addition, the nonrenewable energies also are more detrimental for the environment due to the carbon dioxide levels emitted through the extraction and use. The renewable sources of energy are the Aeolian one, to pave and tidal, among others. The solar energy makes use of the light of the Sun and it is possible to be used of a way similar to the one of the electricity, gas to warm up the water or the temperature of his home. Spain is one of the advanced countries more the developing of the solar energy, since he is one of the countries of Europe with greater amount of hours of sun. The Spanish government is had it jeopardize to produce 12% of the energy by means of renewable energies for 2010. More than 3600 megavatios (MW) of photovoltaic plants in Spain already they produce in 2009 a 1.9% of the consumed electrical energy.

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Agua Water

August 6th, 2012
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Photovoltaic solar energy photovoltaic effect is a physical process through what the photovoltaic cell turns the solar light into electricity. The solar light is compound of photons.When the photons hit the photovoltaic cell and are absorbed by this one, they generate electricity. This it happens because the energy of the photon is transferred to the atomic electron of the photovoltaic cell (material semi conductor).The photovoltaic cells can be made with different materials and technologies. Some of these technologies, used in the most commercial modules, include monocrystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous silicon cells. Using this technology each cell produces a tension in DC of approximately 0,5 volts and one intensity in DC from 1 to 8 To, requires an appreciable amount of cells to produce an appreciable voltage and a power.

The photovoltaic cells are interconnected to each other in series in groups that go of 36 to 72 cells that they produce a voltage to abierto circuit of approximately 20 to 40 volts this set of cells conform a photovoltaic module. Solar water pumps the solar pumps are designed to work in direct current provided by a photovoltaic adjustment. Due to the nature of the solar energy east type of systems must take advantage of the solar energy to the maximum, need to maximize the liters of electrical water pumped by watt consumed. Also they must of being able to pump water during periods of low insolation. Submersible and superficial solar pumps exist. The superficial solar pumps are placed near the water source, are much more economic that the submersible pumps, pump little water per day, they are in centrifugal models and of positive displacement (diaphragm). The submersible pumps are introduced within the water source, are made in stainless steel, they allow to pump great amounts of water to little height, or little amount of water to high altitude, for example: a pump centrifuge multi steps it can pump 100.000 liters of water to the day to 10 meters of height, a pump of positive displacement (rotor helical) can pump to 200 meters of height 5.000 liters per day.

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