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Solar Energy: A Competitive Advantage

July 29th, 2012
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SOLAR ENERGY: A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Knows that at the current moment of the world, the companies need to be prepared well for one high degree of competitiveness in the market. These companies need to be inserted in the search for innovations and thus to generate competitive advantages in its productive process, so that they can generate economic value, and consequentemente, its marketing viability. This means that, the companies needs the differentiation in the market permanently, by means of deliberated strategies, aiming at the attainment of competitive advantages that provide monopoly profits, that exactly temporary. On the other hand, at the same time where if it looks for to get one high level of competitiveness, queexiste is understood the necessity on the part of the companies conserving the existing natural resources, for a otimizao of these in the future, therefore already it is not possible to count on as much offers of natural resources to take care of to this immense demand, given the productive level that the humanity reached in this finishes century. The inflation of the prices of gasoline, of the oil for heating I domesticate, and of excessively the derivatives of oil it came to be. moreover, the demanding demand already does not tolerate companies who produce energy burning, coal, oil and natural gas. In Brazil one of the biggest problems faced for the economy it is the use in errnea way them available natural resources, mainly when if it deals with electric energy, therefore it is from that if it all gets the remaining portion with respect to production of goods and services for the companies, then, the energy when placed in errnea way in such a way economically, therefore it generates one heavy responsibility on the economy of the country and the companies, as well as as for the environment, through great necessary floodings for the construction of a plant hydroelectric plant.


Environmental Safety

July 23rd, 2012
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Environmental security – the notion of a complex that includes many different aspects. Can be regarded as a nationwide environmental safety issue, the matter of national importance, and this approach is correct. But equally important is the environmental safety of each company, operating in the country. That is why in Russia are increasingly adopting environmental management standards that have been introduced international standard iso 14001. The most important feature of this standard is its voluntary – no one commits the company to evaluate the ecological safety and ways to manage it on this system. Yet many companies are realizing the need for competent environmental management and attracting professionals who can lead the organization's work in conformity with the norms of the standard. Of course, in European countries such a way ensure environmental safety at the plant was more widespread. It is believed that the certification of environmental management systems of iso is carried out there with the same frequency as the certification of qms (Quality management systems).

In Russia, environmental control systems are being introduced while significantly less common. To understand the benefits of standards, iso, you need to know that the certification process is estimated not fixed result at the moment (the amount of emissions, methods to reduce pollution, etc.), and the entire management system. In other words, the iso certificate confirms that the company has an effective scheme for ensuring environmental security, regularly monitors the environment, quickly react to any changes in both external conditions and the characteristics of the production. Only this approach can be considered modern. Environmental security is too unstable and dependent on a huge number of different factors, so a simple estimate of the company at a particular point can not guarantee that tomorrow is the same production does not cause significant damage to nature and to human health. The dynamism of the modern world, the highest rate of technology development and the deplorable state of the environment – all this makes the provision of environmental security of one of the most difficult, but at the same time, and most important tasks of any business.


Moscow Research Institute

July 18th, 2012
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December 5, 2008 at the Moscow Research Institute of Socionics starts next two-year course. According to organizers, the students receive scientifically proven complex socionic knowledge and be able to apply them in professional activity. Education is designed for managers at different levels and experts in the field of personnel management, teachers, psychologists. The organizers believe that the course will also be useful to those people who want to choose a profession to their liking build a career, to harmonize business and family relationships. Program is the first year consists of six modules, the second – of the three.

The module includes 64 academic hours. As part of the course, students learn not only socionic, but psychological methods for determining personality types. 75 percent of training time will be devoted to practical work: socionical diagnosis and methods of its application. To this end, students will present photos, video, audio, and the ability to diagnose the invited people. Participants of the training will be trained in the conduct of socionic interviews will learn technology focus of attention, mental attitude and active listening.

In the first year of study, students receive a bachelor's degree, and after the second will qualify for a Master of Socionics and able to work professional diagnostician and consultant. "The goal of our program is to educate socionists professionals, capable of not only the most accurately identify the type of personality, but also help them apply their knowledge into practice "- the general director of the Institute of Socionics Ph.D. Tatiana Prokofiev. Information about Institute of Socionics: Research Institute of Socionics registered in Moscow in 2007 Prior to this there as the Moscow School of Socionics for 12 years. The objectives of the institute are: research into the structure of the psyche, human relations and group processes, education in the field of Socionics in conjunction with classical psychology and related personality typology; advisory services to corporate and individual clients.


Global Health Management

July 16th, 2012
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This is the moment when a new concept of health and its relationship to quality of life of people, which would be reflected in a more comprehensive cures nursing. Throughout the decade of the 80s begins to establish nursing as a discipline within the medical world and the different professionals working in the development of a body of specific knowledge, providing a new framework for defining the responsibility of the nurses in the health care of the population. From these years, nursing education, which until now had been eminently practical, gives a substantial shift in its curriculum to raise an equivalent weight in the distribution of theory and clinical practice. Thus, qualified nurses should be trained to provide comprehensive treatments to people in any health situation and using a specific methodology. Even so, they must be competent to carry out management activities, teaching and research in the discipline. Moreover, the important scientific and technological development that occurs in these years resulting in a greater complexity of health care of individuals and groups and professionals is necessary to have more and better qualified. You begin to implement programs of specialization in different areas of health. This woman step evolution to a change in the areas of training and teaching units in nursing specialties, such as midwives, Mental Health, Pediatric, Geriatric, Community and Special Diet.

Thus, the International Council of Nursing believes that the cures general nurse, is able to: Work within the general scope of nursing practice, inclusive health promotion, disease prevention, and cures integral to the sick or disabled people of all ages and in all situations, and sociosanitries health institutions and other community settings. Providing health education. Participate fully as a member of the team integrating health. Supervise and train their own professional and auxiliary health personnel, and initiate develop and participate in programs and research projects. In short, nurses must be experts at providing priests to meet the health needs of individuals, families and social groups at different life stages and situations arising from health problems, identifying their skills and establishing ways to help offset their limitations, to guide, support, teach and promote an environment favorable to their development. In today’s society and in order to respond to the current complexity of health services that increasingly require nurses who are competent to handle complex information using new technologies, evaluate interventions and help cure patients in different health situations globally.


Safe Production

July 13th, 2012
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Currently, many enterprises in our country established production lines of the old model, equipment morally and often physically obsolete, which often speaks not only ineffective activities production, but also the increased risks to the staff. Recently, more and more frequently in the media there are reports of tragedies in the workplace, injuries and worker fatalities. All this suggests that management companies should more closely relate to safety issues in the workplace and at job sites. Unfortunately, many managers often think of the savings to increase profit, and about safety is referred to in the last turn. This is fundamentally wrong, modern production facility to be safe, in the western world, this criterion is one of the most important in determining efficiency and quality of production. Just be to calculate how much the company would lose if a stop line because of its failure, it could be a serious blow to the economic security organization as a whole, it is better to invest in the stability and security and be confident in the future..


The Energy

July 8th, 2012
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When we are in means of a storm not we give account that after rain always leaves the Sun. The night is never darker than before to dawn. When you read these words looking for to improve your life beams just like I long ago did when I listened a motivating personnel who said to me that it was possible to better change my life towards a morning. Understanding that conference made the difference when it did not have a cent, the possibility of a new beginning and the ability to make my dreams reality was what it made rise me when it went downhill. They say some Eastern cultures that when you go telling your dreams to a everybody part of the energy that you could be using to follow those same dreams, it is lost. Therefore they advise to follow your instincts without letting know to him to other people about your plans, except a those that are going to help to you to plan and to obtain what you want.

Most important in these circumstances it is that you believe in same you and in the possibilities always of obtaining best for you and yours. You remember when eras a boy the ability that you had to dream? It seemed to you that it did not have impossible. You were believed same omnipotent. It closes your eyes now and it feels same sensation. It creates surely that you can obtain what you want without concerning your age, your physical social condition or your characteristic. If you could verte through the eyes of God as you would see yourself? It feels the infinite love of the Creator towards his work and each of us. Same mate in the same form that you think that it would make the Almighty. It does not matter who is your God; It feels that tenderness because the combination of love, action and excellence is what will attract the prosperity your life.


Energy Alternatives

July 5th, 2012
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The solar energy is the obtained energy of the Sun. The incident Earth solar radiation and can take advantage, by its capacity to warm up, or directly, through advantage of the radiation in optical devices. It is a type of energy of renewable character, reason why is known it like green energy. The power of the radiation varies according to the moment of the day, the atmospheric conditions cushion that it and the latitude. It is possible to be assumed that, in good conditions of irradiation, the S-value of approximately 1000 W/m in the terrestrial surface. This power is known it like irradiance. The radiation is usable in its components direct and diffuse, or in the sum of both. The direct radiation arrives directly from the solar center, without reflections or refractions that are intermediate.

The diffuse one is emitted by the diurnal celestial vault thanks to the multiple phenomena of reflection and solar refraction in the atmosphere, clouds and the rest of elements terrestrial atmospherics and. The direct radiation can to be reflected and to concentrate themselves for its use, however are not possible to concentrate the diffuse light that it comes from all the directions. The Aeolian energy is the obtained energy of the wind, that is to say, the generated kinetic energy as a result of the airflows, and that are transformed into other useful forms for the man. The Aeolian term comes from the Aeolicus Latin, and is regarding Eolo, God of winds in Greek mythology. The Aeolian energy has been taken advantage of from the antiquity to make move the boats driven by candles or make work the machinery of mills when moving its vanes. Today the Aeolian energy is used mainly to generate electrical energy by means of aerogenerators. At the end of 2007, the world-wide capacity of 94,1 the Aeolian generators was of gigawatts. While the Aeolian one generates around 1% of the consumption of world-wide electricity, it represents around 19% of the electrical production in Denmark, 9% in Spain and Portugal, and a 6% in Germany and Ireland.


Energy Levels

July 3rd, 2012
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Is very important breakfast, since it is going to us to provide the energy that we needed in the day, we must include our carbohydrates and much protein, like for example, sandwich, toast or any other carbohydrate that you like with cheese, ham, eggs or tuna. The carbohydrate is going to diminish the anxiety in the nights and the protein makes us feel satiety, in the breakfast is necessary to eat until being more than satisfied. For the lunch and it has dinner we must include proteins, vegetables and salads, nothing of carbohydrates. We must take 2 teas, one to mid-morning and one to average afternoon, or if you prefer, one in afternoon and another one at night after dinner; these teas include: Fruits skimmed droughts, yogurt and cheese, gelatin and puddings without sugar, chocolate without sugar. We must change the sugar in our foods and drunk by substitutes of the sugar, as they are it splenda, stevia, maltitol etc. If we want to lower of weight of faster form we must avoid simple carbohydrates, sugars, saturated fats, when we arrive at the wished weight is possible to be begun to include these foods 1 or 2 times to the week. Besides realising diets to thin or to burn fats we must include in our daily routine exercises cardiovascular and of resistance of high intensity, at least 20 minutes to the day, that are going to accelerate our metabolism, produce sensation to us of well-being by the released endorfinas and they are going to allow to us to reach our weight wished without flaccidity.

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