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Leica Geoffice

May 28th, 2012

In case that the processed points do not pass in the CQ (Quality control), and the solution will not be the desired one, the GNSS offers to the user the resource to alleviate the satellites or to eliminate them, when for some reason, as loss of signal, not to take care of to a desirable solution. It has wide it scales in the use in processing of transport of coordinates, and also is used in the processing of the perimeter. Of gratuitous form software in question alone processes waves of L1 carrier, and in the case of waves L1/L2, that are used in the tracing of long base, the GNSS it functions of free form in the period of 30 days. Figure 7 – Final model of an adjustment of transport of coordinates, standing out the closing of the circuit 4,4 LEICA GEOFFICE the Leica Geoffice is a program of manipulation and data processing GNSS. It offers processing options, as much for transport of coordinates, as for the raised perimeter. It it contains all the functionalities to manage and to process the collected data and supplies the tools necessary to visualize, to edit and to process these vectors.

The calculation of the transport can be made through coordinates RINEX of the survey, and as well as the too much programs it presents the closing of on circuit for survey lines. The way of operation of this program is a little differentiated, therefore some of its tools of operation are activated with the direct button of mouse, the report emitted for it after the processing of the vectors are of easy interpretation. 8-Illustration figure of the program Leica Geoffice As said previously, format RINEX is universal and can be read in any one of softwares here described, however, the existence of these different programs is directly on to each model of receiver.


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