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Create Key Opens

February 25th, 2014
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It is always good for having privacy in our personal computer, but the times we come across in them with somebody moving in our computer without our permission, and this is very flat, exactly that you who only one password and one login is not enough, you can use one pendrive to block its computer, this exactly. It sees as: Pendriveele goes to function as a password access key and alone it goes to function when pendrive will be connected in its computer. But so that this functions she is necessary that you lower a program for inside of its called computer Predator, install this applicatory one and make the following configurations: – After to install opens the program – the window of configuration – a password Places where New Password speaks – In the option Create Key Opens on Drive selects the unit fo pen drive and click in Create Key – a green icon Gives OK to save everything After to make these configurations appears in the tray of the system, this means that the way of activated security this. To block its computer it is simple, is enough to remove its pendrive of the computer that in some seconds the screen goes to be black hindering any action inside it computer, to unblock is enough again to place pendrive in return to the computer that the micron comes back its normal operation. The only problem is that if you to lose pendrive go to be without access to its computer, therefore is certain to always leave its pendrive in place of easy access.


Plasterboard Structures

February 24th, 2014
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Plasterboard constructions perform a basic role in creating the interior. The shape of the walls and ceilings, arches and columns, all of which can be constructed from drywall and profile metal frame. Priorities of construction Drywall consists in the fact that their installation is simple and economical, only need to mount the most available tools, materials and details. Drywall, paneling component designs has unique qualities, it is Non-flammable and environmentally friendly material, some species have water-resistant gypsum board and is suitable for damp rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. Gypsum is useful properties control humidity, and moist air in the room plaster absorbs any excess moisture, while dry – giving, as provided by the normal humidity in the house.

The form of plasterboard structures do not limited by anything. Perhaps the use of various additional details of the interior, mounted on gypsum sheathing. For fixing heavy objects on plasterboard construction, its frame strengthened by special way. Do not underestimate the power saving features and drywall construction, arranging false ceilings, partitions or ordinary plasterboard cladding, insulated from inside the house much, which leads to significant saving gas or electricity for heating of premises. The use of special materials for drywall construction, makes the construction stronger and more durable. Damper frame makes the tape construction less loud, and others serpyanka reinforcing tape makes joints between sheets of durable against cracking. Using only the molded connectors to ensure proper installation profiles gypsum structures.

For thermal insulation of plasterboard walls, a special insulating filler, which makes such partitioning is not worse than the brick. Installation of drywall construction is easy to produce by hand. Mounting technology does not require special equipment, requiring skills of the worker. For the installation of the drywall construction with their own hands will only need fantasy and desire. Only you can create yourself a truly unique interior.

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Content Management Systems

February 22nd, 2014
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For a good functioning, the Joomla requires PHP turns the 5,0 or superior, server web Apache9 and data base MySQL10. These veis resources must be disponi and duly configured in the server who lodges the site of the UFFS.

With the SGW functioning perfectly, and possi vel to develop the components that fara the part of the functionality, as menus, navegac’ to and organizac’ to the one of the Par ginas. The lateral and superior menus, that of the o access to the main ones conteu of the ones of the site and the mante organized m, gain integrac’ to the system of gesta of it conteu of. Of this form the item (links) of the menus can be managed atrave s of the system. Apare ncia of the Par ginas was based on the appearance of the logomarca of instituic’ to. Tones of green to define the reas in prominence had been used in harmony with a source adjusted for the reading of the text. The program responsa vel for utilizac’ to the one of the languages of programac’ to and the development of the components of the site it was the Adobe Dreamweaver11 CS5, that and I read to give in the branch. The supreme ficos (images) used in design and layout of the site had been produced and edited with auxi lio of software Adobe Photoshop12 CS5, guaranteeing the praticidade and quality of the work..


Top Wallpaper

February 22nd, 2014
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Paper wall slightly reduce the thermal conductivity of the walls and increase sound absorption. Major drawbacks are the small paper wallpaper strength, especially manifested in the process of gluing, the inability to use in wet areas that require treatment of the walls cleaner. From an aesthetic in terms of modern paper wall with its variety of colors and patterns can satisfy even the most refined taste. Available in smooth or textured wallpaper, printed and without him, and even designed by the further staining and water-repellent impregnation composition. Interesting decorative effects are paper wall with the structural surface. It can be embossed wallpaper duplex, which consists of two connected a paper paintings, embossed still wet. A coarse-fibered wallpaper can be also composed of two layers of paper, between which is placed a layer of wood chips.

Thanks to the uniformly structured the surface of laminated wall wallpaper has a beautiful appearance, which is achieved not by ornaments, and as a result of a peculiar refraction, animating the entire laminated surface. On such structured monochromatic painted surfaces winning look decorative items, paintings, hangings, curtains. Vinyl wallpaper recently, along with the traditional paper wallpaper is very popular use vinyl wallpaper, which appeared recently. These wallpapers are made up of two layers – bottom layer of paper (or tissue) is coated with polyvinyl, and then on the surface of a drawing or stamping. Foam wallpaper, which upper layer of vinyl as a result of heat treatment gained more structure, more compact and well okradyvayut wall surfaces. Another type of vinyl wallcoverings – silkscreen printing – is in the top layer of vinyl silk threads. Most often this type of wallpaper is dark, smooth or embossed. This group combines high decorative materials, resistance to light exposure, significant strength, elasticity and water-resistant top layer allow the use of vinyl wallcoverings for papering rooms, requiring frequent wet cleaning with detergent, ie, they are used for pasting kitchens bathrooms, hallways, lobbies.

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Pedagogical Material

February 21st, 2014
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Production of pedagogical material from the uses of the TIC By means of the technological innovations that we are living deeply, the variety and the speed of these innovations. We must reflect our form to face the technologies as allied in the relation school x pupil. It is through the technological tools, that will be developed great part of the construction of the knowledge that we intend that our pupils reach. Through an interactive space, in which they can carry through, exchange to know, that they can be potencializadas by means of abilities that they aim at to guarantee the formation of an operating citizen in the society. We know that the new technologies, supply more efficient resources to take care of and to motivate the involved ones in the teach-learning process.

However, for many educators, these resources still are presented as inadequate or even though far from the lived reality, even so if it recognizes that its use in the process is if becoming each more excellent time. It is through the pertaining to school space that we must stimulate process of colaborativa construction in which the use of the technologies provides this exchange of knowledge of interactive form, and more productive. We know that we must resignificar the knowledge, that until then was only acquired by means of papers, that is, books that deal with specific subjects. Nowadays we can count on computers that in them bring the necessary information in a short space of time, the exchange of information that also must be taken in account, we really make use of a colaborativo space for construction of the knowledge. These technological tools potencializam and arise, the knowledge of the pupil, making with that these citizens if become critical and reflective more in relation, what them they are proportionate. The school became a privileged space of convivncia and interaction between the pupils, with this knows that so that the school can in fact be a differential in the effective participation of the pupils in the construction of its knowledge, they become necessary the permanent one in such a way curricular update ahead of the changes in the ways to produce the knowledge, how much one constant effort for the formation of the professors in the manuscript of the technologies.



February 19th, 2014
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Within the specialty of Psychology all the therapeutic modalities help, because within the therapeutic process what it is obtained it is that the person fortifies those aspects of her personality, of his psiquis that has taken to him to succumb before an addiction and for that reason insofar as the same advances more in its life, it moves away more of everything what it is necessary to develop in the life to live a total life in all the senses; that is to say, the addict one moves away of the social thing, tying of it affective, the members of its own family, does not know neither can fulfill its roll, or in its family of origin like son, brother, etc. As in the own one as much in its roll of esposo/a as in the father roll it lets be able to occupy that place and soon happens to be not only one appears to which it is not possible to be resorted, whom cannot be had, but can exert a meaning roll, a figure to follow, to imitate either; quite the opposite is somebody to that despises, in who cannot be trusted, with who is not wanted to be; for that reason it is that the alcoholic one ends up more and more frequenting to pairs that are within the same addiction, frequenting bars and moving away of its relative trying about that in their work and the bars pass the hours of their life, being the taking of his psiquis and its body from the addiction, because the alcohol not only destroys psiquis, and the social thing of the individual, but also it does from the organic thing killing the neurons that they constitute the brain, gray matter and also intoxicating its body, arriving in not few cases to suffer of dementia, or cirrhosis and reaching of that way a safe death. . .


Impression One

February 18th, 2014
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The HP disputes with Canon the pioneirismo of this technology (thermal head). head of thermal impression is formed by full chambers of ink, each one of these chambers contains in its interior a called electrical resistance ' ' ativador' ' . When an electric chain is applied to the activator it is heated until the highest temperature for a fraction of thousandth of second, the ink enters in boiling and banishes one gotcula for the nipple. When the temperature if reduces, the formed vacuum sucks ink of the reservoir (cartridge), fulling again the chamber. This process is so fast that in as they are you banish five a thousand gotculas approximately, a head of Lexmark impression of last generation is capable to produce gotculas of only three picolitros, that is, in one centimeter cubical three hundred million gotculas exist. Each nipple has about eight micra (one millimeter divided for eight million) and the chambers measure this approximately. Interest in producing drops does not exist lesser, because they would not be visible by rough estimate naked.

The thermal head is in the proper container of ink (cartridge), they are created with tools laser that perforate one chip that they have, beyond the chambers, activators and nipples, a logical circuit that it sends the electric pulses to the activators with precision. The Impression The launching of gotculas on the paper in the accurate amount, forms very small points that, agreed form the image printed. The impression in black color is produced by a cartridge with an only head, while the impression in colors is made by a cartridge contends the three secondary colors: cyan, magenta and yellow mixed conveniently. In the measure where the sheet of paper, through tractive mechanism, slides in low of the printer head, the same one if dislocates in constant movement of a side for the other, covering thus all the extension of the sheet of paper. All system is controlled for a logical plate, that in turn it receives the commands proceeding from the computer. Most of the current printers is fed by a external source that to provide the necessary tensions stops the logical plate and the engines that set in motion the mechanism. Until the next one. It visits our site: Lodging of Sites


Technical Supervision

February 18th, 2014
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Field supervision – ensure the implementation of the object is in the form in which it was conceived and designed, and in cases where the required changes or additions to the design decisions – to ensure such a change is author of the project as a party that has a comprehensive view of all design decisions and their interrelationships. Construction supervision of architectural and construction project under the current legislation considered mandatory. Author's supervision, when met by specialists – developers documentation, appointed by the leadership of the organization, the designer. Head of professionals exercising supervision, shall be appointed, as a rule, the chief architect and chief engineer of the project. Depending on the conditions of the contract arrangements made under supervision, may include: – Planned (as typically 1-2 times a week, for remote sites can be significantly less) site visit to discuss the details of the project, test results and making appropriate comments in the magazine supervision, as well as issues of project documentation produced by the customer or contractor – Issue an additional, clarifying or correcting the design documentation, the need for which arose during Construction – Spot checks of quality of construction and / or work for compliance with design decisions, building regulations, participation in the acceptance of 'hidden' works and, on the correct execution which depends on the stability of the building or constructive functional and aesthetic result. It should be noted, that in itself a full scan technology and quality of construction is a function of Technical Supervision (service function of Customer), in the author's supervision only checked the result with the already completed works incorporated in the draft decision.


Stretch Ceilings

February 13th, 2014
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A huge desire to carry out repairs in the house, but unsure where to begin. After all, today is a huge difference of building materials, the release process is progressing as well as technology. For finishing the ceiling can advise different types of ceiling structures. Now describe how to install suspended ceilings, in order to be durable and modern. Ceilings. Stretch ceiling structures are domestic and imported manufacturer, quality a top priority.

Considered reliable French tension ceilings, their release is a great experience, and there is a guarantee of 10 years. Domestic ceiling system, as many seem to be more adapted to our walls, but not always so. The advantage of the French stretch ceiling is mounting on a baguette and film width of 2200 mm, which is important in the broad wall, where the seam should not be noticeable. Characteristics of stretch ceilings. Were previously not everyone can afford the prices were expensive. Now stretch ceilings can order each.

Price installing Now – 600 rubles. Main advantage is environmental, so set in hospitals and care institutions. Stretch fireproof ceiling, do not burn, and elegance, which can set, you can only wish for. Why not dream of starry sky in the apartment? Color. Stretch ceilings can be of various kinds: art, matte, glossy and printing. Most dorogostoyuschimi are artistic stretch ceilings, because as the desired pattern is then applied a professional artist. With photo printing, the technology is much easier on the finished pvc fabric glued ready photoprint. If you decide to order stretch ceilings, the mandatory check the quality of services on its recommendations. Because they can be durable, but not professionally installed systems ceiling may sag or give divergence seam.


Planning Review

February 13th, 2014
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It is necessary to ensure positive engagement, which makes use of the re-engineering production processes. And in all those functions necessary for proper operation. John Farrell wrote in Planning Review, the companies most likely to succeed in reengineering have in common the following characteristics: They operate constantly changing environments of customers, competitors and products, and services. They have a culture and management structure in which all are committed to increasing levels of performance Have balanced perspective between long-term gains and short-term results. Visualize your business processes and organizational structures as catalysts for successful performance, They can develop and implement major changes very quickly in their organizations, technologies and systems.

To this we may add others, such as: They keep their staff motivated and fan the flame of belonging to the organization Rise initiative and innovation, creativity in people, achieving greater integration into working groups You get a better organizational climate, improved organizational behavior It starts a true organizational development. Warren Bennis and Michael Mische warn us (1996), the reengineering process should converge a wide range of interests, needs, abilities and departments in business units effective, interoperable and integrated. Hence, it is not surprising that with such a powerful process, approximately 70-80% of all enforcement efforts of reengineering failures "end in failure in the sense that the efforts do not generate the expected results or the experience is negative. Consider, the authors note indicated that the 20 to 30% of companies triumphant in the implementation of reengineering, have acquired a unique position of sustained progress.