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Air Jordan Complete List

June 28th, 2013
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June 28th, 2013
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They are mine fingers with which I write, but they are not the words once they come out of my. They are mine for now – ideas, not so your conclusions about them. Mine and no one else are the memories: sounds, images, and especially smells. Mine are the subtle flashes of wind on my skin and yours, but not vice versa. They are mine, some borrowed, fears and the doors close, they are mine also moments in which I remember that I have to open them. They are mine the seconds that pass and this is a perpetual oblivion life goes and I forget, or give it. It is my East overwhelming moment of breathing and see and hear and feel, so much so that before the abrumo present respond my tears. This city that mine is not is how cover, like putting a suitcase that can not weigh more than 23 kg.

Impotence is also mine, eternal repentance of what I left pass although I I also took much, did much, never enough. Is mine the courage for two souls cowards to laughter, laughter of the countdown approaching to the zero. It is mine the inability and power the sadness and joy passion and hate success and frustration are mine doves, the balcony, the sound of traffic, the whisper of rain heat cold moisture distance is mine without a doubt the yearning and wonder without end, I condemned, that I, a March and term confirming in a December. Buenos Aires is mine, with my friends and my damned heart, its buildings and squares, its Green, yellow trees, oranges and blacks, mine is this city that injected me life, challenged me, attacked me, made me grow, put me against the demist mirror, gave me paper and pencil to draw and thus taught me the meaning that beats in my veins of the word freedom. It is mine its people, from the CLAVIJO to the concheto, are mine dogs and their children, are yours my love and my hate and is since long ago that their wars are and will be the mine.

Is with certainty, now it is, that we are all the same, we all want the same thing, not importing the portion of the globe that we have. I say goodbye little by little and by announced end, appreciation from the coldest to the stifled day. Way down the street giving me account from all corners that I need travel impossible to encompass Bs.As. Is that it is mine, because I feel the taste and disgust, love and indifference, that only what is authentically own inspires. V. original author and source of the article.

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North American

June 23rd, 2013
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Click to have access here more the information on concepts of Ciberespao, Internet and Virtual.The origins of the word ' ' ciberespao' ' already they bring I obtain an idea of its meaning. Used frequent in the quarrels on new technologies, the term has been each used time more in the media. Much even so in the interest here ciberespao proportionate for the Internet, the abrangncia of this expression and its meaning goes very beyond this new media, therefore, as we will see to follow, it involves all infrastructure of the telemticas nets, as well as the information and until the human beings. The proper term appears before exactly of the advent of the Internet properly said. This term was created in 1984 for the North American writer Wiliam Gibson in its book of scientific fiction Neuromance and later used on a large scale for the creators and users of the digital nets. For Gibson, the term all assigns the set of computer network in which they circulate all type of information. Not physicist consisting is the space of digital nets. As it designates We read, this set of the digital nets, in the workmanship of Gibson, is town for the most different tribes.

&#039 is one; ' hallucination consensual' ' , new generating space of the postindustrial civilization where cibernautas goes to penetrate. For Lvi, ciberespao of Gibson became ' ' mobile geography of informao' ' , invisible, in something normally sensible and as resulted the term soon it was adopted by the desenvolvedores and users of the digital nets. But Lvi weaves its proper concept and starts to call ciberespao ' ' rede' '. The new space of proportionate communication for the world-wide interconnection of computers and the memories of the computers. Including there all the systems of electronic communication that transmit information deriving of digital sources or that they are destined to the digitalizao. Lvi insists on the aspect of the digital codification, therefore this would condition ' ' the plastic, fluid, calculvel character with precision treatable in real, hipertextual, interactive e, summarizing, virtual time of informao' ' (1999, P. 92).

This last one – virtual – to its to see, is the essential characteristic of ciberespao. In the introduction of the Cibercultura workmanship, the French philosopher clearly presents a concept brief and of ciberespao: … Is new the media that appears of the world-wide interconnection of the computers. The term not only specifies the material infrastructure of the digital communication, but also the oceanic universe of information that it shelters, as well as the human beings that sail and feed this universe (LVI, 1999. P. 17). As it affirms Lvi, ciberespao is ' ' the new media that appears of the world-wide interconnection of computadores' '. From this, it would be possible to identify the Internet as being this new half to conclude that they are the same thing. However, also for Lvi (1999, P. 32), a basic difference exists to be considered. ' ' The digital technologies they had appeared, then, as the infrastructure of ciberespao, new space of communication, sociability, organization and transaction, but also new market of information and conhecimento.' ' Thus, the Internet can be seen as part of these digital technologies, or as the infrastructure of communication that sustentao ciberespao, on which if they mount diverse environments, as the Web, fruns, chats, and the e-mail, to be only with the spread examples most common and. In short, ciberespao is the environment and Internet one of the infrastructures.


Information Online

June 22nd, 2013
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To take advantage of to the maximum the information the doctors and phamacists, being provided greater capacity to the equipment of pharmaceutical marketing is digital or conventional. To improve the efficiency and the effectiveness obtaining more information on its injunctive needs of the doctor and dispensation in pharmacies for a better technical advantage of the personnel of medical promotion and sales to pharmacies. To increase to the retention and the fidelity of the doctors and phamacists providing to the medical visitadores or representatives all the information that needs to satisfy or to surpass the expectations. The e-mailes with a high content of pharmaceutical marketing must be oriented to social marketing. To work resources of the pharmaceutical industry in professional form in order to develop strategies of pharmaceutical marketing online. To fortify the knowledge of this new half computer science of communication and transaction. The communications online for doctors and phamacists have become a necessity for the incorporation of new professionals eager for information and to the specialized pharmaceutical industry in carrying out effective actions of Digital pharmaceutical Marketing. Pharmaceutical marketing online, unlike the traditional methods, of promotion supposes one great competitive advantage at the time of analyzing the reach, costs and the possibility of monitoring results.

If we analyzed the investment realised in means of promotion of intangible we will be able to observe that pharmaceutical marketing online has covered great part with the needs of the pharmaceutical industry thanks to its effectiveness and return of investment (ROI). Within the strategies of pharmaceutical marketing online, we considered that the attainment of new doctors and potential phamacists and the loyalty of the dispenser or existing prescribers and will serve to improve the level of sales as also their policy of mark or branding. The results will be directed to the professional development of doctors and qualified phamacists (leads), with a major and effective interaction between the pharmaceutical industry, medical and pharmaceutical, obtaining the longed for loyalty and a greater satisfaction of dispenser prescribers and.


Especially World

June 21st, 2013
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Increasingly more people around the world understand that we are living a spiritual change of eras unprecedented and in all of them the universal spirit nor leave abandoned their children. At the present time also a great prophet has come to us men. Through the prophetic Word, Jesus de Nazareth, the Christ of God, who became Golgotha in our Redeemer, has become reality in our time what it promised to humanity 2000 years ago; He said: many things have yet to tell, but now could not understand them. When he, the spirit of truth, will guide you into all truth. (Juan 16,12) This promise is being fulfilled for more than 30 years, because the risen Christ has taken one person and has instructed her to be his Messenger and Prophet.

Through it the spirit of the Christ of God has brought to the world the truth of infinity. So we can say that the risen Christ of God have come to mankind today. Whoever has ears to hear. Who can grasp it that catches him (Mt 11: 15). Especially in Holy week, who not wondering about the meaning of the life of Jesus de Nazareth, by his crucifixion and resurrection? In an excerpt from the great work this is my word, he explains the event of their execution. And literally reads: all this endured it for that redemption could come to all souls and men. Darkness slandered my physical body, mocked him and killed him, but did not separate me from God making me doubt him.

I stayed in my father and the father remained in me. And so came into this world the glory of the father, as light of redemption. And no one can turn off this light of the world.(Cap 82, 17-19). Redeeming light, is the Luz of Christ within us, and since then serves as support to all souls and humans; It is security for the way back to the father’s House. He, Christ, is therefore the livelihood in the soul and thereby the path towards a happy and full life of satisfactions, to what each one longs for and seeks in its existence. Original author and source of the article.

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Solar Hot Water

June 15th, 2013
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A laundry in California, USA. UU., With solar hot water panels on roof. Main articles: Solar Collector and Solar thermal A solar water heater uses the sun’s energy to heat a liquid which transfers heat to a heat storage compartment. In one house, for example, hot water can be heated and stored in a tank of hot water. The panels have a receiving plate and tubes through which fluid circulates attached to it. The receiver (usually coated with a dark selective coating) insures the transformation of solar radiation into heat, while the liquid flowing through the tubes carries the heat to where it can be used or stored. The heated fluid is pumped into an appliance energy exchanger (a coil inside the storage compartment or an external device) where it leaves the heat and then circulates back to the panel to be reheated. This provides a simple and effective way to transfer and transform solar energy.



BonFlex Solar

June 14th, 2013
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Solar panels for home use have marked a milestone in the generation y. can attribute its success to the campaigns of Al Gore, or perhaps to a greater awareness as a result of the looming global warming crisis. But whatever the cause, the demand for domestic solar panels is rising as the foam. This fact reflects a welcome trend towards a new era in which discarded forms of energy from sources derived from coal, so pollutants and hazardous to the environment. Many are committed already by greener forms of electricity generation and especially by renewable energy sources.

In domestic solar panels, photovoltaic cells transform the preveniente solar energy into usable electric current and are storing it. Contrary to popular belief that the solar panels only work well in places like the Sahara, the truth is that they are efficient in any part of Spain. It is a real shame that not more be enhance by the State and autonomous communities the installation of solar panels in households, which remains ridiculously expensive, perhaps through the influence of the big oil companies. Even some economists who suggest that it is because there is no need to replace existing mechanisms for the production of energy by others based on renewable energy sources. Total, domestic solar panels are just as effective. Visit our page: BonFlex Solar solcelleanlaeg solvarmeanlaeg original author and source of the article


Solar System

June 10th, 2013
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The Solar System Solar system is a planetary system in the Milky Way galaxy that is located in one of the arms of this, known as the Orion arm. Consists of a single star called Sun, which gives name to this system, and eight planets, as the set of dwarf planets that orbit around the star, of which the best known are: Pluto, (136199) Eris, Makemake, Haumea and Ceres; as well as interplanetary space between them. Currently other 283 are also known planetary systems orbiting around other stars of which 23 are known two exoplanets, 9 are known three, four are known one and another five. According to the latest estimates, the Solar system is located approximately 28 thousand light-years from the center of the milky way, our galaxy. General characteristics the planets, most of the planets and all belts asteriodes orbit around the Sun in the same direction follow elliptical orbits in an anticlockwise direction if you look from above the north pole of the Sun. The approximate plane in which all of these revolve is called the ecliptic.

Some objects orbit with a degree of considerable inclination, as Pluto with an inclination with respect to the axis of the ecliptic of 18, as well as an important part of the Kuiper belt objects. According to their characteristics, and advancing from inside to outside, the bodies that make up the Solar system are classified into: Sun planets planets dwarf satellite asteroids comets system structure Lanternsolar orbits of major planets are found ordinates at distances the Sun growing so that the distance of each planet is about twice that of earth immediately preceding. This relationship is expressed mathematically through the law of Titius-Bode, a formula that summarizes the position of the axle shafts over the planets in astronomical units. In its simplest form the astronomical distances dimension is written in the space have a notion of dimension astronomical distances in space, it is interesting to make some calculations and make us a model that allows us to have a clearer perception of what is at stake.

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Solar Panels

June 8th, 2013
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Solar panels use isolated when wonder what a solar panel use insulated, we refer to those that are installed in homes and are not part of a Grand circuit which are available in the fields of solar panels. Networks of solar panels usually have fairly complex connections and a lot of panels, while when we speak of isolated solar panels we are referring to little amount of units, or sometimes even a single panel. Within isolated use solar panels we can find different types according to the purpose that we have. If we want to achieve can get to heat water for sanitation facilities in our House we have to then resort to a thermal panel. Transform solar energy into thermal being its first purpose the heating water. On the other hand if what we want is to obtain electric power to be able to run our home appliances we must then resort to a photovoltaic panel.

Let’s start by saying that the fact that solar panels alone usually are few in a House, we need take advantage of every one of them to the maximum, therefore it will be essential that we avoid tarnish the performance thereof. Usually those who buy solar panels alone for the first time don’t know exactly and take advantage of the benefits of solar panels and how to place them, and though they come with installation kit many times do not feel safe to carry out this process themselves. That is why it will be important that they can go to a company that will ensure your installation properly, making the plates they are placed firmly and resistant. The installation of solar panels in isolated use is not an expensive service in comparison with another type of facility as the panels on network. For those who possess extensive experience, the installation is usually rapid, lasting approximately 15 minutes in circumstances of favourable climate. You will have to think that the weather will be a key determinant to carry out the placement of the plates. We have to make sure we make it a day with the greatest possible visibility, and logically without rain.

It will also be important that after installation, whether we realize it or to receive it to make the system was put in operation of the solar panels to see if it has been properly installed. Why we must carry out the process in order to be able to complete a schedule with Sun in order to be able to test the system. When speaking of solar panels in use generally isolated commonly referred to domestic facilities, however we must also bear in mind that locals and small shops can supply through this type of energy. any times in the local light is consumed throughout the day even during the night with the canopies and ads, therefore placing isolated use solar panels can be a good way to reduce electricity consumption, but not get to replace all power with solar energy. For those who are wondering how to build a solar panel at home in again users of a large network of solar panels, a good option to start to in-depth knowledge of these products will be testing them. One possibility for this will be to use a group of solar panels use isolated from being able to familiarize yourself with the system before delving into a great undertaking.



June 8th, 2013
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The solar rays penetrated with difficulty for the foliages creating a light game. To the end of the forest, lguas of distance, in the end of the forest, started the dunes that were the east and if they extended for lguas and more lguas of lands forming a great sand desert. Antenor capsized for Gardenio and said. _ leaves me to a thing confused. The praise-the-god said in them that after the cajueiro one he was alone will come northward and I followed in front that we would arrive at the Field of the Flowers.

However, since that we find vocs we are walking very. Until floreta we find. Forest that was not mentioned at any moment by the praise-the-god. _ Vocs had found the praise-the-god, that dodger. It is a great liar does not know place none.

He lives lying and teaching all wrong one. I know many places and I say to it: I am leading vocs for the certain place. to arrive at the Field of the Flowers we will have that to cross it is forest. At the beginning of the afternoon they had crossed all the quagmire without problem. When the doors of the forest had arrived had been able to see it better. Around of some trees, creeps in form of great cones, fulled the land. Inside the creeps they leave and they entered great black ants as the night in gratings Indiana lines. Before following way the group it settled in a tree of average transport. In the top of a twig, Bombar, saw a friend, a black ant, with the wide head, long legs, two pairs of antennas in perpetual movement.