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Intersolar North America

March 31st, 2016
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Bavarian solar module specialist with desert module for Intersolar Award nominated Neumarkt/Oberpfalz the Oscar for filmmakers is the Intersolar Award for companies in the solar industry. Already for the fifth time, the coveted trophy will be awarded this year. Now succeeded the small upper Palatine Jura watt solar forge, among the 10 nominees to come. The nomination owes a new main character Jura Watt: his desert module, which was introduced in January 2012 in the market. With this prize, the leading exhibition for the solar industry draws international companies that have proved their innovative strength by special services or products. The exhibitors of Intersolar North America in San Francisco, the Intersolar India in Mumbai and the internal solar of China were asked to apply for the award. Some like it hot – the new high-performance engine of Jura Watts has several winning properties especially the desert modules of Jura Watts.

It is extremely resistant to heat. This makes It is ideal for hotter regions, and even the desert, because it can withstand temperatures up to 125 C. The desert modules, as the company also calls them, also a triple life compared to equivalent modules stand out. In addition, they are PID free. This is extremely important, because the PID (potential induced degradation) is one of the basic causes for the loss of power by solar panels over the total duration of their operating time. The desert module underwent stringent testing according to IEC/DIN. These include a temperature cycling test, a UV test, a humidity-freeze test and a damp heat test. This was carried out by 3,000 hours over a period of time.

Here is a genuine Primus: everywhere there are top marks. The TuV Germany and the Institute of national de l ‘ energy solaire (INES) have confirmed the values. Great cinema with three Kings: the Intersolar which is Intersolar award in the fields of photovoltaics, solar thermal and PV production technology award, and 2012 for the first time in the field of solar projects in North America. Initially, ten nominees were determined by a panel of experts. Then, a jury of experts from industry, research, academia and trade media selects up to three winners in each Division. The red carpet will be rolled out soon already, because the official announcement of the winner takes place on June 13th, 2012 at the Intersolar. Specialist for Germanys next top modules: the Jurassic wattage the GmbH wattage of the Jurassic is specialized in the production of high-performance photovoltaic modules. It trusts the German quality suppliers as well as the production company. The production facilities also come from Germany, they provide a highly precise workmanship and the best quality. The solar specialist is 12 years guarantee on all products. This warranty is complemented by a performance guarantee of 10 years on at least 90% of the nominal power and a guarantee for 30 years on at least 80% of the nominal power. Innovation and development are the guarantee of growth for the company, the is already has secured numerous patents.


Green Energy Houses

March 31st, 2016
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An Energieeinsparverordnung is understandably more expensive than a house building according to the “EnEV” regulations. A bottom plate down-insulated, triple insulation glazing and a higher insulation of pitched of roof represent an expense that must be paid, but ultimately worth. Finally, quality has its price! Seen in the long term an Energieeinsparverordnung has considerable advantages. What you’re now investing savings in the future. Zero-energy buildings, passive houses and Plusenergiehauser a passive house requires as a further development of the low energy House substantially less energy for heating and hot water than a conventional new construction.

The compact structure is characteristic of passive houses, the living rooms facing South ideally. The sunlight can be effectively used in this manner. A passive house has an air and wind-proof building envelope that is insulated and free of thermal bridges. The cold outdoor air does not penetrate into the energy, the hot indoor air is prevented from leaving the building. Among other things an innovative three-pane glazing is responsible. The frame is insulated, so that the window to absorb solar energy, which is then stored in the walls. A special ventilation system provides fresh air. Who owns a passive house, may waive mostly a conventional heating system.

Drinking water heated by solar panels or heat pump. A more efficient energy is the zero-energy House. The external cover of the energy is completely absorbed in this case by the own energy gain, for example by a solar system. Zero energy homes have large, pointing to the South and at the same time unbeschattete window surfaces. The ratio of surface to volume conversions low. The facade, the roof, the Windows and the doors have a high insulation value. The building is largely sealed. The zero-energy House is the evolution of the passive house. In addition there are also buildings that produce more energy than they need. In this case, one speaks of a so called plus energy House. These houses are even no external power, but completely self-sufficient. A Hybridhaus hybrid homes causes no heating and energy costs. For example photovoltaic systems available are for energy production. Among other things a special geothermal technology is generating heat. Those who opt for a Hybridhaus, requires neither gas nor oil and fueling climate-neutral. The hybrid homes are highly isolated.

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Solar Panels

March 31st, 2016
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How does one, to give expression to a sustainable bad decision, as it does the solar panel on the roof just as prominently? Keyword age pyramid. Because operators already thinking about tomorrow, is to review the quality of the flats in the inventory. The age-appropriate bath, which allows the tenant to live as long as possible even determined in his own apartment is a real competitive factor. Hence, the trends for the new bathroom run almost in the arms.

In the bath exhibition or in the bath Studio of the designer. But here is much as usual and not together. Brand could be presented here competently with solutions and added value, which justify the premium. To the touch, experience, understanding and love. Sustainable arguments? In the catalogue on page 48.

“Finding light for the consultants’ and easy” to understand who positioned his product personality, lifestyle and understanding of the target group, in the Invest environment of the advice and the advice itself. Intelligent product arguments are the salt in the soup of a communication style, which gives it personality brands and consultants the competence to justify a price. To capitalize on the above trends also means to strive for a consistent reasoning in the Advisory. In the exhibition, by the Scheduler and the installer. All involved should sustainability”and age-friendly living” in the relevant topics of the customers can translate! Can they do that? The manufacturer can do this impetus, positioning themselves. The above trends offer the chance to cooperate. To use, the chance of the exhibition is to compete against Reuter, mega bath and co. To point out the chance of the manufacturer brand in the tender. And the chance of the Installer locally to distinguish themselves. So Planner good arguments for sustainable building have that pays for itself. And ultimately all the customers find and bind to bring the sustainable success.

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Used Solar Panels Home Improvements

March 31st, 2016
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Then we have a new photovoltaic side, with good performance and high price guaranteed, on the other hand, the used, at an affordable price but with the uncertainty regarding the use and operation have a future if there are no known technical issues involved. Personally I have always preferred the new products, especially when it comes to electrical devices, but in this case I can not even think about buying a new photovoltaic panel. I researched on forums and blogs related to solar energy to acquire the technical knowledge to allow me to buy good used panels. I found lots of information, very varied and sometimes contradictory, which made it very difficult to establish clear criteria for selection. I also found something unexpected, information from people who had set up their own panels and had them working properly.

It was built solar panels at home with new parts at a surprisingly low cost. The next step in my quest for cheap solar panels was to direct my inquiries towards the construction of photovoltaic panels. After a week I had a long list of manuals, guides, programs and sites offering all necessary assistance to build solar panels at home. Thoroughly studied all the information gathered and I had no doubt, I decided definitively by the surprise third option, to build myself my solar panels with new parts. That said, I share the results of my search, hoping in her heart that this information is useful for those looking to switch to clean energy and significantly reduce their energy supply costs. In the link I put at the end there is a review explaining what is, in my opinion the best choices in terms of self-built photovoltaic systems. It is a professional guide, detailed, expensive, technical support and provided with step by step videos designed for anyone to follow instructions, no matter the lack of knowledge technical or level of English.


MetPot Slide Potential Meters

March 30th, 2016
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This facilitates the Assembly of MetPot potentiometer. Film film versions can lead small particles or even air bubbles under the film to distortions and significant characteristic deviations. MetPot slide potentiometer are hermetically sealed glued and thus protected from environmental influences such as dirt, dust and moisture. With the exception of the plug connection, they meet the requirements of IP67. They can be used also in ex-protected zones.

The linearized MetPot Folienpotentio meters are available in lengths from 50 mm to 500 mm. In addition to linear systems, also linearized Rotary sensors with diameter up to 400 mm are available. Some typical specifications of the linearized slide potentiometer: measuring lengths 0 50 0 500 mm Terminator 2. 20 kohms, depending on length of the measuring resistance tolerance +/-20% independent linearity: < +/-0.4% at MEAs. lengths < 250 mm < +/- 0.3% for lengths > 250 mm repeat accuracy type. 0.05 mm hysteresis type. 0.25 mm width 21.3 +/-0.5 mm thickness of element 1.7 +/-0.2 mm temperature range-25 105 C-40 125 C (restricted data) life 25 million cycles adjustment speed 1 m/sec, protection class IP 67 with the exception of plug and connecting with the linearisierten MetPot Slide Potentiometers opens a number of new use cases. Similar to film-foil versions or classic grinder potentiometers can be found many applications in the automotive industry, medical technology, air and space technology or robotics. Some typical examples are: – position detection in automotive or aircraft seats – positioning of cylinders or actuators – electric and pneumatic actuators – positioning of robot arms – positioning of solar panels – monitoring of car body systems such as mirrors, Windows or convertible roofs – position monitoring of operating tables in medical technology

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Titicaca Lake

March 30th, 2016
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Currently, there are two schools, two churches, one Catholic and other Adventist and huts for the visitors and some homes have been equipped with solar panels, Internet, and telephone for public service, powered by solar energy. The Islands are located at an altitude of 3,810 meters above the sea level and are in the Bay of Puno and foresees the construction of more housing and islets to the desire of some families to separate. Some of the islands which have become tourist attractions are: Tupiri, Santa Maria, Tribuna, Toranipata, Chumi, Paraiso, Kapi, Titino, Tinajero and Negrone. Another recently revealed riches is the escubrimiento of a temple sacred Lake Titicaca by scientists of the Atahualpa 2000 expedition?, AKAKOR Geographical Exploring group. Apparently the site is between 1,000 to 1,500 years old and its discovery in Bolivian area will allow to understand an era of 3 or 4 centuries that mark the passage of a period to another this ancient Andean culture.

Graves and found archaeological remains confirm some theories of the origins of the Inca people, since the legend says that the founders of the Inca Empire emerged from the Lake Lake. To date have been found four submerged archaeological structures, among them a sacred Temple about 200 metres long and 50 metres wide, a terrace for crops, a pre-Inca road and an embankment of over 800 meters long. Also a three km long island was found 600 meters wide, which is between 10 to 15 metres in depth, reveals it that the level of the waters of Lake Titicaca was significantly less than the current. Archaeological remains from the time of the Incas were additionally discovered, and this might be his predecessors, close to the island of the Sun, in the town of Chincana, 120 kilometres west of La Paz. The archaeological remains were also searched unsuccessfully by the Frenchman Jacques Cousteau in 1976 and 12 years later a team of National Geographic also tried. The Titicaca Lake which takes its name from the island called intikjarka, a word that derives from two Aymara words: inti, Sun ‘ and kjarkas, penasco ‘ and what is known as the island of the Sun holds many mysteries. Measures 204 kilometres long by 65 km wide, occupying eight thousand 562 square kilometers, of which four thousand 772 correspond to the Peru and three thousand 790 to Bolivia. Now the Governments of the two countries develop a binational project at a cost of $ 109 million to rescue from pollution to this Lake that has an extreme climate with large variations in temperature between day and night.


Silicon Panels

March 29th, 2016
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How do solar panels work? Whether in a calculator solar power or an international space station, the solar panels generate electricity from the same principles of electronics like chemical batteries or standard receptacles. With solar panels, we refer to the movement of electrons through a circuit. To understand how solar panels generate electricity, we will make a quick return trip to chemistry class at school. The basic element of the solar panels is the same element that helped create the computer, pure silicon revolution. When Silicon is stripped of all impurities, is an ideal platform for the transmission of electrons. Silicon also has some properties at the atomic level that make it even more attractive for the construction of solar panels. The silicon atoms have room for eight electrons in its outer bands, but only carry four in its natural state. This means that there is space for four more electrons.

If an atom of Silicon makes contact with another atom of silicon, each receives another four-electron atom. This creates a strong link, but there is a positive or negative charge because the eight electrons satisfy the needs of the atoms. Silicon atoms can combine in the coming years as a result of a large piece of pure silicon. This material is used to form the plates of solar panels. Here is where science comes in. Two pure silicon plates do not generate electricity in solar panels, because they have no positive or negative charge.

Solar panels are created by the combination of silicon with other elements that have positive or negative charges. Phosphorus, for example, has five electrons to offer to other atoms. If silicon and phosphorous are chemically combined, the result is eight electrons with an additional free electron for the ride. In order that the electricity flows, should also create a positive charge. This is accomplished through solar panels in the combination of silicon with an element such as boron, which only has three electrons to offer.


Mailing Lists

March 28th, 2016
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In the next step is to determine ways to impact on the audience. The Internet gives a lot of ways. Among them are the following: advertising on thematic and general information sites, banner ads, e-mail marketing, promotion on search engines and directories, link exchanges, ratings. Most users of the network involve search engines and directories as search for information on the Internet, so this type of Internet resources is one of the most visited online. And the placement of links in directory is one of the most effective ways to promote your site.

Another way raise your site's ranking in search engines – this is link exchange. For all the search engines one of the main criteria is the number of links on the site. The principle is this: you place a link to a user-friendly site (as generally similar topics) and return to your site and put a link. Text link often works much better than the banner. Also, in addition to free ways to move, there are many paid the most common is a contextual advertising – Offering Internet – advertising, which corresponds to the advertisement content of the web – the page where it is located and which user is visiting.

You ask specific keywords and phrases, and your ad will appear on the search page only when the search request includes the data you have selected keywords. Thus, the advantage of contextual advertising is that it attracts the desired target audience. There is a paid link exchanges, if a site that offers links, is well known and has many visitors. Placing your link on this site most cases, provides an increase in citation index site and attract new users. Mailing Lists (spam) previously also were one of the most effective ways to promote products and services, but in recent time such emails are ignored and do not bring the desired effect. And in some cases, advertised sites recorded in the "black list" and as a result do not appear in search engines, directories and rankings. Thus, website promotion is a long-term and ongoing process whose success depends on the professionalism of the optimizer. Only with the involvement of these professionals can achieve visible success in promoting the site.

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Positive Crisis

March 28th, 2016
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Sometimes I get the impression that today, only babies and dumb do not talk about the financial crisis all complain. To be honest – first bothered. Secondly – much like the economic downturn for many only justify their own inactivity. And sometimes dishonest acts (well, from the series: where the salary (calculation and payment order ) What do I pay? Crisis ). So today on the positive. This is a collection of my own and not just my thoughts. So.

1. Significantly depreciated real estate for rent. By the way, and leasing of office premises 2. Employers are much easier it is to find a suitable employee 3. Active employees become more responsible attitude to their duties 4. Dismissal from work, for people thinking positively, often became an occasion to change the long boring job and find something more interesting (well not always have the strength and confidence to quit, with a stable work motivation "tired") 5. People became more careful and responsible attitude to their spending.

This is a chance to stop "seize" all that imposes on us advertising. To stop and clear their minds. And finally to understand that not everything that we did strongly suggest that pleasant, helpful and necessary "6. Financial difficulties – an opportunity to be creative. It is not possible to buy a new dress? And what is in the closet and how to combine to make it in a new way? And what delicious cook from the fact that there is in the refrigerator (not to order pizza)? By the way, homemade food and health useful 7. There is less work? Finally have the opportunity to do so, on what in today's hectic lifestyle does not have enough time: hobbies, reading, language (by the way, there are many inexpensive and even free at all possibilities). Or maybe you have something long dreamed of learning? 8. Again – free time – a perfect moment to do himself. I mean not only an additional trip to the barber shop, but your inner world 9. Hooray Finally, the family would see my mother (father), wife (husband) is not only a dream 10. And here pozitivchik for workers mlm and Network Marketing are just some thoughts that occurred to me, made my friends read by me I hope it will come across you on your own positives. And let's remember – beautiful with a smile


Stainless Steel

March 26th, 2016
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What you want the room really draw a modern and stylish of course, strictly in that will not just be happy to look into, but apart from that and just make sure not to leave. Directly in this case will not be play a significant role of floor space, as well as its function, or age structure, in which it definitely will be located. For example, it could well be your own house or office. Actually, that principle to create a stylish option available space is more convenient in its construction, although transform it to the best ceremony and in the process of minor improvements and interior design changes in certain components. Often, in the case when the process of creating any style of any room, in a possible embodiment of multi-storey building, fully forget about immediately such critical elements as a ladder, while on the rails obviously that is not strictly only provide an opportunity to enjoy the stairs without any problems but at the same time make a contribution to the surroundings of any room. At the same time you want to point out that rail is definitely where they would not were used in practice every day, which means their external appearance must meet the style of the room, or in this case is necessarily qualitative support to anyone who uses a ladder.

Nowadays, it is earned are used as needed protections, different in general appearance of the stainless steel railings. In addition, any type of railing is not just only beautiful, but in turn, and reliable. It should of course also provide a lot of worthy the quality, which have stainless steel railings, and that absolutely everyone has the opportunity to appreciate, setting them at home or in any other desired area. Promising alloy steel, has high reliability, and still quite light weight. In addition to all sorts of fences, stainless steel, they look great and not on demand of any meaningful self-care. The full will be enough simply wipe the data side, in order to reconstruct their original appearance. More recently, the first of the main reasons which directly so that's kind of design elements not paid a lot of attention, was the fact that it was impossible to detect the required manufacturer claimed the railing. Which would be in the best option, not just a custom fabricated some or a stylish addition and durable metal, but could take absolutely all the problems in their installation.

In recent years, to detect such a firm does not deliver substantial work. Need only use their PCs and the global Internet's global network. Definitely at an appropriate web portal will not really solely to meet with the samples of the products, but also to find absolutely all of the required advice in full. Having defined the order, will be available to carry out its own directly on the website, staying this time at home or in the workplace. A wide variety of steel produced in the parameters of the real space, definitely will be manufactured in definitely the best time and naturally perfect quality. If the client wishes, the company can not simply just to make the assembly, but beyond that and perform transportation and installation of corresponding handrails, proper in this case to a general, all options for service, the organization provides all warranty.