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May 23rd, 2013
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In the case of solar panels, the problem is that when there is more heat and more solar incidence, this makes that your performance is affected, a heat stagnation occurs and instead of taking advantage of this energy begins to decrease greatly the efficiency. In addition that these teams do not have axes systems to follow the Sun and take advantage of more daylight hours. Some teams only have one axis, but this is not enough since the better use of energy is when the Sun’s rays fall perpendicularly to the team, for this we need dual axis systems. Instead solar concentration as the SolarBeam teams has a constant performance throughout the day, since they concentrate all the energy of the Sun in a focal point, besides not having heat stagnation, has a dual-axis system, allowing to follow the Sun throughout the day, and that sun rays fall always perpendicular to the computer, all this makes it far superior to other systems. Advantages of the solar concentrator maximum profitability of the solar installation: while we produce heating, which already saves you optimizing the available space since a hub replaces 19.25 flat solar panels receive maximum radiation possible thanks to its dual-axis solar tracking system.

Installation costs are also reduced, because is necessary less piping and wiring. It is easy to install. It is designed so that it is easy to change components, adapted photovoltaic cells to produce heat and electricity at the same time. It is capable of generating stable shape heat at a temperature which is around 95 C. There is no risk of overheating Thanks to its addition adapting control systems an absorption equipment can produce air conditioning, with the added advantage of the coincidence of the most in demand with maximum insolation occurring in the summer months.


Solar Modules

May 23rd, 2013
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Important topic when it comes to solar panels or solar water heaters and tanks for water. Where to locate them, settle them and how to make them. The mounting systems of structures which can be iron galvanized with aluminum profiles are designed according to the place to settle. The placement is mostly on the roofs of the houses, i.e. roofs with slopes or against rain, snow, or hail. Not all slopes of the roofs have the same angle of inclination with respect to the floor of the House or building.

In addition, the material from which each roof is built can be very different one another ceiling by customs, aesthetic, quality of the House, finally, in all ways for evaluation each case. The supporting structures must be made according to heaters or photovoltaic solar modules. I.e., or just for a panel or a set of them according to requirements according to need power. On the other hand, the installation will have to be calculated based on the orientation of the Sun’s rays and the aesthetic aspect maximized with Ultra violet rays, also known as individual solar systems or multiple systems. For steeper roofs metal support structure will be typical design, with aluminum support duly painted electrostatic iron and full frame profiles; While for the roofs of shingles with light slopes, should adapt to the modules a few protectors of UV rays, with polyester coating, resistant to snow and hailstorms that are easier to deposit by the less aware. On flat ground floors, support structures are large and sophisticated thinking in multi-purpose modules and especially with the ease of placing the followers of Sun’s rays, with fierro and profiles of aluminium for functions of multi-angles of follow-up to the fall of the aforementioned rays.

For roofs in buildings such as houses of one or two floors, structures and models of supports both are different to those mentioned above. In either case these structures are made thinking of expansions in the system or modular systems for easy expansion in the future. In terms of its maintenance are very little once installed with anticorrosive and adjusters guards of brands with guarantee. Anyway they recommend periodic checks and maintenance scheduled annually as a minimum. Here one of the companies responsible for these structural supports globally: Schetler Inc.

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May 14th, 2013
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The attraction of capital of companies in other countries is very important in Mexico. You have many ideas regarding the progress that might have with respect to the use of nanotechnology. One of the best-known is the University project of environmental nanotechnology (tip), which is based on solving the problem of contamination of the environment by using catalysts and nanocatalysts, so that thereby two basic resources for the man cleaning is carried out: the air and water. The tip program aims to improve the quality of life, reducing the pollution generated by the vehicles; In addition to more suitable air indoors as offices or public transport. Different institutions carry out discoveries, research and development of nanotechnology, and one of the areas in which you want to implement this science is in medicine.

At the branch medical will want to implement for the easy implementation of medication in places inaccessible to man, in order to not attack other organs and cause further damage. Another point which requires this type of technology is for the exploration of the body for your better understanding. An example of this, is the idea that different nanostructures for the exploration of the human system, are used to make this different diseases are detected in time as it is cancer. The IMP with collaboration of Pemex, are looking for a very challenging project, since through the implementation of nanotechnology, they will discover new uses that can be given to petroleum derivatives, in order to find new sources of energy. They exist several projects carried out both academic institutions such as companies, with the sole purpose of seeking a better development in the quality of life of Mexican society. However, the idea that a society can have with respect to the concept of nanotechnology is very different, all depending on the depth that each Member has on the subject.


Intros Flash

May 12th, 2013
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Your website menu unfolds or displayed using fluid animations and dynamic (Flash)? We continue with the previous responses, a search engine can not navigate animations. And the use of animations in Flash has been poorly used in 3 main aspects: Intros, website completely in Flash and Flash navigation menus. These first 3 questions are answered in the same basis, because the problem is the same. The address of your web page in the browser never changes regardless of section accessed? This tells us one of two things, or your page is developed in Flash and we have not noticed or is developed using Frames, in both cases the problem is just as serious and inefficient. Although using Frames his page if it can be indexed in search engines, many technical problems arise from this technique, one of them is poor indexing of your site and the correct display to your users. A common example is to find pages on search engines where we see the content, but we do not see a menu for any place and therefore you can not navigate the rest of the site.

Conclusion these are aspects that we can easily identify in our web site and detect problems of optimization or misuse of technology as users. We all know that the animations are attractive and others. Should however be used solely and exclusively for what they are…to make animations, it is not a method or tool to develop sites. First, we must uphold the principles of optimal development and then integrate other innovative or attractive items that do not interfere with the web site. We must not prepend attractive about the efficient and correct because we are also sacrificing results, and the results on a web site is what matters most. We hope that this information will prove helpful to the success of your Internet presence. If you want more information or hire any of these services, please contact with us.


Hair Care Products

May 6th, 2013
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The best products for Loreal hair care there are some really fantastic companies for hair care, but Loreal is definitely one of the most popular. Loreal is a company of many years and incredibly respected, offers a collection of different beauty products. Particularly there are some fantastic products that are available for the hair care, will be particularly discussed in detail here. Loreal Elvive este is one of the best products of the Loreal hair care, uses dual action technology, with an advanced complex of nutrileum which helps to keep moisture in the hair the whole day. This formula also works to keep moisture out of hair, which reduces the fluff effect and helps to maintain smooth and silky tips throughout the day. This is one of Loreal products for the hair care, which works affecting specific areas that need it and maintaining moisture for softness and shine to hair. Loreal conditioner There are various options for the conditioners deLoreal, but one thing that all of these products offer is nutrition for hair.

All spraying without leaving too oily hair, because this can lead to dandruff and of course, nobody wants to make your hair look greasy. The range of Loreal hair care products are available to everyone, regardless of your hair type, to get the style you want and keep your hair healthy and beautiful. One of the best ways that a person can throw a vistaso through several Loreal hair care products, is looking on the Internet and browse some Web sites. This is great because it allows that the person can find several pages, to see what are the various products and what they have to offer. It is important to do this before you go to buy any of these products, since without this kind of information the person is going to make purchases blindly without having idea that product is going to be the most suitable for your hair. Choose from the multiplicity of Loreal products which are available, can be intimidating, but this process can be much easier to simply by taking a little time to learn about the various options before going to do any real shopping. There are various products available for each style and length of hair, so choose appropriately. Visit our page, here you will find more about fashion and beauty fashion and beauty


Santo Mauro

May 5th, 2013
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An ideal place for lovers of Sun, luxury, glamour, elegance. In this spectacular garden you can enjoy a drink or a delicious dish in an environment with style and personality. This spring in AC Santo Mauro there are two protagonists: you and an atmosphere of gala. For you and only for you – we have created a very original letter of unique flavors: spiral of fresh foie-grass the fitte and Quince with liquorice bread, prawns from Palamos roasted in salt crust, orecciette of Parmesan cheese with Tarragon and Sea Urchin, pigeon Araiz roasted in two cooking with brioche of blueberries Carlos Posadas, chef of the restaurant of the hotel library -It has created a special seasonal menu so you eat spring. The cocktail does not leave you indifferent. The letter from the terrace of the hotel AC Santo Amuro offers you the most refreshing mergers snow, royal mojito cocktail, mulatto fifteen, wybocosmo, “salty” exquisite, gin and tonic 24, tom 24, royal Mumm, malta sour, robb livet, mint daiquiri gimlet maximum quality at the service of innovation and creativity of our master guys. Happiness knows gold 24 kilates, cherries in suspension, perfume of citrus, lemon, red vermouth, salt crusta air try it, you’ll like.

Ambient music will also help you to feel better than ever. The rhythms chill-out that sound background are fused with flavors cocktails in a perfect pairing couture to achieve tranquility and peace. The Suite Bar is a concept of lounge that amazes for its ability to integrate classic and the revolutionary, as accessible and as aspirational, tradition and fashion. Hotel Cup returns to be more fashionable than ever. And if you’re of that moonlit cocktails with friends after work or before a crazy night AC Santo Mauro is your meeting point.

You can also chop the best and most sophisticated snacks in the hotel. Luxury already has name and surname, AC Santo Mauro. ONE SALON to do history other major premieres of the hotel for this spring is the Embassy lounge. The magical moment that you have dreamed of all couples, is already possible to celebrate in the new lounge of the hotel AC Santo Mauro. This ancient Palace was the residence of the Duke of Santo Mauro and retains all the charm of the French luxury and style. Without losing certain post-modern touch which makes it an excellent framework to tell you Yes, I want to start a new life. Carlos Posadas, will the grand finale to an unforgettable day with their dishes. Its always tasty, crisp, elegant, kitchen with modern technique and classical references surprises even the most discerning palates. The best raw materials in the service of the highest conception of gastronomy. If you celebrate your wedding in the hotel AC Santo Mauro, will be remembered not only the dress of the bride. More AC with a portfolio of 115 hotels in Spain, Italy and Portugal, AC Hotels remains loyal to its firm commitment to offer a unique combination of modern luxury and comfort, with which follow ilusionando every day to their customers. All this coupled with impeccable service, a clear commitment to technology and a desire for constant renewal, that have made the chain a reference of urban tourism.


Panel Solar Photovoltaic

May 3rd, 2013
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This component, load regulator electronic device, also known as charge controller. What is its function? Protect the battery from overload of power or otherwise excessive downloads (over-discharging), what makes longer lasting life of this appliance and therefore the solar panel. Even prevents fire and explosion regulates energy with normal charging cycles especially in more than acid batteries gel batteries. Where we find them? Charging regulators found in our daily life, and can be found separately or incorporated in appliances in our daily lives within cell phones or a laptop Chargers powered by solar energy. In addition to protecting potential overload, these voltage regulators prevent deep cycle batteries suffer from excessive discharge. This makes it through an automatic cutting current that comes from batteries. They exist drivers that emit audible alarms and/or flashing lights most interesting signals.

How do they work? To deep cycle batteries reach peak load, the regulator will gradually disconnecting the passage of energy from the solar cells. Current regulators introduce microcontrollers for the proper management of a photovoltaic system. Once reached the full charge of the battery voltage value, controller injects a small current to keep it at full load, i.e. the current of flotation injected. This current is therefore responsible for maintain the battery at full charge and not being consumed energy is used to compensate for self-discharge of batteries. The disconnection of the consumption output by low battery voltage indicates a situation of discharge of the battery close to 70% of its rated capacity.

If the battery voltage drops below the control of consumption disconnection voltage value during more than one set time, is Disconnects the consumption. This is to prevent a timely short-term overload clear consumption. Available on the market in the market you can find a variety of models, classified by the current controlling (8, 10, 20, 30 A) and charge for 12/24V 16A to regulators. Another aspect of modern control units is the MPPT or maximum power of the traction point. This means that the controller determines the optimal working point of the PV curve. Operating voltage gives greater efficiency? A controller uses an advanced control algorithm that imposes new standards in solar recharging technology. The State-of-charge algorithm takes the battery temperature, voltage and discharge rate to determine the true state of efficiency of the battery. This pattern of sofware allows the driver to know the degree of sulphation of the battery. Some other features: autoflow for 12V or 24V systems automatic Equalization of batteries can be disabled when used bacteria gel or lead – acid type Matriculation protection against overheating and battery overvoltage, overcurrent of modules and overcurrent warning loads and low voltage LCD screen on models PR disconnect. Indicator light in three colors on Alpha, Gamma, Sigma and Omega models. Operating temperature: – 25 C to + 50 C Common size: 18.8 x 10.2 x 4.9 cm approx.

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