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Softwares Proprietors

May 14th, 2012

To understand the concept, you it must think about ' ' freedom of expresso' ' , not of price. Free software is not synonymous of gratuitous software. What it makes a software to be free is the form as the rights on it are acquired or transmitted. More necessarily, it mentions the four freedoms: – Freedom n 0: freedom to execute the program, for any intention; – Freedom n 1: freedom to study as the program functions, and to adapt it for its necessities; – Freedom n 2: freedom to redistribute copies; – Freedom n 3: freedom to perfect the program, and to liberate its perfectionings in way that all the community if benefits. The use of Softwares Free translates the possibility of if eliminating the dependence the systems proprietors, generally of highest cost and of closed code source, alliviating sufficiently the weight that these represent in the boxes of the companies. Moreover, through the use of Softwares Free adequate, it is possible to guarantee stability in projects.

With the use of Softwares Proprietors, it is spent with updates, supports and constant exchanges of systems. Many times if acquire a license of use of a system and after certain time, its inefficiency is noticed, then it is spent with a new system. Acquiring a free software, the same it starts to be of property of the company, and thanks to its open code-source it is possible to modify it, adjusting it the necessities, and to improve it the demand in accordance with, reducing costs and optimizing processes. When taking care of in satisfactory way the expectations using them, this system hardly will be substituted, thus preventing new expenses. In this direction, solutions based on Free Software, result in gradual economy for its users, whose values can be reapplied in investments in other areas of the company.


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