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Kg Datos Solar

March 29th, 2013
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The energy that more than 80% of Mexicans used is the LP gas in its submission of 20 Kg tank. All energy have suffered an increase in cost in recent years, the price of 20 kg tank has increased 12% annual average in the past 3 years (prices taken from the Official Journal of the Federation). The trend is evident to the rises in the prices of energy at national and international level and there are no indications of a possible decrease in them, but otherwise, will foresee more increases. It is this one of the reasons why solar energy is resuming growth at national and international level. With a solar heater you do not pay by getting hot water, uses solar energy which is available in most of the national territory, reaches his home every day and best of all it costs you nothing. Take advantage of it. But might be wondering how much savings with a solar water heater? in the year, at which time recover my investment? Really me? is it advisable to invest in a solar water heater? The following alternative energy presents economic analysis of a residential solar heater 150 litres of capacity, which provides service to a family of 5 members.

Solar heater replaces a boiler that uses gas LP, which is supplied by a tank of 20 Kg Datos of analysis: service life of solar water heater: 15 years investment in solar water heater: $8, 780.0MN average annual savings in gas: $3, 315.0MN the annual maintenance cost: $ 200.0MN annual increase in the price of LP gas: 12% average. Price of 20 Kg gas tank: $ 180.0MN results: tanks saved in one year: 18.25 parts. Tanks saved per month: 1.52 average. Return on investment time: 2 years 3 months. Internal rate of return: 52%.



March 23rd, 2013
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A solar panel is a device designed to absorb the energy of the Sun’s rays, either for immediate use or for storage. There are two main types of solar panels: the photovoltaic modules and solar thermal collectors. The photovoltaic modules are intended to convert the energy of sunlight into electric energy. Solar thermal collectors are designed to absorb energy from the Sun directly as thermal energy, are often used to heat water for showers. The first type of solar panel, PV module, is actually a collection of solar cells. Solar cells are combined into a single solar panel for ease of use. The most common type of crystalline silicon solar panels uses either in the form of sheets or thin films composed of either silicon or cadmium telluride.

When light hits the solar panel, part of the energy of light is absorbed by the semiconductor which constitutes it, knocking electrons free. These electrons are forced to create a stream, which can be captured, converted, and is used to provide everything that is needed. It is a fairly basic concept, but there is a fascinating world of innovation and discovery in progress to unlock the power of the solar panel. A more immediate concern, with a solar panel is the way to get the most energy in a smaller amount of area. A solar panel is expensive and takes up space, so it has to be both economic and financial from the perspective of the footprint, so it is worth to install them instead of grabbing the electricity out of the network. Solar panels currently operate in around 5% to 18% efficiency, and this number has increased significantly in the last decade.

There is a solid industry around the production of innovative solar panels that can absorb light from the Sun even more, and it seems likely that the affordable consumer groups solar absorbing 20% and 30% will be available soon. There are also more exotic plans to increase efficiency on a massive scale, with many drawings and models theoretical hoping to up to 50% efficiency. This has implications for a wide range of applications, from power to households to vehicles and to fuel spacecraft. Another innovation in the design of solar panels is based on attempts to manufacture panels incredibly thin, transparent and flexible, so that they can be placed on things like Windows, eliminating virtually its footprint. The other type of solar panel, solar thermal collector, has been in use for hundreds of years in one form or another. Many people use solar energy to heat their homes, through the execution of this warm water through pipes in the floors or walls, which then radiate out and warm the air in the interior.


Nintendo DS Solar

March 17th, 2013
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We are looking for a battery charger of solar energy, with an internal battery 1200 mAh, power LCD screen and a series of advice of charge at an affordable price.Charger battery that uses solar power always causes controversy when it comes to marketing and reality demands. Since it depends on a good level of lighting, solar panels in the United Kingdom will always be somewhat at a disadvantage. Fortunately the classic charger Freeloader of batteries is not limited to charging a device in real time, but it loads an internal battery (1200 mAh capacity).The manufacturer stresses that a full charge is possible in eight hours when conditions are optimal. Realistically, in a day cloudy in March charging time is result insignificante.Como, the best option for charging the internal battery is charged from a more traditional from the computer power supply (desktop or laptop). This can be done using the supplied mini USB cable.

If you have a red battery charger with an integrated USB connector that comes with many new mobile phones now, you can drastically increase the charging time. Battery charger when not in use you can unhook one of the panels and connect it to the face of the other, protecting the two panels. The disadvantage is that this stops charging the battery completely. Also bearing in mind that each panel is detachable, the possibility of losing one or both solar panels.In the box with this battery charger comes a series of tips for charging different devices, from most popular mobile phones (including those with mini and micro-USB) until digital cameras or portable Nintendo DS console. You also get a normal USB connection, so you can use any cable that you have.Another feature of the classic charger Freeloader of batteries is an LCD screen that gives the detailed measurement of the battery charge. What you can do is to get an instant reading.

When this battery charger is plugged into a computer or network, is also lit with a blue backlight. When charging from the solar panels, the lighting is off, since it is clearly not necessary. It would have been good that this battery charger has a button to quickly see the charge level when not in use. In general, the classic charger Freeloader of batteries was a little disappointing. As a portable battery charger (ignoring solar panels for a minute), worked perfectly, in addition to requiring a cable mini-USB instead of the industry standard cable micro-USB. As almost all new mobile phones now use micro-USB. At present, solar panels should be considered as an added advantage that can be useful when the climatic conditions are ideal, or if you are traveling abroad where a light level is stronger and more powerful. In other cases, for you it is probably best to buy a normal battery charger without solar panels.


Build Panels Solar Energy

March 10th, 2013
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Who doesn’t want to save energy when costs constantly seem to be climbing so high? with solar energy can save money if you decide to build solar panels on your House. You can save your money and you can use it in a better way rather than pay overdue electricity bills. In addition to the cost savings, will be also contributing with the environment since solar power is a healthy option for all. Using solar energy and derivatives of sunlight is the cheapest way to achieve the balance of economic power for his home. It is widely known that the construction of solar panels is an option much better and more viable for most people, since it allows one to save even more effective. If you are looking for more economic ways to a great option is the use of items made at home for its construction. You can get everything you want from your own scrap yard.

You will find a lot of elements that are used in the construction of solar panels. Tools are only needed to put these things together and batteries to store solar energy. If you have several options to build solar panels, do it yourself or ask someone or a company to install them in your home, then it will cost too much. Solar panels available in the market are ten times more expensive that which you can do at home and its cost of installation will be too high. If we stick to the alternative of making one using their own tools, then it would be able to do so even at less than $250 and thus save energy to the mismop time. . Some of the tools that are required for the creation of a solar panel basically include wood, thick glass and solar cells.

In order to dominate the instructions complete that you will find on different pages of the network and they will guide you step by step about what you should do, you should follow specific guidelines for building solar panels. These come in very specified for this purpose, and help to make the job much easier. You can view the tutorials online with videos and tutorials to learn about its installation and the best place to put these solar panels for maximum efficiency. Be sure to have enough time before you start to work since these tasks time consuming. It may be a good DIY for you project, and you can keep busy during the weekends.

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