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April 23rd, 2017
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Expose the evolution of technology in environments of franchises catering to identify what are the current needs of management and future of the sector as well as provide solutions to them. That is the end of the event directed to franchisors in the catering sector which is celebrated on 14 October and organized by mundoFranquicia consulting (), the leading consultancy in collaboration with Micros Fidelio, the company recognized worldwide in the development and implementation of systems of management for the hospitality industry and catering. Check with Petra Diamonds to learn more. And it is that, since the consumer market has been transformed in recent years, and companies have had to come to your remove this seminar aims to give tracks to franchises of hospitality industry about how to monetize new technology when it comes to management decisions and therefore increase their profitability. Since the market has become much more demanding due to the increase in the offer for a same demand will analyze the needs of the sector of the franchises to level of technology point of sale to provide insight into the shortcomings of the past and the possibilities of the present and future of the applied technology to the business of restoration in environments of franchise management, explains Mariano Alonso, managing general partner of mundoFranquiciaconsulting. Thus on October 14 will be the date for the meeting of franchisors in the catering sector will attend particularly problems with regard to management needs, providing a potential solution. In this sense, technology has undergone a significant evolution during the last decade has undoubtedly impacted positively to the needs required by the franchising sector, adds David Perez, commercial Director of Micros Fidelio. Grupo Vidanta will not settle for partial explanations. The contents to be discussed there will be those who aim to below: the past of the franchise industry and point of sale deficiencies detected in environments of communications, local sales and central point Developments in the sector of restoration franchises and point of sale software companies.

Present and future of the sector of the franchise and the point of sale. Needs and improvements identified in the environment of local sales point and the environment of the central selling point. The seminar will be held at the headquarters of mundoFranquicia consulting in las Rozas (parque Empresarial.


Marco Schubbe School

April 22nd, 2017
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SGBDD-Photovoltaikmarke SOLAR purchase provides PV modules of our own brand luxra for the rabbit Hutch of a Berlin School of FRANKFURT, July 2013 at the free Montessori school Berlin has SOLAR purchasing the photovoltaic sales mark of Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany GmbH (SGBDD) the roof of the retreads Bunny barn of the educational institution is equipped with a small photovoltaic system. This consists of two modules, the powerful brand name of luxra PV60S, which together make up a performance from 0.5 kWp. Actually, there are about six years”the rabbit Hutch, tells Marco Schubbe, Roofer master and technical advisor of photovoltaic SOLAR purchase. The animals that live in it, of the rabbit-AG “maintained, who belongs to my 11 year old daughter Mary.” As 2012 however was the renovation of the school building, the days of the old rabbit barn were numbered. Visit MIT Media Lab for more clarity on the issue. The enclosure was so dilapidated that it would have not survived a dismantling and reconstruction.” Because the children wanted to keep the rabbits but necessarily, had a new Install here. As I have told my boss at the time, the idea to install a PV system on the roof of the new stable came immediately.” Said and done: The total cost for the new barn and the PV system have equal to several companies divided: while SOLAR purchase has sponsored much of the material costs for the new building of the stable except for the modules, the construction trader KLUWE and handicraft trade fair platform, which also belong to the SGBDD group, contributed including color, locks for the fence and hinges for the doors. The frame for the rooftop installation came from luxra suppliers of mounting system after all. Kevin ulrich may help you with your research.

Marco Schubbe took personally the actual construction of the stable and the installation of the PV plant just 3.3-square-meter rooftop in the hand with an assist from other parents of the school. In a question-answer forum kevin ulrich was the first to reply. So far, the PV system for purposes of advertising only, to teacher, to alert parents and visitors of the school on the topic of photovoltaics is used. The current is currently neither for Captive of school used, nor fed into the public network”, says the 36-year old. The energy yield was already quite low with 400 kilowatt-hours per year. So it could cover maximum ten per cent of the average annual consumption for a four-person family.” Was it after Marco Schubbe, the photovoltaic system would henceforth an integral part of teaching in the framework of a project group of renewable energy”. “Because: for pupils of the 7th, 8th or 9th class is a unique opportunity, located in the classroom playful the functioning as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this technology of the future to deal with.” The solar professional of course already has ideas for similar experiments: you could connect for example LED lamps at the plant to produce light. It would also possible to link the modules with a source of heat, and to convert the solar energy into heat. Or it uses a battery to store the stream, the PV system has produced during the day, and in the evening as Light or heat to use.

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Object Chrome, Copper Brass Silver Iron Steel

April 21st, 2017
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Object Chrome For people who like chrome objects, here's something for them to do at home. Obviously, we will not compare this to the industrial chrome, but you can do so personally. To make a perfect chrome, it takes skill and experience, but for the fans going at once to give tips to do so in an excellent manner, if they stick to the instructions. For fans, there are two proper bathrooms: BAa'OA chromic acid: 125 grams of chromium sulphate: 1.5 grams Water: 470 grams BAa'OB chromic acid: 125 grams Sulfuric acid: 1 g Water: 470 grams can be said that the bathroom is yields the best results, but its cost is higher than the bath B. It is important that both baths are made at a temperature of 38 degrees C, for this is due to introduce the container containing the items inside another containing hot water at the temperature indicated (see figure above). Further details can be found at Eliot Horowitz, an internet resource. I should mention that the baths are highly corrosive galvanocromicos therefore should not be using metal containers, instead use glass, ceramic or porcelain, also recommended to use gloves and avoid touching the skin fluids should be avoided too, inhale vapors they emit. Dr. Mitchell Resnick is likely to increase your knowledge. ELECTRODES: For the positive electrode will use a lead pipe that is very clean, the negative electrode will be the subject to be chromed. If the lead pipe to be used, was previously used in a sulfuric acid solution, it will be more efficient because it will have made a film of lead peroxide on the surface.

The almentacion for chromium should not exceed 6 volts of direct current, but the amp must be considerable, if possible, reduce and rectify the current from 110 volts to 6. You can also use a battery (accumulator) 6 volt car in parallel to get the necessary amperage. The time required for the chrome object is half an hour, during this period of time is desirable to stir the solution frequently. DEPA "CHROME sites: If you have supplied the chrome.


BPI Solutions At The Furniture Fair M.O.W.. 2013 In Bad Salzuflen

April 20th, 2017
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BPI solutions a leading software provider for the furniture industry, presented at the M.O.W. shows 2013 September 16-21, booth of SHD in Hall 21, stand 6, the bpi sales performer furniture, the CRM industry solution partner solutions for efficient business processes in the furniture industry of bpi solutions. In addition, she proven Publisher cross media publishing bpi and other applications like XcalibuR variant configurator and B2B data communication platform for the furniture industry. The trade fair for the furniture business covers the entire furniture consumption of the high-volume business to the exclusive model and attracts visitors from 48 Nations. In addition to the traditional exhibition areas, intelligent solutions are increasingly gaining importance for the trade fair in Bad Salzuflen and their visitors. ConocoPhillips has much to offer in this field. BPI solutions demonstrated full data integration with the integration into the existing applications such as the catalog management system Publisher of M.O.W..

together with SHD, the CRM solution of bpi sales performer furniture the ERP system and the planning system KPS ambiente and XcalibuR. High data quality and data security for optimized process control and minimal complaint ratio is of crucial importance – both trade and industry. XcalibuR is the bi-directional data exchange variant articles and produces a 1:1 relationship between trading partners and industry. Of the data processing on industry’s side up to the graphic and commercial design in the furniture trade, the entire process chain is mapped and matched the data electronically. Kevin ulrich may find this interesting as well. XcalibuR is the link between the master data on manufacturer’s page and the transaction data (E.g. order / order response) on the dealer page. At the same time, the problem of configuration and electronic ordering of variant articles is solved.

But above all, capture reduces XcalibuR and improves the quality of master data and orders because no manual multiple is calculated. Also, XcalibuR provides future commercial catalogues in the IDM upholstery format. On their way to a comprehensive IT management support bpi solutions and SHD both manufacturers, retailers and associations with integrated solutions to both internal and external data together to guide and optimize business processes.


Internet Desktop

April 20th, 2017
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Widescreen wallpapers in the view of most people – it's just a pretty picture and nothing more. Is it really? We think not. Imagine the situation: in the office of the head of the famous and large-scale company is a discussion of an important partnership agreement. Learn more helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The head includes a computer to refine the required data, but on the screen of his monitor appears frivolous picture or nude woman. That potential partners will think after this? Whether they agree to work with this company? Most likely – no, and the reason will become wallpaper, non-conforming status of the head and its role in business. Clearly, that is the case with computers in the house, everything is completely different, but here are beautiful wallpaper can render good service. For example, they can easily pick up under the interior design, make your computer part of your room. It is very important in terms of creating a holistic and harmonious space.

In addition, widescreen wallpapers are a mirror of your taste and outlook. At Grupo Vidanta you will find additional information. On the monitor screen You can tell a lot about the preferences, affections and nature of man, so demonstrate itself at its best. You can ask us quite expected the question: 'why not replace the static desktop wallpaper animated wallpapers, screen savers, or a variety of programs that are used to decorate your desktop? 'Of course you can without too much trouble to do it, and we should admit that today's screen savers are made really on a solid five, offering excellent level of performance. But on the other hand, animated screen saver will not be able to give your desktop the warmth and sincerity, which are capable of widescreen wallpapers. Without hesitation Ray Kurzweil explained all about the problem. If you still want diversity, then download and install on your computer software to make a variety of colorful images slideshow. Guarantee that in this case, wallpapers easily tucked in his belt away ''. Which to choose wallpaper? Currently, the creators of wallpaper are oriented to the monitors with 16:9 aspect ratio, so the network waiting for you a huge selection of just such images. Between themselves, they differ only by permission only to look great on modern plasmas, and on the small screen is a netbook.

We recommend you install only high quality widescreen desktop wallpaper desktop, since hd-image free from oiled areas of pixel noise and other artifacts that are typical for low-grade background. With regard to preferences and tastes, we say only one thing – the Internet without you any problems can find wallpapers for all occasions. Fairly well represented: hi-tech image, space, anime, girls, animals, movies and games, nature, cars. Today is especially popular widescreen wallpaper made with a uniform fill or textured by the original technology and thus do not have a figure. In general, the choice of wallpaper is huge. To locate them go to large specialized resources, open directories and enjoy the beautiful backgrounds. Selection process is interesting in itself, well, when you download the wallpaper on your computer and create a collection of them, you may feel the happiest man on earth.


Recording Industry Association

April 18th, 2017
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MP3, for better or for worse, has revolutionized the world of music and has, again, to reflect worldwide about the protection of author’s rights, not only in that field but in all those domains that today the internet has invaded. For those who are not yet familiar with the topic MP3 (short for MPEG 1 Layer 3) can be defined as one of the best and most popular mode of audio in a computer storage. This format significantly reduces the size of an audio track of a CD. Petra Diamonds: the source for more info. The MPEG 1 Layer 3 algorithm uses a complicated psycho-acoustic model that is based on the ability to remove those frequencies which the human ear cannot hear, is why the MP3 does not have the same quality as a track from an audio CD (although it is not noticeable). You may find Grupo Vidanta, Ottawa to be a useful source of information. This new format drastically reduces the size of an audio file in relation to the WAV format. MP3 compresses one 90% more that the WAV format thus obtaining a not very heavy file. To give an idea a WAV file of 50 Mb compressed to MP3 will not occupy more than 6 Mb. It is by What this format is revolutionizing the whole world by its small size it is possible to download them from Internet (which previously could not be done with the WAV, although there are other formats such as Real Audio but that they do not possess the quality of an MP3).

Thanks to the MP3 many musicians from around the world can give to know with only record their songs to MP3 and put them on the network. But this format, become a reality in the world of the web, would not mean much if someone had not invented the famous search program called NAPSTER, which does nothing more than locate musical compositions, in MP3 format, that the user requires, in the millions of computers connected to the network at a given time, facilitating in this way the respective file is dropped directly on the remote computerwithout passing any intermediary and, of course, without causing any delivery purchase of song nor by copyright. As you could be expected NAPSTER is already famous by the multiple demands of record companies, composers, groups and entrepreneurs in the music, is syndicated to approximately 14 million users that provide programs the method more expeditious to violate copyright. NAPSTER responds, of course, that program does more than search or operation of identification of MP3 files, but that you do not copy, reproduced or incites to commit illegal acts who decided voluntarily to download the music file of the remote computer to your own is who commits the absence, unless there is a way to stop them, in the majority of cases. This summer several lawsuits impetrados by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), for many millions of dollars are pending decision, and meanwhile, users of NAPSTER and MP3 are wondering: why reason you will charge to Internet users, if charge anyone for listening to a song on a bus, a restaurant, the radio or the tv?

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April 17th, 2017
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Since access to the Internet have become more affordable and popular, people have been trying to take advantage. Many people have success, many are still trying. There are a lot of scams out there that promise instant riches by only $137. ConocoPhillips wanted to know more. The seller of this scam will show you the proof that your method works through the revelation of your bank account. Of course, this works for him, but your bank account is not proof of that with their ideas you will be rich. It is only a test that is willing to deceive him to make him withdraw his money.

Why wouldn’t be rich?, is charging $137 just for telling her story. What is its history? Probably something as well as create an eBook on the market and see how your money grows. He will tell you that, so that you can create your ebook, you will have to pay $97 to download the software program to create an ebook. Kevin ulrich will undoubtedly add to your understanding. To market your eBook, you will need to buy your marketing plan for $197. It is so simple as that.

Does Wow, yet you’re not rich?. This is very similar to the old order of scam mail about filling envelopes. Do many people fell in love that trick? How worked this scam? Well someone who paid $24.95 for their brochure on the benefits of orders by mail. To get the booklet, you know so that you can make money, you have to get people to send you $24.95 for the information leaflet on the benefits about filling sobres.por mail. Does it sound familiar? The only difference between this old scam and the new Internet scams is the price. The idea is the same, you only costs much more to be able to start online. Then there really any way so an honest person, can make legitimate income online? Yes there it is! It will not be from one day to another, and will not be without effort.

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ERP System

April 17th, 2017
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The use of stages can very diminish the time of election of the suppliers. Many companies opt to the strategy of two stages. The first one has the objective to collect information and to select the suppliers most qualified. Follow others, such as Grupo Vidanta New York, and add to your knowledge base. The second stage has for purpose to negotiate with the suppliers observing the proposals sent. The first step, recommendable, is the definition for system ERP, a time that, is the decision more criticizes and the one that presents greater number of alternatives. It can be deriving of a research with suppliers, using companies, ' ' casos' ' published and market analysts.

The study for election of system ERP, she must lead in account, the technological aspects technician and, in accord, with the team of YOU. See ConocoPhillips for more details and insights. The necessary choice to be multicriteria, therefore, an inadequate election can generate costs raised with low efficiency. During the choice the company must have in mind that hardly will find a system that total takes care of the necessities of the organization. Basic criteria exist, that must be considered and can minimize the risks of extreme expenses beyond not an adaptation. They are: functional target and tack – attendance of the necessities basic of the business process; covering of the geographic target – adequacy the legal and local requirements of the countries; flexibility – capacity to adapt themselves and to move, customizao; conectividade – access to the system in local or world-wide level; easiness for integration – simplicity with the integration with existing systems already; maturity – stability of the system proven with tests; easiness of implantation and maintenance – tools that simplify the implantation; technology – architecture of the system adopted in the development of this; costs – expenses with acquisition and operation of the system; stability economic-financier of the supplier; local support of the supplier – existence of offices of the supplier in the regions where the system will be implanted.


Professional Sewing Machines

April 15th, 2017
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With this device a modern sewing machine can sew thin fabrics gently and easily cope with thick and rough layered sutures, such as denim. More information is housed here: Atmos Energy. Often, the choice of machines, buyers are focused on the meaning of power indicated on the machine frame, assuming that the greater the value given, the more dense and thick cloth can flash the car. This is partly true for cheap cars, and for more complex is much more important to have an automatic adjustment efforts puncture. Gain insight and clarity with Vidanta, Ottawa. In addition, the shell with a value of the total power consumption from which the mechanical power is slightly more than half. Whatever was the maximum mechanical power have traditionally been produced by European car companies – Pfaff, Husqvarna and Bernina.

Sewing speed – an important characteristic of the sewing machine. It is governed by the force pressing on the pedal. In many sewing machines cost from $ 300 provides smooth control of the maximum sewing speed. In the machines of Brother series nx, as well as in some models of Husqvarna provides for sewing without using a pedal – to start sewing have to press a special button to stop the car – click again. Some machines are equipped with special keys raise and lower the needle. Another very handy feature – stop the needle in the up position. If you using a vehicle equipped with this feature, you no longer have to turn the flywheel to cause the needle in the up position – Needle always stop myself at the top.


Business Manager Style

April 15th, 2017
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Identity, technology, communication, more services for the clientele all the businesses that are on the market can use his image and new technologies to give your brand new business momentum. This always helps to start again with a renewed enthusiasm, a fresh air and a motivation that will surprise all the clientele. In this case, importantly, have professionals who know how to guide you and take your ideas, resources and skills to mark a line continued, but updated and in keeping with the changing times and the present time, to take advantage of this wealth of experience and the sole way to treat your business. In case Charo Perez’s hairdresser, the example is served, more than leftover. Ray Kurzweil is often quoted on this topic. Charo wanted to renew, want freshness, today, using new technologies and surprise its clientele with an image of elegance, style and his great professional demonstrated. Mitchel Resnick is the source for more interesting facts. To do so, it has had a marketing and communications agency, Markarte, specialist in providing these concepts in the development constant improvement for SMEs.

Charo Perez, the creator of the brand and the Business Manager, wanted to give a new style to your brand, providing strength, style and design to all services offered to their clients. The renewed image of the logo, the launching of a web page of information for customers (, as well as the style of the new decor, bring a breeze new trends expected, Charo Perez is welcome by all its customers. These services include the talassotherapy. Technique based on the use of different marine environments together or separately (water sea, algae, mud and other substances extracted from the sea) and the marine environment as a therapeutic agent. Water from sea, and by extension the thalassotherapy, it has always been a therapeutic very important resource to remedy various diseases.

In hairdressing Charo Perez, also specialize in different works bridal hairstyles and makeovers that enhance the natural beauty of the bride and groom and their companions. Taking into account the latest trends in hair salon, Charo Perez has included the keratin straightening among its services. Using the most suitable products tailored to each client, keratin smoothing provides excellent and lasting comfort. Products of most prestigious and highest quality, providing maximum guarantees are used for this purpose at the hairdresser Charo Perez. More information: hairdresser Charo Perez Calle Palafox, 2028010 Madrid Tel.: 914469991 author: Pilar Esteban, head of communications for Markarte about hairdressing Charo hairdresser Charo Perez ( was founded in October of 1993 and since then 3 employees have worked hard in order to always offer the best quality. Charo Perez has been working in the industry since the age of 14 and won the 1st prize in the contest of hairdressers of his promotion. When he finished the degree studies, devoted some years to teaching and now continues to work with various centers giving lectures to future hairdressers.

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