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Computer Science

April 9th, 2011
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I have the 15 th year of teaching programming at school. And every year come across different classes of their perception of the topic. Fall happy years, when children are caught all on the fly. They just say 'A', and they have the whole alphabet recite! And sometimes vice versa – you tell them and tell me everything, and bring a bunch of examples. Sit, listen, nod their heads, but as it comes to programming on your computer, then everything – Hove.

Ponapishut such that his head grab and think – or I do not know how to explain to them, or they are even willing to write off the program with a notebook can not. Here are this year, I am a programming language Pascal in two classes with a mathematical bent – 8 and 9. It would seem that children are handed over examinations for admission to these classes, a well-known mathematician, but In the eighth grade solid "nuggets". Only this year began with them, teach programming, and four people have already participated in the regional Olympiad computer science, and one boy – Franchuk Vasya – participated in the City Olympics. They learn C + +, Delphi and other languages, always something to invent, bring me their work. Well done! And the other disciples after them go.

As a result, the entire class time to almost perfectly. But the 9 th grade – the complete opposite. Programming they do not care. Several people, however, do something. But they, unfortunately, the weather, do not. In principle, all children in the classroom good, hardworking. But do not go their programming and everything! Well what can you do? You will not be as they always put the deuce. That has all sorts of tricks to think that both scores were decent, and the children themselves did not feel sad sack. Several years ago, almost in the same class with the same immunity programming I have tried to control the work by analogy with the laboratory work in high school. Picked up by each student on Two problems and said that this control will be home. They will have to make the programs at home and arrange them according to the rules: 1. Cover Page 2. Terms of tasks. 3. Flowchart algorithms. 4. Source programs. 5. Input. 6.Poluchennye results. Because tasks performed at home, then, of course, some children asked for help from parents or friends. But the process of registration of the laboratory work still made them work hard. And for it is already possible with a clean conscience to put a positive evaluation. Such a form of control does not work lowers self-esteem of the child, gives him the opportunity to show their skills in the design, allows a quiet home environment to deal with tasks and then, in the classroom, the teacher explained how he was doing the program. Such forms of knowledge control introduce diversity into the educational process, reduce stress levels in the control of work and prepares students for Vuzovskiy forms of work.