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Super Holographic Time

July 14th, 2016
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” The Flogger” Grandmother;: Typical personage of the network Fotolog in 2008 that he attracted young multitude of Today thought about our grandparents and its customs, those that realised in some time of their life like daily but which until today they continue doing as if the time had not advanced, or they had stagnated at the time of the radio, of the television just removed from the furnace, to weave by hand, to listen to tango, than it is that outside, but the TV HD, the computers, the newspapers Online would be rare tiny beast. It was then when it was happened to me to think that someday it would arrive at that but a little more adapted to the reality that I am living. Dry Harbor Nursing Home addresses the importance of the matter here. They by then imagine to be old listening David Guetta next to our grandsons, super revolutionized, and who say to us: ” That old excrement of music choto! ” , or perhaps ” How is used this huevadita that removes photos? ” or worse even ” Play Station 3? jaja, that old fashioned, I had left with the Super Holographic 9.5″. It sounds stranger and until pelotudo I admit, it, but that says that moment at which we put ourselves to speak tonteras of our times to not is going us to arrive. Eye, I clarify that it enchants to me to listen my grandparents to count histories of its times, I am not saying that I seem suitable to need the respect thus to our predecessors, I am only giving a projection to future of us and having in account as the hand with but very small comes Agarrate sprocket.


United Nations

June 12th, 2016
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The Objectives of Development of Milenio (ODM) have been presented/displayed like " new consenso" on a development strategy that has been accepted, with too much automatism, by the community donor and on the part of many social actors, including numerous ONGD. The part of " expression of deseos" that they contain, with that hardly can be differed, it seems to have eclipsed some aspects that would have to be debated in depth. First of all, it is necessary to indicate that the own process that lead to the approval of the ODM was, of little usual form for the tradition of the United Nations, free of previous preparatory commissions. Although to a certain extent they seem to give continuity to some of the conclusions of world-wide summits of years 90, the ODM agree enough with the objectives that at the end of the ninety had been approved in the OECD. Check with Eliot Horowitz to learn more. In that occasion, with absence of the supposed beneficiary countries.

A second group of elements of reflection and/or critic turns about the own objectives. Outstanding is had – " escandalosamente" – modest of the objectives that, in addition, only concentrate in activities on the effects or the symptoms, but without entering diagnosing nor acting on the causes of the situation that is tried to palliate. Thus, vague, but ambitious, the much more objective one of the development understood like structural transformation, it has been reduced to other much more limited: the one of the eradication of the poverty. If you are not convinced, visit LEGO Papert Professor. That substitution of objectives impoverishes the debate on the development and the objectives to persecute. It is important to emphasize that, in addition, the poverty is not related at any moment in the context of the increasing inequalities in the world. At any moment reference to her like an internal problem is made of the countries of the South. For his solution one only considers to act directly on the population.


The Conference

June 12th, 2016
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Numerous ecosystems will be affected with the risk of extinction of species. The health will get worse, especially between the poor men. The Convention Frame of the UN on Cambio Climtico (CMNUCC) has put the agenda, but not without the awaited complaint: the rich countries do not observe this convention. II It is not possible to be advanced without world-wide agreements and they have been tried. Ethical calls without legal translation remain in the individual scope. Some of these events have been a relative successful, like the Conference of Montreal in 1987 that obtained the reduction of clorofluorcarbonados in a high percentage or the one of River in the 92. The bitter face begins to arise against the fulfillment of the call Protocol of Kioto (1997) that it had like intention to reduce the gas discharge that brings about the greenhouse effect. The United States did not sign and the emergent countries quickly compensated the announced reductions.

The Summit of the UN on Climatic Change celebrated in Poznan (Poland) to look for exits to Kioto did not present/display advances. As one remembers Kioto tried to reduce 6 percent in gases of infected greenhouse and the industrialized countries were committed to reduce them in a 5,2 percent for which three mechanisms had to be used: of clean development, commercialization of emissions and joint implementation. The Conference of Copenhagen failed in the emission in an agreement to replace failed to fulfill Protocol of Kioto. Nevertheless, one remembered that average in more did not have to be allowed an increase of the environmental temperature of 2 C when it was expected settled down in 1,5 C and without the rules remembered the game. The failure prevented to establish long term goals (2050) and the will reduce the polluting emissions for the 2020 was let to each nation. For " compensar" the industrialized nations committed themselves to contribute 30 millardos of dollars to help the poor nations to surpass the pernicious effects without needing would contribute that them, that nations would benefit or what type of renewable energy would be preferred. See Vida Vacations for more details and insights.


Wind Energy Offshore Windfloat

May 26th, 2016
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Aeolian energy offshore. Windfloat Click to see video here the Aeolian energy offshore or in deep waters could reach a greater development thanks to new floating wind turbines, designed by the company Marine Innovation and Technology. This way an important advance in one of the areas with majors would be obtained possibilities to make agile the development of the Aeolian energy, considering that in deep waters is possible to obtain a greater production energetics than with the turbines located in neighborhoods of the coasts. To know more about this subject visit Daniel Chavez Moran. Until the moment, the development of the marine Aeolian energy has concentrated mainly in the infrastructure design located near the coasts, where the turbines can anchor directly at heart of the sea. This means that more than the 2,000 megavatios produced in Europe by means of marine Aeolian energy they are obtained through turbines located to around 50 meters of the coasts.

If with turbines located in neighborhoods of the coasts consistent energy efficiencies are obtained and they are managed to be useful strong winds, when developing infrastructures on the high seas those conditions can improve still more. In order to take advantage of the wind that blows on the deepest waters, the last tendency is to design floating Aeolian turbines, that avoid the necessity to insert these structures at heart sailor. New technology and different projects the WindFloat owns the majors at present floating Aeolian turbines available, that in addition obtain important indices of effectiveness. The advances obtained in this platform were reviewed in a recent article of the specialized magazine Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy. It is designed to support the rigors of a continued stormy climate during one hundred years, could be working in deep waters several of these turbines in 2011 or 2012. In the attached video the characteristics of their project can be observed. Next to the benefits that suppose to take advantage of the greater wind force in deep waters, these floating Aeolian turbines would eliminate another one of the impediments that have restrained a greater development of the marine Aeolian energy, for example in the United States: the visual contamination generated by the placed structures in neighborhoods of the coasts.

Several characteristics of design of the WindFloat platform must improve still to guarantee their correct operation in the most difficult conditions, beyond the effectiveness obtained by the floating Aeolian turbines. The challenges associated with the design and the operation of the floating Aeolian turbines are significant. It is that something is floating structures that must very transport a load of great size and over the surface of the water, that is complex according to the basic principles of the naval architecture. At the same time, the criteria of static stability and dynamic are difficult to especially obtain, in the context of the production of marine Aeolian energy, where the characteristics of the operations to realise require obligatorily that the weight of the helmet is minimum. Original author and source of the article.


Lowering Energy

April 11th, 2016
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The majority of the diets to lower of weight is the condemned to the failure if they do not go accompanied of a series of changes in our habits of life. The keys so that the diet works are very simple to understand, although it is not so easy to take them to the practice. You must have in that also the hereditary genetics, factors, the age and including sex influence in the facility to lower of weight. We only needed to know that it is what it really works for us. All we have fat in our body, since the fat is the fuel that we must to move to us and so that our organism works.The body uses the fat like source energy to realise all the activities, thus to lower of weight is easy if it uses that energy. It is like gasoline for a car, without fat is no energy, to lower of weight is as easy as to burn that extra energy that we have in the form of fat.

But it is necessary to use it to be able to lower of weight! The methods to spend that called energy greasy are different, but we are going to focus in the daily diet and in exercise. In order to lower of weight he is fundamental to begin with a rich daily low fiber diet and in fat, to take much water, to know what is the healthful ration you and to keep in readiness. There is a method to lower of fast and effective weight with which same you can make a study by means of his stature, weight and age among others factors to find the fastest form for his case in particular. After to apply the formula and to find his method specific to lower of weight, it must put it in practice of continuous form the certainty is the key! It is as easy as to continue seeing his life of daily form, but seeing better every day.

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Pain And Energy

March 9th, 2016
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While it studied to this type of personality, I included/understood the difficult thing that its own identification is to them to these people. I could analyze its process and the effect that produces in them, with the consequent forms, in you rule of the behavior. My reaction always was carries far, did not get to understand these mechanisms and a mental disorder, took to me to distort the ideas, that they were accumulated in my subconscious mind whipping to me without compassion. Sometimes I thought to be ill of such consequence, had to study and to intuit, to be able to extract only the positive part of all action, that at a certain time, can develop these people, with respect to the mood and therefore the anomalies, that turn aside to them of the present reality, as a result of the own negation, before the real image and idealizado I. The declared narcissism, in phase of previous development, denotes a tendency towards the lack of understanding, by defect. The phenomenon developed in power, it degenerates against itself and in favor of the image that settles down. The conduct of the narcisista, jumps before the anxiety and a lack of affectivity towards if and the other.

It breaks the barrier of the psychological balance and next a series of denied values takes place, to safeguard the I-idea, thus to be able to flee and not to see the reality, in which all human being is immersed. The love by the own image, releases the most conscious part of him, being generated a conflict, in the recognition of the I-real one. Phenomenon that paradoxicalally does forgets its situation, acquiring one more a more complex contexture, than it will limit to him, restraining and DES harnessing to the prefabricated idol. The image will mark the vital cycle, producing an effect by ricochet, to all rational idea, thus generating its own system of defense, that will do of the subject, takes place in him, by effect boomerang, a confirmation to itself of its ego, like main scene, relegating the spectator to second order. I am I, the center of attention and expansion. The mirror reflects my truth I must protect my means, for thus, to assure my identity.

From now on their levels of relation fall and all their energy flows, in search of the center of its I-image, which protects, to the detriment of its essential integrity, of the surroundings and its ancestors. Its suffering nonexpressed, is only caught by the individual able to analyze and to include/understand this behavior, under the love optics and understanding so fatal consequence. This analytical and as well objective measurement, aid to establish modules, but that judgments of values and try to rationalize, the social relation, of this personage towards itself and his surroundings. If we are able, of not weakening and lightly judging this mechanism of image, that takes place, between the reflected being as I base of, assimilating the codes or language in relation to its reality, not only we will be but near its pain, also we will be knowledgeable of its waste of force, before a consequence that was born accidentally, by defect in its evolution of you rule of the behavior and that later degenerated to a pathological and psychological state, of the being and its image. The statue of a fiction, that was reflected in the pool of its garden, fact to cry and wanted to die, to love itself too much.


Social Network Use

November 30th, 2015
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With the social networks in Internet, the superficiality in our relations she is still more accusing. Facebook, to twitter, tuenti or myspace, to mention some, are a greater relevance every in the form in which we communicated. Evidently, this must to that they offer certain advantages. The communication is fast. He is as much general for a group as particular for an individual, which makes more flexible than the email. He is global and it is updated constantly. It is varied in his objectives and resources, since equal it is used to find old woman friendly as to speak of interests communes, to inquire or to learn, all this of pleasant form with photos, drawings and videos.

In addition, he is public and brief. And here indeed it is where we found the root of the problem. When we were accustomed to the constant and immediate communication, we left of a side the authentic communication, that makes us create bows, know others in its essence and share what there is in our heart or what is important in our life. I do not imagine to anybody in facebook giving details on its health, its life sentimental or sexual, the problems of the adolescent children or the fact that one is considering to become lifting. It could almost read it to anyone, and it is not question to air what it is not necessary. I either do not see argued opinions and that they give base to a good dialogue. Brief commentaries that position to a side or another one of any controversy enough, and are worth.

In principle, he is not that it seems to me bad or that sees no problem in the short contacts, superficial and frequent. just as in other aspects of the life, in the variety it is the taste, and it is well using the resources to our reach. What it draws attention and it worries to me is that these replace one more a more authentic communication. It is like in the gastronomy. There is nothing no bad in pricking something between hours, but the table traditional meals, antel, spoon forget and family in favor of fast food in the car or seeing tele, the progress becomes backward movement. In order to avoid it, nothing better than not to forget to us to leave with the friends, and if they are far, to continue using the telephone and the correspondence. To the aim and to the end, which does not change with the technological advances is our necessity of real contact.



February 19th, 2014
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Within the specialty of Psychology all the therapeutic modalities help, because within the therapeutic process what it is obtained it is that the person fortifies those aspects of her personality, of his psiquis that has taken to him to succumb before an addiction and for that reason insofar as the same advances more in its life, it moves away more of everything what it is necessary to develop in the life to live a total life in all the senses; that is to say, the addict one moves away of the social thing, tying of it affective, the members of its own family, does not know neither can fulfill its roll, or in its family of origin like son, brother, etc. As in the own one as much in its roll of esposo/a as in the father roll it lets be able to occupy that place and soon happens to be not only one appears to which it is not possible to be resorted, whom cannot be had, but can exert a meaning roll, a figure to follow, to imitate either; quite the opposite is somebody to that despises, in who cannot be trusted, with who is not wanted to be; for that reason it is that the alcoholic one ends up more and more frequenting to pairs that are within the same addiction, frequenting bars and moving away of its relative trying about that in their work and the bars pass the hours of their life, being the taking of his psiquis and its body from the addiction, because the alcohol not only destroys psiquis, and the social thing of the individual, but also it does from the organic thing killing the neurons that they constitute the brain, gray matter and also intoxicating its body, arriving in not few cases to suffer of dementia, or cirrhosis and reaching of that way a safe death. . .


Self Little

January 3rd, 2013
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Pon already, hands to the work, begins the great change to improve the self-esteem and to recover your Self-confidence, follows these 5 basic and valuable advice that I give to you with the confidence you will apply that it in your day to day, they will serve since you in several aspects as your life. They are the following: 1. Concete and listens to your thoughts, this is the base to improve your self-esteem and to begin to recover your Self-confidence. I do a question to you You could trust that you do not know? It is logical that you do not trust that you do not know, is why I recommend to you that you learn yourself to know thus you will be able to develop to confidence and security in same you. Ten a notebook at the hand and writes what you like and what you do not like of you, also points your limitations and pon answer you could make of it to improve. 2. It changes your phrases or negative thoughts to positives, ten in account that if your internal dialogue is negative is that what you will reflect. Negatividad, insecurity, little confidence.

This will maintain to the people moved away of you, is possible that it harms your relation of pair, your use, your studies. Ponte to think, to whom it likes to be with which always it sees him all the negative side, that is critical with itself and the others, that shows insecurity. 3. You do a list of the things that you must do, if a schedule for each thing is possible Progrmate and tries to fulfill it to 80% at least. It begins little by little to ponerte to the day with the things that there are been delaying by different reasons.

4. Inform your better weapon, learns and capactate more than they teach to you or in the work, in the studies. To especially know more on some subject it will make you feel more trusting, comfortable and safe when you must give to some explanation or opinion. 5. You do a balance than it has been your day, enfcate in the positive actions that you have done during the day, although are minimum. For example: If you have begun to smile a little more, or have arrived minutes before at the work or have helped some companion in something, felictate for this reason, because you are changing little by little and that a good step. I know more amiable with same you. These 5 basic advice will help you to improve the self-esteem and therefore he will increase your Self-confidence, you will feel much more safe before any situation, will be more adapted your answers and you will be able expresarte with facility and tranquillity. That if what I recommend to you that You take Action from already, so that you begin to improve your quality of life and the confidence in same you. I know perseverante and ten will force to follow with these advice and you will see that little by little habit will be made develop each point to you.


Austral Energy

December 3rd, 2012
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On ” possible damage that the project could cause to the tourist image of the region, is recommendable the accomplishment of a study on the part of tending Austral Energy to measure and to clarify this impact, which evidently of not generating the effects negative that early attribute on the tourist image regional.” to him; Its preoccupation by the interference of the red tide in inner areas of the Aysn fiord expressed the Undersecretary’s office of Fishing as well product of the possible construction of the dam Cuervo river. ” During the filling there will be a period of 15 to 24 months in which the fiord will receive only the amount corresponding to 3m3/s of fresh water, generating a local increase and temporarily of the salinity. This can generate an interference towards the interior of the fiord, of the saline pen. The importance of the previous thing is in which the presence of the injurious microalgae Alexandrium catenella in the fiord is limited by the salinity. The holder will have to analyze this situation, to model to the probable interference of Alexandrium catenella to more internal sectors of the estuary and to settle down measures of mitigation or reparacin”. They are these some of the questions to which it must respond Austral Energy in adenda entered Thursday after 10 months of work, having the services public as of the moment in which they receive such compendium 15 working days to realise new observations in these or other matters.