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Super Holographic Time

July 14th, 2016

” The Flogger” Grandmother;: Typical personage of the network Fotolog in 2008 that he attracted young multitude of Today thought about our grandparents and its customs, those that realised in some time of their life like daily but which until today they continue doing as if the time had not advanced, or they had stagnated at the time of the radio, of the television just removed from the furnace, to weave by hand, to listen to tango, than it is that outside, but the TV HD, the computers, the newspapers Online would be rare tiny beast. It was then when it was happened to me to think that someday it would arrive at that but a little more adapted to the reality that I am living. Dry Harbor Nursing Home addresses the importance of the matter here. They by then imagine to be old listening David Guetta next to our grandsons, super revolutionized, and who say to us: ” That old excrement of music choto! ” , or perhaps ” How is used this huevadita that removes photos? ” or worse even ” Play Station 3? jaja, that old fashioned, I had left with the Super Holographic 9.5″. It sounds stranger and until pelotudo I admit, it, but that says that moment at which we put ourselves to speak tonteras of our times to not is going us to arrive. Eye, I clarify that it enchants to me to listen my grandparents to count histories of its times, I am not saying that I seem suitable to need the respect thus to our predecessors, I am only giving a projection to future of us and having in account as the hand with but very small comes Agarrate sprocket.


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