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The Technology

January 28th, 2018
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Meditation and music: from classical music to new binaural sounds, music can be a great ally when it comes to meditate. That if you put your headphones. Sit down and let the technology do the rest. There are many tracks which you can download gratuitatemente online and you can take with you on your phone or mp3. Ideal for meditation at any time! the Mantra meditation: repeat the classic WMO helps the mind to not get distracted by other things.

It can be a sound or a phrase, in this case the idea is make it repetitive and monotonous so the mind follow the pace and allows relaxation. Meditation with a candle: a candle lit in a quiet place, sit and concentrate on the flame of the candle. Any other thought that appears in your mind, let it pass and return your focus to the flame. You can do that last candle or at least for 10 minutes. Ideal for before going to sleep. Guided meditation: Put on headphones and listen to a guided meditation that will help you through the process of relaxing your body and clear your mind. From 5 to 40 minutes so there are options for guided meditations that you can download for free to start trying.

Really recommendable for those who want to focus on relaxation and letting go. I invite you to try all these meditations and monitorees your feelings on a daily basis. This will help you to quickly reach a conclusion on the best meditation for you method. And it is always good to know all the options you have. If you want to learn more about meditation, visit our website where you will find everything or that you need to know about meditation and the Silva method.

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July 18th, 2017
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The Mainz Online Shop absorbs from immediately Fridgi magnetic in its range of photo frames and extended the selection of particular thus the Fridgi frames adhere to most smooth flat metallic surfaces and can be ordered in many different colours. The dimensions of the frame is 18 x 13 cm and offers in the interior space for a photo in the format 15 x 10 cm. The switch and attaching the photos is very simple. The pictures are protected by a durable acrylic layer. The frame can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. The magnetic frame on the back is put together from four parts. Thus, the customer through the Fridgi photo frame can at any time make a lively and varied collage or series of his loved ones.

Thus super on refrigerators, freezers, changing wardrobes and Memoboards place find the Fridgi photo frame. The Fridgi photo frame is also ideal as a gift for special occasions or a successful inauguration. The Fridgi photo frame can now online be ordered and are available also in the shop of Upon receipt of an order until noon, which was paid by PayPal, credit card,, the package shipped on the same business day, so that the customer receives the goods as quickly as possible. Alternatively, it is possible to also buy on invoice. The shipping costs within Germany are 3.95.

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Lowering Energy

April 11th, 2016
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The majority of the diets to lower of weight is the condemned to the failure if they do not go accompanied of a series of changes in our habits of life. The keys so that the diet works are very simple to understand, although it is not so easy to take them to the practice. You must have in that also the hereditary genetics, factors, the age and including sex influence in the facility to lower of weight. We only needed to know that it is what it really works for us. All we have fat in our body, since the fat is the fuel that we must to move to us and so that our organism works.The body uses the fat like source energy to realise all the activities, thus to lower of weight is easy if it uses that energy. It is like gasoline for a car, without fat is no energy, to lower of weight is as easy as to burn that extra energy that we have in the form of fat.

But it is necessary to use it to be able to lower of weight! The methods to spend that called energy greasy are different, but we are going to focus in the daily diet and in exercise. In order to lower of weight he is fundamental to begin with a rich daily low fiber diet and in fat, to take much water, to know what is the healthful ration you and to keep in readiness. There is a method to lower of fast and effective weight with which same you can make a study by means of his stature, weight and age among others factors to find the fastest form for his case in particular. After to apply the formula and to find his method specific to lower of weight, it must put it in practice of continuous form the certainty is the key! It is as easy as to continue seeing his life of daily form, but seeing better every day.

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December 31st, 2013
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As treat hemorrhoids treating hemorrhoids with natural methods and delete forever. Do you asked you ever as you know if you have hemorrhoids principles? Do you asked you what are the first symptoms that your body will manifest?. There are so many ways to discover: here the prevention HEMORRHOIDS because perhaps noticed a minor annoyance in the year (in the form of tingling) is the time in which a person puts on guard because it is not normal, as you well know, in previous times this discomfort there, did not happen you at the bottom. At the start it gives you much trouble even when you sit in a Chair, because there is a small itch that makes it difficult for you to make this movement. Or you simply surprised when toilet paper stained of blood. No matter which has been the first symptom for you to discover that you had hemorrhoids, the only thing that you think is if this early or too late for your Natural treatment. BECAUSE we must have under CONTROL the HEMORRHOID must be aware that you have a problem and you have to solve it as soon as possible because it may be too late and the consequence it is painful for her too long on trying to cure this disease. L single home should try to relieve it and have it under control, because it is a disease that costs a lot to heal it. It is often difficult to recognize if a person has hemorrhoids, because as explained at the beginning let it ignore to thinking that it is a normal nuisance that occurs in our body, but worsens with the passing of time, and I could be very painful can be to a surgical operation. When a person is passing through this difficulty is better to begin to alleviate his discomfort with natural medicine which are more effective than the traditional ones because not presents any side effects.

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Air Conditioning

October 15th, 2013
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Although good weather is resisting reach this time, in a few weeks will have high temperatures here. And, as every year, comes the fear to pass with the invoice of the air-conditioning, especially in big cities and areas where the heat tightened with force from June to September. If your home has insulating Windows and, therefore, good thermal insulation, you can get an energy saving up to 30% on your electricity bill. To achieve a good insulation, it is advisable to equip our housing with insulating Windows that prevent the entry of heat. In this way, we buy less energy when it comes to Acclimate our House in summer and in winter, heat will not be run by these enclosures. We must remember that well insulate a House can lead us to save 70% on the invoice of electricity, something which we will notice, and much on our savings.

Other recommendations to save are:-install awnings on Windows where to receive greater amount of sunlight during the hottest hours. -Lower the blinds and run the curtains in the hours of more heat-set at 26 the temperature of the air conditioning unit air conditioning.-open the Windows when there is less risk of heat BREW at home, i.e. first thing in the morning or last night. The rest of the day, try to keep everything closed.-other appliances that consume less energy, as ceiling fans. At least in some rooms-maintain air conditioning in places where only them in the Sun. If they are on the roof, it is suitable that are covered in some way-not starting air conditioning at one lower than normal temperature, this entails a very important energy expenditure.

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Save Energy

November 21st, 2012
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Tired to spend money in heating and to see how the house it does not conserve the heat? The reasons are many of which your home can be in favor losing heat, something that us can be leaving very expensive in the electricity or gas invoice. So that these do not exist ' flights of calor' and for ayudarte to maintain the house hot, the following recommendations ten in account that can be to you very useful. – Clean regularly the radiators and the apparatuses of air conditioning, as much on the inside as by outside. In case you did not know it, the dirt increases the power consumption. – Asegrate of which your house has a good isolation. According to the experts, to have the isolated good house can suppose until a 40% of saving of the energy that is destined to the heating. For it, and if the house loses heat by the windows, perhaps the moment has arrived for thinking about changing your old windows by insulating windows that, as well, isolate to you of the outer noise. – You do not ventilate the rooms for more than 10 minutes.

To have the window abierta during more time will only make us lose heat. – The air extractor of the kitchen Reduces to the maximum. Although it costs to believe it, if we put one hour can extract all the hot air of the house. – To close the rooms that are not being used. – It places carpets to isolate the ground. You will notice a temperature rise.

– During the day, the raised blinds ten to allow the solar entrance of light. As soon as it grows dark, you do not forget to lower it to avoid the inncesarias heat flights to the maximum. In addition, at night he is recommendable to extinguish the heating. Although it is cold is preferable also thinking about the saving and the health, that you take shelter more in the bed and not to have an excessive cost of heating.


The Energy

November 5th, 2012
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Often they consult to me by similar subjects: Sofia, is very difficult to maintain the enthusiasm to me initial and to continue giving the energy that requires tal o cual project (or decision, or task ) or I do not have creativity, I need and it in my work (or my pair, or with my children ) the solution is not other than volverte more creative /o: when beams, you learn to remove the juice to it to each experience and find very many forms different to obtain unique solutions! It give account to you of everything what you could have done in your life using the creativity, lateral thought and, mainly, than you will be able to obtain in the future! It is as if they put a new chip to you in the brain: you learn to see the life with more color, more optimism! Prubalo in you, and you will see that what I say could not be certain! What is the creativity? (creativity definition) Good question! All we are, naturally, creative. The creativity has to do with to create, literally, new connections at neurological level. Of this form, not only you develop to major mental capacity and flexibility, but you increase your capacity to do new and varied tasks, to solve conflicts and to create, to create and to create all along (even when you are sleeping). It begins now! You took brings back to consciousness of how many opportunities give every day to you so that you are more creative /o? For example when you must carry out some task, when you must solve a conflict you do not continue reading without responding down in the lines of 2 tactical missions where you could today have been more creativa/o. .

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