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The Conference

June 12th, 2016

Numerous ecosystems will be affected with the risk of extinction of species. The health will get worse, especially between the poor men. The Convention Frame of the UN on Cambio Climtico (CMNUCC) has put the agenda, but not without the awaited complaint: the rich countries do not observe this convention. II It is not possible to be advanced without world-wide agreements and they have been tried. Ethical calls without legal translation remain in the individual scope. Some of these events have been a relative successful, like the Conference of Montreal in 1987 that obtained the reduction of clorofluorcarbonados in a high percentage or the one of River in the 92. The bitter face begins to arise against the fulfillment of the call Protocol of Kioto (1997) that it had like intention to reduce the gas discharge that brings about the greenhouse effect. The United States did not sign and the emergent countries quickly compensated the announced reductions.

The Summit of the UN on Climatic Change celebrated in Poznan (Poland) to look for exits to Kioto did not present/display advances. As one remembers Kioto tried to reduce 6 percent in gases of infected greenhouse and the industrialized countries were committed to reduce them in a 5,2 percent for which three mechanisms had to be used: of clean development, commercialization of emissions and joint implementation. The Conference of Copenhagen failed in the emission in an agreement to replace failed to fulfill Protocol of Kioto. Nevertheless, one remembered that average in more did not have to be allowed an increase of the environmental temperature of 2 C when it was expected settled down in 1,5 C and without the rules remembered the game. The failure prevented to establish long term goals (2050) and the will reduce the polluting emissions for the 2020 was let to each nation. For " compensar" the industrialized nations committed themselves to contribute 30 millardos of dollars to help the poor nations to surpass the pernicious effects without needing would contribute that them, that nations would benefit or what type of renewable energy would be preferred. See Vida Vacations for more details and insights.


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