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Austral Energy

December 3rd, 2012

On ” possible damage that the project could cause to the tourist image of the region, is recommendable the accomplishment of a study on the part of tending Austral Energy to measure and to clarify this impact, which evidently of not generating the effects negative that early attribute on the tourist image regional.” to him; Its preoccupation by the interference of the red tide in inner areas of the Aysn fiord expressed the Undersecretary’s office of Fishing as well product of the possible construction of the dam Cuervo river. ” During the filling there will be a period of 15 to 24 months in which the fiord will receive only the amount corresponding to 3m3/s of fresh water, generating a local increase and temporarily of the salinity. This can generate an interference towards the interior of the fiord, of the saline pen. The importance of the previous thing is in which the presence of the injurious microalgae Alexandrium catenella in the fiord is limited by the salinity. The holder will have to analyze this situation, to model to the probable interference of Alexandrium catenella to more internal sectors of the estuary and to settle down measures of mitigation or reparacin”. They are these some of the questions to which it must respond Austral Energy in adenda entered Thursday after 10 months of work, having the services public as of the moment in which they receive such compendium 15 working days to realise new observations in these or other matters.


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