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Technical Supervision

February 18th, 2014

Field supervision – ensure the implementation of the object is in the form in which it was conceived and designed, and in cases where the required changes or additions to the design decisions – to ensure such a change is author of the project as a party that has a comprehensive view of all design decisions and their interrelationships. Construction supervision of architectural and construction project under the current legislation considered mandatory. Author's supervision, when met by specialists – developers documentation, appointed by the leadership of the organization, the designer. Head of professionals exercising supervision, shall be appointed, as a rule, the chief architect and chief engineer of the project. Depending on the conditions of the contract arrangements made under supervision, may include: – Planned (as typically 1-2 times a week, for remote sites can be significantly less) site visit to discuss the details of the project, test results and making appropriate comments in the magazine supervision, as well as issues of project documentation produced by the customer or contractor – Issue an additional, clarifying or correcting the design documentation, the need for which arose during Construction – Spot checks of quality of construction and / or work for compliance with design decisions, building regulations, participation in the acceptance of 'hidden' works and, on the correct execution which depends on the stability of the building or constructive functional and aesthetic result. It should be noted, that in itself a full scan technology and quality of construction is a function of Technical Supervision (service function of Customer), in the author's supervision only checked the result with the already completed works incorporated in the draft decision.


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