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Top Wallpaper

February 22nd, 2014

Paper wall slightly reduce the thermal conductivity of the walls and increase sound absorption. Major drawbacks are the small paper wallpaper strength, especially manifested in the process of gluing, the inability to use in wet areas that require treatment of the walls cleaner. From an aesthetic in terms of modern paper wall with its variety of colors and patterns can satisfy even the most refined taste. Available in smooth or textured wallpaper, printed and without him, and even designed by the further staining and water-repellent impregnation composition. Interesting decorative effects are paper wall with the structural surface. It can be embossed wallpaper duplex, which consists of two connected a paper paintings, embossed still wet. A coarse-fibered wallpaper can be also composed of two layers of paper, between which is placed a layer of wood chips.

Thanks to the uniformly structured the surface of laminated wall wallpaper has a beautiful appearance, which is achieved not by ornaments, and as a result of a peculiar refraction, animating the entire laminated surface. On such structured monochromatic painted surfaces winning look decorative items, paintings, hangings, curtains. Vinyl wallpaper recently, along with the traditional paper wallpaper is very popular use vinyl wallpaper, which appeared recently. These wallpapers are made up of two layers – bottom layer of paper (or tissue) is coated with polyvinyl, and then on the surface of a drawing or stamping. Foam wallpaper, which upper layer of vinyl as a result of heat treatment gained more structure, more compact and well okradyvayut wall surfaces. Another type of vinyl wallcoverings – silkscreen printing – is in the top layer of vinyl silk threads. Most often this type of wallpaper is dark, smooth or embossed. This group combines high decorative materials, resistance to light exposure, significant strength, elasticity and water-resistant top layer allow the use of vinyl wallcoverings for papering rooms, requiring frequent wet cleaning with detergent, ie, they are used for pasting kitchens bathrooms, hallways, lobbies.

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