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Texture Paint

March 9th, 2017
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Impregnation penetrates the wood, giving it color, while leaving the visible image layers. They have a strong antiseptic effect and protects the wood for at least four years. They can also be cover wood floors before you put a parquet lacquer. Impregnation intended to be used inside or outdoors. When applied they act as a primer to prepare the surface for application of the following layers. Sometimes wooden objects dipped in the impregnation, so it is completely impregnated them.

To protect and extend the life of the treated surface impregnated floor or walls in addition varnish or wax. Co. many of impregnation in the production process adding funds, prevents mold, and pigments that are resistant to the action of ultraviolet light. Among the special properties of the impregnation can also be called water-repellent and stain-resistant properties. Such impregnation treated wood surfaces saunas.

With the hydrophobic effect, they are absolutely harmless to humans. On sale are the following types of impregnation. Acrylic. They are water soluble and acts as a binder in which acrylic resin. They are encouraged to cover unprocessed timber indoors. Drying time – about an hour. Alkyd. Their binder – alkyd resin and solvent – solvent or alcohol. About 24 hours drying time. Oil. Their main component – flaxseed oil. They are recommended for use outside buildings. Dries for about two days. Attention! Color can be impregnated cover as plaster, concrete, brick or primed metal. This is done in order to equalize the little nuances of wood and located next to the materials. For the repair of the apartment faced the same problem: as the wall to equalize themselves, there are still many small irregularities. In addition, due to the fact that repairs are almost done in plaster in winter there are many small cracks, probably due to the fact that the plaster layer dried at relatively low temperatures, (flat on the ground floor heating – not very). This was compounded by the inner wall, made of chipboard. After removing the old wallpaper clearly become peer joints between the docked chipboard that did not succeed with putty, so that they no longer evident. A little thought, we decided to apply textured paint to show creativity:) And even though experience with these paints were not, still decided to try it. Textured acrylic paint for walls and a thick layer of painted all the walls. Of roller, evenly distributing the paint. Moreover, it is important that the paint layer deposited in one motion roller. In this case, the paint falls flat, even layer. In general, working with acrylic paint – a pleasure. No odor, dries quickly if it got dirty – it is easy to wash off. Due to the fact that the paint on wall densely placed, all the small bumps, cracks and seams are very well camouflaged. Neboolshie difficulties were with the choice of colors. The fact that the color texture of paint, when it nanesesh to the surface, a few changes after how it dries – it becomes lighter, and – significantly lighter, and it should be borne in mind if kombiniruesh several colors. That's thanks to textured paint we managed to hide all the imperfections and shortcomings of the walls. And given what color of paint chosen a very buoyant, the overall impression of the apartment – zerr gud:)

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December 31st, 2015
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By the way, in such cases, these places may break. In addition, it again shows the advantage of flexible moldings – they are easier to bend to get the corner. 5. Sets a threshold between rooms and corridors. In principle it is: – at the right length plank saws off threshold, which we bought at the same time skirting – this threshold is applied so that one side of the room to close the cover and the other – covering in the corridor – through the holes in the threshold planning a space for holes in a concrete base floor. Drills holes and hammered back plugs. These dowels screwed screws that attach the threshold to the floor and pressed finish.

Warning: – If you drill a hole in the floor is not un Carpet, you risk to spoil the finish: the thread of the carpet can be wrapped around the drill bit and stretch out from the cover! The result – a clearly visible defect, and even at the entrance to the room! This can happen when driving screws in the threshold screwdriver. So be careful. 5. Returned to the room furniture. It would seem that this is the easiest step. However, it is waiting for us the difficulties and frustrations! The fact that our new, beautiful and clean linoleum can easily break. How many women's tears shed and many obscene words said at this stage of repair! A little hurry, just an oversight and that's on you – or a hole in the linoleum, or dent, or hack.

SO, THE BOARD Next: – check the legs of tables, chairs and other furniture that you will carry into the room. These stem from the bottom should be hit by a plastic or something else soft that it is not scratched your new floor. Pay special attention to the sliding bed.

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Plasterboard Structures

February 24th, 2014
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Plasterboard constructions perform a basic role in creating the interior. The shape of the walls and ceilings, arches and columns, all of which can be constructed from drywall and profile metal frame. Priorities of construction Drywall consists in the fact that their installation is simple and economical, only need to mount the most available tools, materials and details. Drywall, paneling component designs has unique qualities, it is Non-flammable and environmentally friendly material, some species have water-resistant gypsum board and is suitable for damp rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. Gypsum is useful properties control humidity, and moist air in the room plaster absorbs any excess moisture, while dry – giving, as provided by the normal humidity in the house.

The form of plasterboard structures do not limited by anything. Perhaps the use of various additional details of the interior, mounted on gypsum sheathing. For fixing heavy objects on plasterboard construction, its frame strengthened by special way. Do not underestimate the power saving features and drywall construction, arranging false ceilings, partitions or ordinary plasterboard cladding, insulated from inside the house much, which leads to significant saving gas or electricity for heating of premises. The use of special materials for drywall construction, makes the construction stronger and more durable. Damper frame makes the tape construction less loud, and others serpyanka reinforcing tape makes joints between sheets of durable against cracking. Using only the molded connectors to ensure proper installation profiles gypsum structures.

For thermal insulation of plasterboard walls, a special insulating filler, which makes such partitioning is not worse than the brick. Installation of drywall construction is easy to produce by hand. Mounting technology does not require special equipment, requiring skills of the worker. For the installation of the drywall construction with their own hands will only need fantasy and desire. Only you can create yourself a truly unique interior.

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Apartment Repairs

January 24th, 2014
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New apartment finishing at least an important step to create coziness and comfort of your home, apartment, office. Without changing the layout of the apartment, but only changing the appearance of any room with a plywood wall-paper, replace floor coverings and installation of additional light sources can completely change the atmosphere in the apartment, make the room more cheerful, bright, stylish. Perceptions of living space, its color, the interior is directly depend on the quality of the decorative trim apartments, houses, offices. Gradually, more and more popular in the decoration of the apartment acquire non-standard methods. Decorative textured plaster, painting walls and ceilings, textured paintings, frescoes – these techniques are increasingly used in the repair of the apartment. Despite its apparent fragility, these methods furnish apartments are suitable not only for living rooms, and even to repair a bathroom and toilet turnkey.

So even in the design of a bathroom can be used Venetian plaster: it is easy to clean, and it is waterproof. Textured plaster, not only will hide small irregularities of the walls, but also give them a sophisticated look. Used in repair flat decorative painting of walls and ceilings not only decorates the interior, it creates its unique character. By replacing the light source and transfer the replacement of ceiling and floor coverings, furniture rearrangement can be beneficial to increase the space of the room. Change flat finish requires less time, materials and money than a comprehensive renovation of apartments. Given recent advances in production advanced materials, will be fully renovated apartment to match your taste. The cost of work done and materials used in finishing the apartment is small, which can save enough amount of money. Before we begin to repair the apartment must be analyzed to determine the condition of the apartment and the stages of the forthcoming work. This will fix all the problems and achieve the desired result. Company

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March 17th, 2012
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Guarantee good attitude to work and increased control over quality and timing is that the company cares about its reputation. Despite the fact that the season construction companies often work teams and touring ephemeral – the firm's management always has some leverage over its contractors and has responsibility for their actions. Warranty. Firm is much more difficult to persuade to build without documentation and without the detailed technical specifications. This is due primarily responsible for the work performed and further warranty repairs.

They do not want to risk it without much need for it. Each firm is trying to minimize losses associated with production of marriage carries out personnel policies, filtering out the charlatans and low-skilled professionals. In the case of poor work performance or damage to the material you can be sure that the damage will be compensated. The cost of repairs. Cons – such too, have this in the first place is more expensive.

Moreover, and more expensive initially, and later, when the 'revealed unexpected amounts. " Deadlines. In this case, significantly increased the percentage probability that the repair work on your premises will be carried out quality and on time. Unscrupulous people can meet anywhere. In the construction firms are recruited from among the masters of the same privateers who post information about themselves in the relevant promotional materials. In this case, say, whose professionalism above is not necessary, most likely, their skill level is about the same. Attitude to work on the level of responsibility as a private dealer and a construction company, too, about the same way. It due to the fact that in the event of a serious breach of specified conditions of repair money nor those of any other of the customer will not receive. We select a number of signs which should not be 'bought' when choosing your executor repair: 1. orgpriznaki: License, a legal person, office, advertising in the media in any case do not guarantee a quality result.

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Glazing Of Balconies And Loggias

February 13th, 2012
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In our time building market offers windows of balconies and loggias of plastic, wood and aluminum. The better protect the room from dust, drafts and noise? Wooden windows are made of laminated veneer lumber, which prevents cracking and deformation at the change of humidity, and treated to reduce flammability spetssostavami. It's worth noting that in a really high-quality wooden windows – not cheap because of the complex manufacturing technology. Aluminum windows are durable, but also high thermal conductivity. These window systems are installed in most office buildings.

The temperature on the balcony or loggia, where the cost of aluminum is different from street just three – five degrees Celsius from the windows of plastic profiles for multi-store heat much better, aesthetic, durable, able to maintain their properties during the entire lifetime. In order to avoid appearance of thermal bridges, the glazing of balconies and loggias use window systems with a large number of hollow chambers in the profile – from three to five. The next step in the preparation of the loggia to cold – warming roof, floor and the perimeter of balcony or terrace. The material can be applied insulation thickness of 50-150 mm, based on mineral wool or foam. For water and vapor barrier, use four millimeters thick folgoizolon – polyethylene pores, metallized Mylar and film. It does not accumulate condensation and moisture, well reflects the light from the sun. All joints and seams formed during the glazing must be removed or foam sealant.

For Heating loggia or balcony, you can mount as heated floors, and oil cooler, heaters with capacity of 1. 2.5 kW. To increase the insulation and sealing, PVC sheathe the inside balcony panels. It is plastic, in Unlike wood, the best material for finishing inside and protect against heat loss. Especially since he is not afraid of moisture and temperature fluctuations, easy to care for him, he is practical and inexpensive.

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