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Create Key Opens

February 25th, 2014

It is always good for having privacy in our personal computer, but the times we come across in them with somebody moving in our computer without our permission, and this is very flat, exactly that you who only one password and one login is not enough, you can use one pendrive to block its computer, this exactly. It sees as: Pendriveele goes to function as a password access key and alone it goes to function when pendrive will be connected in its computer. But so that this functions she is necessary that you lower a program for inside of its called computer Predator, install this applicatory one and make the following configurations: – After to install opens the program – the window of configuration – a password Places where New Password speaks – In the option Create Key Opens on Drive selects the unit fo pen drive and click in Create Key – a green icon Gives OK to save everything After to make these configurations appears in the tray of the system, this means that the way of activated security this. To block its computer it is simple, is enough to remove its pendrive of the computer that in some seconds the screen goes to be black hindering any action inside it computer, to unblock is enough again to place pendrive in return to the computer that the micron comes back its normal operation. The only problem is that if you to lose pendrive go to be without access to its computer, therefore is certain to always leave its pendrive in place of easy access.


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