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Sovereign Being

April 7th, 2017
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The notice if spread quickly, contaminating the men and assanhando it covets it generality. Vain of the abundance of gold and, probably, other valuable rocks, the men of some populations had started to abandon its occupations and, eager for wealth, they always left with its families in search of the localization of the mines, orienting itself for the information that the priestess transmitted to them, with much clarity. did not have as to make a mistake. It opened perforated tracks and the blows of machete and construa coarse huts of poles and leves, always next to the places to be explored. The remaining portion was on account of the natural ambition of the Human being.

It justified its attitude believing that the work of the princesses and the goddess Agate was being executed well; the objective of Magnificent Sovereign was being reached, therefore the human beings left in numerous groups and faced exhausting days in the anxiety to find so dreamed wealth. They started to live in the workstations with its wives and children and, for some months and even per years, dedicated the estafante daily fight to it in a uncontrollable anxiety. The goddess Agate and the princesses continued directing the works of creation of rocks and, in varied amounts, they embedded them in distant places ones of the others, always aiming at to reach the objectives established for the Sovereign. They observed the groups of human beings that if dislocated for long distances, soling the inhospitable sertes and if arranchando with its families in the places that judged propitious the opening of new mines. To its ticket open tracks left that later would be covered by other men, mainly for traders who carried in lombo from donkeys the necessary merchandises to the supplying from the populations, as domestic clothes, footwear, blankets, towels, utensils and gadgets of all the types.


The Seas

January 18th, 2017
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Odyssey) In this stretch is clearly that the poet asks for inspiration to the muses to count the history of a hero? Odisseu? what peregrinou for many cities and Islands, suffering provaes since that undid the walls of Troy and raised the fury of a god? Posidon. Variant of the epic one, the characteristic form of the narrative can be presented as that one where a narrative one counts a history with personages who if involve in actions that transcorrem in some space, during a definitive time. The film the Odyssey is a good example of this variant. The plot is based on the attitudes of Odisseu and its friends, where each attitude has a consequence and the sets of facts go if succeeding and unchaining conflicts. The narrator is the proper main personage, Odisseu, and tells its impressions on history. Valley to remember that the narrator is not the author of history.

The space where the actions transcorrem are the seas, islands and cities covered for the personages, in the transcorrido time of ten years. As well as in the classic epics, in the film deuses also is presented as real beings that help or harm the hero. The perigos faced for Odisseu are faced with bravery and courage, but it would not have possibility to survive if he did not receive aid superior as example, of Atena. Exactly knowing to be impossible to run away from the provaes imposed for Posidon, Odisseu not fraqueja, the all time searchs to fulfill its destination and is devoted, therefore, as human being superior, extraordinary, worthy of being immortalized by its facts. Example of this is when arriving the Land of the Facios it not to present itself for the name, therefore the same it was cursed, and alone in counting its facts, he is recognized. The probability is present in the flmica narrative with unchaining of the events, with ' ' logical and coherent organization them fatos' '.


The Realism

December 31st, 2015
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The first trend was introduced with the romantic poem Cames, of Almeida Garrett, whereas the following one science was a on movement, established for Augustus Contro, positivista, and had as landmark the workmanship the Crime of the Priest I land on water, of Ea de Queirs. The first one of the romantic ideals is the cult of I; associated to the individualism the free expression appears of sensitivity, condimentados with the necessity of evasion and exotismo in the space and the time, formula with artistic translation in the taste for the medieval landscapes and the escape for unexplored spaces. It possesss as main characteristics the narrator in first person, idealizao to the loved being, critical indirect, subjetivismo, fancy, platonic love, separation, pessimism, searchs of the absolute one. The nationalist was divided in three generations, defenders of the nation due to the conflicts politicians, cultuavam the land and was also known as idianistas, melancholic and pessimistic byroniana, workmanships, and the libertarian, leaving the diving of the subjectivity, beginning of the preparation for the realism. The Realism in Portugal did not mean only one renewal of proper literature, in its forms of expression, represented an attempt to take off all the country of the vision romantic-Christian and to take it modernity, by means of new on ideas science and the philosophy. This movement, in contrast of the romantismo, possesss the distanciamento of the narrator, values what if it is, makes critical direct, is an epic and lyric mixture of, brings the objetividade in the workmanships, presenting images without fancies, emphasizing the cientificismo and the materialism. Frei Luis of Sousa was drama an inspired in the complicated tradition of one and painful lived marriage episode, in the end of century XVI, for Madalena de Vilhena, wife of D. Joo of Portugal, hidden, virtuous, Christian woman, that she was hindered to enjoy fully the happiness to be married with D.



December 16th, 2012
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I am andarilha of the Spheres. Untiring caminhante, without destination certoando which nomadic soul, to the incessant search of the happy instants that perdie live palpitantes in lembranasque I did not forget the life that I lived. For times, I feel under my feet the life, in the heat of the land, others, the coolness of the fields relvadosconfortam with maciez my tired feet already; others still, the soft texture of the sand, for the perpetual flow-refluxo of the sea, wet, brings me it sensation of fugaz-perpetual-cicloao which is all predestinateing. The pebbles of the rivers, shine to the solar light, and feel the smooth ones to them forms without edges, when for on them thoughtful walking, I construct with mine to think realidadeque would like to have the happiness to find refulgindo under the brightness of the stars and the fulgurante lunar clarity. These andanas all, without ceasing, bring me it souvenir the times mine, happy of child when, without still knowing what he was ' ' esperana' ' it lived the life waked up in dreams and saw the generosidadeespelhada one in each look.


Alfred Hitchcock

June 30th, 2012
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They are intelectuaischeios of theories for the improvement of the quality of life of the people, but queno they know the people truily. 4. Seuslivros sufficiently loads mystery and suspense in its trams, true thrillers not-policemen. You received influence from algummestre of the suspense, as the director of cinema Alfred Hitchcock or aescritora Agatha Christie? L.E. – I had some literary influence, I was Agatha Christie, semdvida. With the time, I come perceiving the marcante quo had been for me oslivros of it. Although, as you designated well in its question, mine thrillers is not policemen. 5.

Amongst its seven published workmanships already, for which or which you have a special love? L.E. – I Have a special affection for my first book, Beirute-Teeran. Connection a raw romance, written without much finishing, with the language and aviso of world canhestras of the immature young of 17 years that age. Masfoi a very important book for me, the literary career served that me as passaportepara. I will never renegarei it. 6.

Which workmanship was most complex in terms of historical and cultural research? L.E. – It was the Veil, my new thriller, that it leaves now in the 2009 end. Of the conception of the plot until the seutrmino ten years had been transferred. I rewrote this book three times and I made umapesquisa uncommon. You to have an idea, all the material usadopara this research occupy two or three great boxes in my archives, this without counting the digital archive. The Vuthriller. mundosbastante approaches two distinct that if crosses throughout the tram: of the artesplsticas and of the Iranian politics the contemporary. They are full subjects espinhosose of details. The Anger is a country of an incredible complexity, with contradictions baffling. To follow what it is transferred there, and, still more, at a distance, and to describe it running away from the vision estereotipadaque the media occidental person insists on presenting on them, almost arrives to be umato of bravery.



February 6th, 2011
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Even if this child is very smart and talented, the most likely later in life he will never achieve financial success. In addition to the linguistics of Russian (or any other other) language people use, and other linguistic system (language) – the language of desire, language, emotion, body language, etc. With these languages, people exchange information with each other or with other reasonable structures Universe. The scientific direction of "Ecology of thinking and Linguistics (EKOLMIL) examines the principles and laws of thinking and linguistics, as well as developing rules of effective and safe use of mental and Linguistic Technologies for enabling life on Earth. According to the authors ekolmil, everyone should a child learn the basics of safe use of thought (conscious and unconscious) and linguistics. This will help a person improve quality life for themselves and their loved ones.

At the beginning of the third millennium, there is a rapid development of information technology. Particular attention is paid modern science technologies for information management in terms of mental or so-called energy-information exchange. In Russia, the United States, Europe, dozens of laboratories and institutions that manage mass consciousness, nlp, hypnosis, psychotronic technologies. These technologies are a great danger to life or health (physical, mental) of people as the cornerstone put efficiency, rather than safety and environmental mental technologies. The effect of these technologies now affects virtually every living person on the earth. With each passing day mankind increasingly coming to realize a simple fact – the entire Universe is constructed and operates on the basis of mental or as decided today to say, energy-exchange.