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Sovereign Being

April 7th, 2017

The notice if spread quickly, contaminating the men and assanhando it covets it generality. Vain of the abundance of gold and, probably, other valuable rocks, the men of some populations had started to abandon its occupations and, eager for wealth, they always left with its families in search of the localization of the mines, orienting itself for the information that the priestess transmitted to them, with much clarity. did not have as to make a mistake. It opened perforated tracks and the blows of machete and construa coarse huts of poles and leves, always next to the places to be explored. The remaining portion was on account of the natural ambition of the Human being.

It justified its attitude believing that the work of the princesses and the goddess Agate was being executed well; the objective of Magnificent Sovereign was being reached, therefore the human beings left in numerous groups and faced exhausting days in the anxiety to find so dreamed wealth. They started to live in the workstations with its wives and children and, for some months and even per years, dedicated the estafante daily fight to it in a uncontrollable anxiety. The goddess Agate and the princesses continued directing the works of creation of rocks and, in varied amounts, they embedded them in distant places ones of the others, always aiming at to reach the objectives established for the Sovereign. They observed the groups of human beings that if dislocated for long distances, soling the inhospitable sertes and if arranchando with its families in the places that judged propitious the opening of new mines. To its ticket open tracks left that later would be covered by other men, mainly for traders who carried in lombo from donkeys the necessary merchandises to the supplying from the populations, as domestic clothes, footwear, blankets, towels, utensils and gadgets of all the types.


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