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Alfred Hitchcock

June 30th, 2012

They are intelectuaischeios of theories for the improvement of the quality of life of the people, but queno they know the people truily. 4. Seuslivros sufficiently loads mystery and suspense in its trams, true thrillers not-policemen. You received influence from algummestre of the suspense, as the director of cinema Alfred Hitchcock or aescritora Agatha Christie? L.E. – I had some literary influence, I was Agatha Christie, semdvida. With the time, I come perceiving the marcante quo had been for me oslivros of it. Although, as you designated well in its question, mine thrillers is not policemen. 5.

Amongst its seven published workmanships already, for which or which you have a special love? L.E. – I Have a special affection for my first book, Beirute-Teeran. Connection a raw romance, written without much finishing, with the language and aviso of world canhestras of the immature young of 17 years that age. Masfoi a very important book for me, the literary career served that me as passaportepara. I will never renegarei it. 6.

Which workmanship was most complex in terms of historical and cultural research? L.E. – It was the Veil, my new thriller, that it leaves now in the 2009 end. Of the conception of the plot until the seutrmino ten years had been transferred. I rewrote this book three times and I made umapesquisa uncommon. You to have an idea, all the material usadopara this research occupy two or three great boxes in my archives, this without counting the digital archive. The Vuthriller. mundosbastante approaches two distinct that if crosses throughout the tram: of the artesplsticas and of the Iranian politics the contemporary. They are full subjects espinhosose of details. The Anger is a country of an incredible complexity, with contradictions baffling. To follow what it is transferred there, and, still more, at a distance, and to describe it running away from the vision estereotipadaque the media occidental person insists on presenting on them, almost arrives to be umato of bravery.


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