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February 6th, 2011

Even if this child is very smart and talented, the most likely later in life he will never achieve financial success. In addition to the linguistics of Russian (or any other other) language people use, and other linguistic system (language) – the language of desire, language, emotion, body language, etc. With these languages, people exchange information with each other or with other reasonable structures Universe. The scientific direction of "Ecology of thinking and Linguistics (EKOLMIL) examines the principles and laws of thinking and linguistics, as well as developing rules of effective and safe use of mental and Linguistic Technologies for enabling life on Earth. According to the authors ekolmil, everyone should a child learn the basics of safe use of thought (conscious and unconscious) and linguistics. This will help a person improve quality life for themselves and their loved ones.

At the beginning of the third millennium, there is a rapid development of information technology. Particular attention is paid modern science technologies for information management in terms of mental or so-called energy-information exchange. In Russia, the United States, Europe, dozens of laboratories and institutions that manage mass consciousness, nlp, hypnosis, psychotronic technologies. These technologies are a great danger to life or health (physical, mental) of people as the cornerstone put efficiency, rather than safety and environmental mental technologies. The effect of these technologies now affects virtually every living person on the earth. With each passing day mankind increasingly coming to realize a simple fact – the entire Universe is constructed and operates on the basis of mental or as decided today to say, energy-exchange.


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