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Mailing Lists

May 26th, 2017
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But for those interested, but forgetful and visitors you have forged your newsletter. Although it is possible to further your distribution becomes a more valuable creature than a regular reminder of the existence of your site. Your delivery is not only deter some visitors to your site, but also attract new visitors to it – if you its open to an independent server, free newsletters, because now your newsletter will maintain and advertise a service dispatches. I repeat (I wrote about this in the 'Mailing Lists. Source: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. How come good name for their mailing '), but I can not mention one important point, because this is a very common mistake: do not call your newsletter,' News of such a site.

" Neither you personally or your site as such do not matter. Any person primarily interested in information you can offer them. So ask the people is interesting and useful information – if they are happy to subscribe to your newsletter. If your site for example, has a car theme, then you should not call your newsletter 'News', for example. Call your newsletter 'News automotive market. " Or, say, your site is about web-design. Do you have a lot of good options for the name list: 'The course web-design', 'Web-Design for Beginners',' News from the world of web-design ',' Recent additions to the collection of graphic elements', 'Create your own website. " Your visitor should not feel that you are trying to hold it in any way.

He should understand that you want to share with them for free valuable information, and your visitor should he make his choice – whether it is necessary to continue to interesting information from you to subscribe to it or not on your newsletter. If you offer him regularly to get interesting information, not just your news – subscribe to the probability of your newsletter will be much higher. Prepare enough for newscasts its readers. I once subscribed to a mailing list of ozone – and they told me very disappointed. Instead of sending information about new Internet store, I came to issues that are the same goods in the occupied OZONE ranking the top places. I agree to receive one issue of a mailing, but later I have no interest. Do not make your issues are too extensive and too frequent. Do not create problems for your readers and not annoy them with his aggressiveness.

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December 19th, 2016
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I want to share with you a couple of very effective, and most importantly free way to promotion. Perhaps some would exclaim "I did not realized that simple ', and many learn the methods, which use themselves. 1. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Ray Kurzweil. Use your domain name instead of nickname on forums, blogs, chat rooms, etc. Everything you need – each time by registering on the forum, instead of his usual nickname use the URL of your site. Depending on the engine, which use the forum or blog, the search engine will set off your every message in a separate link.

Moreover, some of your companions will want to know what is behind your nickname, and at least a couple of times to visit your site. Total: 1-2 persons per day * number of forums, a huge number of links to the site 2. Use your slogan instead of a signature is a solution follows from the first paragraph. Some sites allow you to use the signature as usually allowed to use images and links. You can put your logo, banner, or advertising slogan with a link to your website. For example, I always write ' – Cheap and competent social web analysis', so that all who interested in assessing his site, first pay attention to my signature, and secondly, for sure will visit my site. For maximum effectiveness, you need to properly consider an advertising slogan, it should not be catchy bear information load and easy to remember. Total: 1-2 visits per day * number of forums.

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December 18th, 2016
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This article was written for novice webmasters. Recently I decided to make myself vareznik on the engine DLE 8.3. Established pattern, set the forum and did not get on because for some reason did not want to connect sections. I did everything right: 1) created a category, and 2) add a link to its main template, and 3) and the transition into the new section I threw a 404 – page no. I shoveled the floor net, tried all the logical methods of correction, but it was a little confused.

At some Forum gave this so-called zero-bug post and solve it very simply, they say you need to create a new category of news and everything will be like a fairy tale, but then I tried it and nothing happened. When I edited. Htaccess, on three different articles, I already begun to lose faith in the bright future of his mapabout's the problem solved in the simplest way, though as always. It turned out that after adding the news you need only go to the desired section to the link on the news as picture and all at once miraculously works. The news likely to be useful to those who measure their literacy came the same mistake I did. Discuss the news on the forum

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Mailing Lists

March 28th, 2016
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In the next step is to determine ways to impact on the audience. The Internet gives a lot of ways. Among them are the following: advertising on thematic and general information sites, banner ads, e-mail marketing, promotion on search engines and directories, link exchanges, ratings. Most users of the network involve search engines and directories as search for information on the Internet, so this type of Internet resources is one of the most visited online. And the placement of links in directory is one of the most effective ways to promote your site.

Another way raise your site's ranking in search engines – this is link exchange. For all the search engines one of the main criteria is the number of links on the site. The principle is this: you place a link to a user-friendly site (as generally similar topics) and return to your site and put a link. Text link often works much better than the banner. Also, in addition to free ways to move, there are many paid the most common is a contextual advertising – Offering Internet – advertising, which corresponds to the advertisement content of the web – the page where it is located and which user is visiting.

You ask specific keywords and phrases, and your ad will appear on the search page only when the search request includes the data you have selected keywords. Thus, the advantage of contextual advertising is that it attracts the desired target audience. There is a paid link exchanges, if a site that offers links, is well known and has many visitors. Placing your link on this site most cases, provides an increase in citation index site and attract new users. Mailing Lists (spam) previously also were one of the most effective ways to promote products and services, but in recent time such emails are ignored and do not bring the desired effect. And in some cases, advertised sites recorded in the "black list" and as a result do not appear in search engines, directories and rankings. Thus, website promotion is a long-term and ongoing process whose success depends on the professionalism of the optimizer. Only with the involvement of these professionals can achieve visible success in promoting the site.

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Introduction To Sape

March 26th, 2016
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Sape – an online resource with which you can increase your earnings in the network several times. This exchange of links, which are their buying and selling. And so if you do not have your own website or blog – then read this paper may be to future work with the stock exchange. Well, if you have a resource – you are welcome. Why do this exchange? It is used to earn online for webmasters and website promotion in search engines. Do you sell links, and You get paid for the month of their placement. If you are buying links – you pay for. The best thing about what can and can sell and buy simultaneously.

What determines the value of links? In the first CEO from such indicators as the TIC and PR. To that would increase them – you need to get direct links to the resource or to buy them also in this market. Think for a moment about how much you can get even with zero site? If it is at least 200 pages in the index search engines – you can earn from $ 20 per month with sap. I'm not talking about resources, which can be $ 200 and per day to receive. If you want to learn how to make a Sapa – I'll help you my advice. If you decide to to promote the site by Sapa – I'll help you too. In order to get advice – write to me at a forum on earnings. I will answer all your questions.

My only condition – is that you have registered on the stock exchange on my link. Using my own consulting and free services, you can earn a lot and spend little. Join. We have a lot. Let's efforts to achieve sovmesnymi TOP10 on high and low demand. With Sapa can and 500 and earn $ 1000 per month. You just have to orientirovatsya main factors that affect the cost ssvylok. Understand and work 'together with them. "

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Keyword Internet

March 24th, 2016
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Successful promotion of e-commerce – a trend that says the growth of the domestic market in the direction of modern technological and operating. Without doubt, this trend will soon provide explosive, and in the future, as is now happening in the West, a steady and significant growth in turnover, profits and people involved in it. Nor should we underestimate the potential of the Internet as a tool which can serve education, social development and many other important goals. In light of this development has acquired great importance to the competition. In practical terms, the competition for the Internet means a struggle for attendance of an Internet resource. This struggle is waged with all available means, is used as a collaboration between the resources – mutual advertising, cross-references, a network of sites and paid advertising to visit resources, different types of banners, links to the resource room in the paid rankings, off-line promotion – on radio, television, with the help of visual materials, and many other types of advertising. Yet a major role in the competitive process occurring on the Internet, have played and continue to play search resources, because, first of all, thanks to this tool and use it to a particular user has access to the portals under its request. A mechanism to provide a link to the issuance of the first links displayed Internet search service, and therefore almost guaranteed visit the advertiser's site, called the promotion or promotion. This mechanism is based on the principle of search used by search services on the Internet.

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