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Keyword Internet

March 24th, 2016

Successful promotion of e-commerce – a trend that says the growth of the domestic market in the direction of modern technological and operating. Without doubt, this trend will soon provide explosive, and in the future, as is now happening in the West, a steady and significant growth in turnover, profits and people involved in it. Nor should we underestimate the potential of the Internet as a tool which can serve education, social development and many other important goals. In light of this development has acquired great importance to the competition. In practical terms, the competition for the Internet means a struggle for attendance of an Internet resource. This struggle is waged with all available means, is used as a collaboration between the resources – mutual advertising, cross-references, a network of sites and paid advertising to visit resources, different types of banners, links to the resource room in the paid rankings, off-line promotion – on radio, television, with the help of visual materials, and many other types of advertising. Yet a major role in the competitive process occurring on the Internet, have played and continue to play search resources, because, first of all, thanks to this tool and use it to a particular user has access to the portals under its request. A mechanism to provide a link to the issuance of the first links displayed Internet search service, and therefore almost guaranteed visit the advertiser's site, called the promotion or promotion. This mechanism is based on the principle of search used by search services on the Internet.

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