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December 18th, 2016

This article was written for novice webmasters. Recently I decided to make myself vareznik zachet.z83.ru on the engine DLE 8.3. Established pattern, set the forum and did not get on because for some reason did not want to connect sections. I did everything right: 1) created a category, and 2) add a link to its main template, and 3) and the transition into the new section I threw a 404 – page no. I shoveled the floor net, tried all the logical methods of correction, but it was a little confused.

At some Forum gave this so-called zero-bug post and solve it very simply, they say you need to create a new category of news and everything will be like a fairy tale, but then I tried it and nothing happened. When I edited. Htaccess, on three different articles, I already begun to lose faith in the bright future of his mapabout's the problem solved in the simplest way, though as always. It turned out that after adding the news you need only go to the desired section to the link on the news as picture and all at once miraculously works. The news likely to be useful to those who measure their literacy came the same mistake I did. Discuss the news on the forum

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