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Energy Efficiency Homes

December 15th, 2016
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The main purpose of any building project is to create for residents a healthy and comfortable climate. Especially important is the quality of air. Good air quality can be achieved only when there is permanent replacement 'waste' air with fresh outdoor air. Normal fortochnoe airing twice a day is not enough. Ventilation works correctly only if the polluted air is constantly discharged from kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and other (intended for this purpose) premises. Fresh air is brought into the living room, nursery, operating (room) and sleeping rooms. It uses just enough fresh air as needed for comfortable living and health of the tenant. In the accommodation comes only fresh outdoor air, not recirculating air.

Because of this observed high health indicators. In fact, ventilation could work with simple exhaust ventilation system and ventilation supply air to the ceiling. Through the ceiling into the room comes a fresh (cold) outside air in the required quantity. In a passive house ventilation would lead to increased heat loss because not by heat recovery from exhaust air. The energy balance could be aligned only by increasing the heating load.

In Central Europe may carry heat and ventilation in passive houses only by high-heat recovery (or in addition to using a compact low-power heating system). Due to this ventilation system, heat from the exhaust air is returned and passed through the supply air heat exchanger, without mixing with the air flow. Modern high-efficiency energy recovery reach today from 75 to 95%. These characteristics are achieved by countercurrent heat exchangers and a special energy-efficient fans (the so-called EC-motors with high efficiency).

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Energy Conservation

February 15th, 2016
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It's no secret that in recent issues of energy efficiency and conservation are being actively discussed on all levels of government. Energy efficiency and conservation are five strategic directions priority of technological development. To date, active work is underway to improve energy efficiency in industry, utilities and other industries throughout the country. As part of the energy efficiency programs and energy efficiency by 2020 the state had planned a large-scale financial support. Choosing energy-efficient pumps for industrial and utilities plays a crucial role in implementing energy efficiency programs and energy efficiency.

Today in Russia there are many companies that offer pump equipment. One such company is the German industrial group WILO SE. Studies show that the price the buyer pays for the equipment at the time of purchase is relatively small percentage of the actual total amount it will actually have to pay over the life of the pumps. For drinking water, this percentage amounts to an average of 5%. The costs of dismantling equipment is only 1% of the total cost of ownership, while as the cost of repairs – 10%, while costs for electricity consumption to 84%. According to the installation of energy efficient WILO SE pump systems will enterprises to reduce up to 60% in energy costs. To date, many industrial enterprises and municipal services in Russia has been received huge economic effect, due to assigned to them a modern pumping equipment. Alexander Rassomahin Acting Director of "Branch State Unitary Enterprise of the Stavropol Territory" STAVROPOLKRAYVODOKANAL "-" Kavminvodskie sewage treatment plant "" In March 2010, on our predpriyatiibyl installed pump WILO-EMUFA.

Monthly energy savings of 135 MW (378 000 rub.). Within a short period of operation of the pump and its start-up apparatus shown high reliability. During operation, not registered a single failure in the unit. " Information about the German concern WILO SE: The German company WILO SE is one of the leading manufacturers energy efficient pumps and pumping systems for heating, cooling and air conditioning, water supply, fire fighting, as well as removal and further treatment of wastewater. Concern was founded in 1872 in Dortmund Germany. Today, he presented 70 subsidiaries around the world. Group sales of around one billion euros per year. In 1996 he founded a subsidiary of German company WILO SE – LLC "WILO RUS". Today Open Company "WILO RUS" has 27 branches and 13 regional depots, from Kaliningrad to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

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January 4th, 2016
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In all likelihood very soon everyone happy owner of a home theater in your home can enjoy all the benefits of 3D-products, and in every home will be broadcast live telecast in 3D-format. Already on horizon is clearly visible prospect of 3D-TV, and subsequently can even complete the transition of television channels to the 3D. First you need to understand how it all did work 3D-technology. All systems are working in 3D, use the natural property of human vision and the creation of this effect for each eye (right and left) creates a separate image. Existing at the moment stereo displays can be divided into two basic types, according to the principle on which a picture is formed: Stereo displays relating to the first type, form an image in polarized light, and, for each eye, the image is formed under different angle of polarization. Rays pass through the polarizing filters with different characteristics, each of which transmits the rays of one polarization while delaying others. This 3D image viewer can well receive, regardless of its location relative to the screen, but without the use of special glasses, the picture loses its depth and volume, and that is exactly what should be its main advantages.

The second method separate images for each of the user's eyes – the formation of two different frames are not simultaneously but successively. In this case, the use of special active glasses, which allow alternate block images for each eye. This method has its drawbacks. In particular points require autonomous power source, and its periodic recharging. Likewise, this method makes high demands to the display, to eg NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision, one of the last advertised stereo systems, requires the use of displays with frame rates of at least 120 Hz. Of the two, the above methods, namely the first is the most appropriate and promising at the moment, as a method of forming a three-dimensional images with simple polarizing filters do not require the additional equipment stereo glasses with IC chips, and a source of supply.

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Hello Kitty Gadgets

December 19th, 2015
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In general, at any time, even when you find yourself on the outskirts of the quarter immediately surprised stormy Sea gadget lovers overflowing from building to building, from the escalator to escalator. At some moment it seems that all 13 million residents came together with you on field studies of the largest in world electronics market. And as you can resist the temptation to "take a look and feel" the most unusual and weird, cheap and expensive gadgets. By the way, each building has its own thematic focus. They stand in neat rows on both sides of the main street, something reminding contestants standing opposite each other. But the way it is – there is mute battle for the customer, because here you are walking apart from the locals and even the largest wholesalers from around the world, people earning millions on gadgets and the relevant topics.

The most ardent lovers of gadgets – it is certainly a girl! Times have changed – now girl's best friend is not diamonds and gadgets! Of course, you can buy a simple earrings, but then there are earrings with LCD screens and Swarovski stones, and you can pay attention to the mobile phone in a wristwatch with Windows CE and 2GB Hello Kitty animation and screensaver on your screen. More information is housed here: Dry Harbor Rehabilitation Center. If you're a fan of Japanese animation, it is can expect to translate into life the characters' animeshek, "whether it's galactic robots or weird monsters – it seems that they are about to start fighting right in the middle of the street. In such a place can not be easy to concentrate attention to finding suitable pieces. All the while some mysterious change to attract attention, even about the hunger and fatigue forgotten. Thus, it is possible to return the money without a million things that seemed the most unusual either by function or appearance, for example, a mirror iMirror, as an exact model of iMac.

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Security Systems

January 26th, 2014
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'Warning, video surveillance' – probably many of us saw a sign with a similar inscription, and when you visit a regular supermarket and a prestigious restaurant. For example, in Western Europe and America, CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) has shown himself so well that is now used everywhere, and all your movements, for example, through the streets of Los Angeles, you can easily keep track of the dispatch center. At our home video surveillance systems are common, certainly not as widely but over time the situation is changing for the better – tens of thousands of large companies are choosing video surveillance as a central element of the overall security system. Fire alarm system – is also one of important elements in the design and construction of integrated security systems for enterprises of any directions and scale of production. According to the classification system of this type are divided into fire alarm system. OPS, owing to its destination, it is necessary to consider in more detail. Thus, virtually any fire alarm has three main components, the device response and notification.

Operating principle This system is simple enough. The room is equipped with special sensors – devices the size of a pack of cigarettes, the primary function is to analyze every second protected area for a variety of physical changes from the humidity and the finishing move. Hundredths of a second information is received on the remote control and reception, where it is converted by microprocessor and communicates through a system of duty response and notification. Integrated Security Systems – the equipment of the next century, based on innovative developments in the field of semiconductors, and even nanotechnology. Consider fully specifications, even a single model in this review is not possible, because in some cases, a reminder of operation and setup is a benefit in a thousand pages. Systems Safety and security – the lot of a professional staff. Large firms with an excellent track record will help you to comprehensively and quickly solve all your problems, because the security – it's exactly what it is impossible to save. Unfortunately, many realize it was late when something can not be changed …

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Extrusion Technology Development

December 25th, 2012
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China begins in 2006, China produced more than 25,000 sets of extruders. Extrusion mechanisms are one of the key articles of Chinese exports. China provides cost-effective and integrated solutions from main units of production extruders to supply complete production lines. As for the main blocks and plastic products, the Chinese extruders include single-screw extruders are suitable for different materials and designs, such as panels, sheets, film, fibers and rods, parallel twin-screw extruders and reversing the conical twin-screw extruders reverse rotation used processing heat-sensitive materials such as panels of PVC pipes and profiles, parallel twin-screw extruders in parallel rotation used when mixing materials, filling, drainage, modification and granulation. In recent years there is continuous development of additional equipment and production technology of molds, and extrusion lines gradually come to the important place in Chinese market extruders. As technology improved manufacture of PVC profiles and equipment for their subsequent processing is the growth in demand for film and pipeline equipment. Chinese exports to the markets of CIS countries include film extrusion lines and lines for the production of blow, such as 3-7-layer multi-functional line of laminating films, lamination line sandwich structural film Chemical packaging production line of the film used in agriculture and processing of soil and geotechnical production line of the film. On the other hand, China is developing the technology of production of various of cast film and the film stretched along one axis and two axes. Also, China can provide the line for the production of five-layer extruded / cast film production line or extruded / cast film width of more than 5m.

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Interesting Information About Engineering

January 31st, 2012
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Interesting information about the engineering of hot pipes, I'll give you everything I know about boiler tubes ARCs. Starting from the concepts, especially those derived varieties and finished tubes. I also talk about the concept of hot-tube and some information about the firm realizes the pipe. This article will tell you more about one of the plants and the various engineering proivzoditeley pipes – about texnomet What pipe? As I said wikipedia pipe – this is a cylindrical body with a different profile in cross section (there are profilyne and round tube) and in the middle. Typically the pipe is much more l and its radius. This feature is caused by appointment of various pipes.

. Their methods of preparation produce pipes ARCs usually made of metals, their alloys, various organic matters, such as resins and plastics, and some other materials. Manufacturing technologies boiler tubes are many: a way of welding, rolling and drilling as well as centrifugal casting. More like about these methods, discuss the following: Welding is a common method, but it has drawbacks. This technology is as follows: Take a metal sheet and fold the sheet into a tube (one layer), then a special welding machine – welded sheet, make the welding seam of a spiral. Pros method is its relatively democratic costs. The negative side of the weld method is that the seam of the tube turns a vulnerability, and that it may fail in popularity is the production of quality pipes by rolling – this is one of two methods by which you may receive this type of pipes as seamless. The method of rolling material on special machines, so the hole is formed in the center.

Pros of such pipes is obvious – have a higher safety factor, such products are often installed on the most difficult places in which leakage can not be allowed, such as gas and oil industry balloons. Sorry, but this method – is very expensive upon receipt of metal pipes and it is mainly for softer materials such as plastics. following the method of creating seamless pipe ARC – casting methods. In two ways: casting material in the form of a rod inside and after cooling in the middle of the hole is obtained by casting or centrifugal force. Casting in the form of less expensive, compared with the centrifugal, but the second method, the metal fibers are arranged in a circle and the pipe has dopolnitlnuyu strength. Finally, the last final before us is drilling methods. ie in the rod drilled hole technology. In this method, a large proportion of the chip is that a drawback. For this reason, for drilling large pipes are rarely used. It is used usually for a barrel guns and hollow machine parts. Copper Plastic Pipe Polyethylene pipes of polybutene Steel if he wanted to stay on steel tubes and the main types of tubes: Seamless pipes and electric, but these types of you have already read the top paragraph, however, the first pipe are hot and cold deformation, it is beyond repair: hot tube to deform at higher than the recrystallization temperature. These tubes are obtained by means of rolling. They are made of steel different brands, such as 20, 45, 10G2, 20X, 40X, GOST 8732-78, etc. .. mat pipes are also cold, but at a temperature below the required minimum. There boiler tubes Another thick-walled pipes are divided and walled. Thick-walled pipes in locations where the pressure is higher than usual. The use of pipes, the pipes in the industry, water supply, mechanical engineering. The largest is the oil industry.

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Aluminum Alloys

December 1st, 2011
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The main advantages of aluminum alloys are in their low density (2.5-2.8 g/cm3), high strength (per unit weight), excellent resistance against external corrosion, and the relative simplicity and small price extraction and processing. Aluminium alloys are used in rocket technology (this is the most important technical aluminum foil), automobile, ship and instrument in the production of various belongings, sportsnaryadov, finish, advertising, and all branches of predprinematelstva. By finding the range of aluminum components occupy second line after the iron and steel. Aluminium – is one of the more common additives in compounds based on copper, magnesium, titanium, nickel, zinc and iron. Aluminum is also used for aluminizing (aluminizing) – saturation surface of steel or cast iron products with aluminum in order to protect the basic material from rusting when strong heating, ie increase heat resistance (up to 1100 oC) and anti-air corrosion. Very popular in the manufacture of aluminum bar is already at the moment can not find the manufacturing sector, which would not have been aluminum or its alloys – from microelectronics to heavy industry. This is guaranteed by all sorts of good qualities, light, low melting point, which makes easy handling, high external qualities, especially after the necessary processing.

This is well demonstrated strong aluminum bars. Given all these and many other physical and chemical qualities of the metal, its inexhaustible amount of land needed to conclude that aluminum – one of the necessary and popular materials of tomorrow. Aluminium – is one of the more common additives in compounds based on copper, magnesium, titanium, nickel, zinc and iron. Aluminum is also used for aluminizing (aluminizing) – saturation surface of steel or cast iron products with aluminum in order to protect the basic material from rusting when strong heating, ie increase heat resistance (up to 1100 oC) and anti-air corrosion.

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Fluorescent Lamps

November 4th, 2011
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Development of high-intensity fluorescent lamps serious drawback of standard fluorescent tubular shape are their large size (especially length) at low power and, consequently, low brightness. Because it requires a large amount of material for the production of lamps and fixtures and virtually impossible to create high levels of illumination required for accurate visual works. So long (from 50s) made attempts to increase the brightness of the fluorescent lamp while maintaining high light output and durability. Obviously, the increase in brightness is inevitably associated with an increase in w = k 1EI/nd. Ways of increasing the light output at higher values of w. A simple increase in the power of the standard types of lamps above a certain limit by increasing the current strength leads to a significant drop in light output. When you overload a 40-watt lamp to 200 watts, the temperature rises to 90-95 C and luminous efficiency drops to 34%.

When the artificial maintenance of the mercury vapor pressure at an optimum level (GAD = 44, L-50 ) for the same increase in light output power drops to 45-48%. Therefore, the task of creating fluorescent lamps with high light output at higher values of w was primarily to find the conditions for discharge, providing for increased power densities higher yield of resonance radiation than conventional bulbs. Experimental and theoretical studies in this regard, both abroad and in our country, led to a deeper understanding of physical processes in the tubes and the creation of the theory of the discharge. As a result, there have been ways to a partial solution to this problem and the development of fluorescent lamps with higher light output at higher values of w. Based on analysis of the theoretical relations, it was shown that the necessary conditions of discharge reduced to maintain the optimum mercury vapor pressure corresponding to the maximum output of the resonant radiation, regardless of the specific power to raise the electron temperature, to reduce the concentration electrons to reduce the number of quenching collisions and to reduce heat loss.

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