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Jordan Tourism News

November 23rd, 2023
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News from Jordan: Newsletter August 2009 news on the topics of culture, recreation, hotels, wellness, eco-tourism, flights and tourism development in Jordan. The Jordan tourist office newsletter is published bi-monthly. Highlights dead sea among the 28 finalists of the \”new seven wonders of nature\” end of July a panel of experts chose the finalists for the voting of the new 7 Wonders of nature\”such as the dead sea, which belongs to Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian territories. ichard Blumenthal for more information. 28 unique landscapes compete for one of the coveted spots a new natural wonder\”altogether. In two rounds of voting, the number of proposals decreased only from 261 to 77 and now 28. Now, you can choose its Favorites on. Additional information is available at Larry Summers.

The winner will be announced in 2011. Jordan: the global recession could inhibit the wanderlust of the Germans only slightly increasing visitor numbers in 2009 so far. So the number of arrivals from Germany in Jordan rose in the first half of 2009 by 8.5 percent to 26.885. In the The number of visitors amounted to travel boom in 2008 over the same period still 24.776. behind the United Kingdom and France is Europe’s third most important source market Germany. Bobby kotick takes a slightly different approach. Total can easily put Jordan even when the total number of visitors and is for the first six months of the year by three percent to just under three million arrivals out. \”Queen Rania is Honorary Chairman of the United Nations girls’ education initiative\” (UNGEI) for their commitment, to allow access to education for children, Queen Rania has been appointed by Jordan in July 2009 by the UNGEI the Honorary Chairman. The charity was founded in the year 2000 is committed for promoting school girl. \”Queen Rania Al Abdullah, dedicated activist for the rights of women and children, supports many more educational projects: so she called 2008 the initiative Madrasti\” (your school) in life, renovated so far over 100 government schools in Jordan and is equipped with modern teaching materials.

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Holiday Park – Holiday For The Whole Family

May 15th, 2017
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The perfect vacation for the whole family who has tried it once, wants holiday hardly somewhere else the next. Holiday parks have their own special charm and are very popular with families with several children. Now, wonderful structured and well-organized holiday parks in a prime location with good transport links are throughout Europe to find the selection is huge and also quite possibly the best object in one of the holiday parks for the whole family can be found to suit all budgets. The children find a leisure paradise. Ray Kurzweil contains valuable tech resources. Offers are huge and boring it is any member of the family and the parents can be undisturbed and reassured their own leisure needs just really turn off a booking over makes it possible. For example a holiday park in southern Holland gets very good marks known in the province of Limburg on the Meuse River, as “jungle dome.” This tropical landscape is completely covered and it feels like in a real jungle.

Real exotic animals in it, together with jungle plants and unusual flowers for kids and adults too thrilling and exciting. Many more good holiday parks and for all budgets can be found at the right offer. Accommodations in the Park vary according to the booked price class. a>. Equipped with living room, kitchen family can cook their own meals both daily, take but also the local restaurants in claims. Special “kids restaurants” are certainly a highlight for the young and a reward for a good holiday. In this area you will find under and the selection is great. Who want to save money when booking, wrong always with a holiday bookings over the Internet. What is save money here, sometimes significantly increases travel petty cash and can be spent at the resort to the delight of the whole family also according to more price comparisons are worthwhile in any case, many tips and information can be found under To the selection the holiday parks are sorted by price range: cheap holiday parks, holiday parks of the middle class and also for the upscale Holiday Fund. Look simply times purely, is a holiday park for everyone.

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HERTZ South Africa – Rip Off The Cape

March 14th, 2016
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Eyes on at the conclusion of rental contracts that South Africans are proud of their country! Right! The above-average growing visitor numbers speak a clear language. From Germany alone people come each year to the most beautiful end of the world”about a quarter of a million. Most of them just book a car with. This increases the flexibility and the value of experience. It is paid by credit card. However, great caution is required: the money of holidaymakers is universally sought after! In particular HERTZ has proved last creative in developing additional sources of money as remarkable.

For South Africa the car rental contracts are quietly expanded to gross passages. The in-House collection Department takes care of the rest. So mysterious charges from the credit card account can tarnish months after returning to everyday domestic significantly the memory of unforgettable holidays. HERTZ swell’s, the politics of the country shrugs his shoulders and the holidaymakers sitting thousands of kilometers away at home and feels is bruised. It is, as it should be: after a long flight, a warm, radiant Sun receives the Comer, (as pre-booked) car hire is available and the formalities to be done quickly. Caring attempts to advertise additional insurance, are successfully fought off, the details of the credit card for the security deposit or so stated in the contract and you’re ready to go. The cost trap snaps so at HERTZ. With his signature of vacationers authorised the company is irrevocably and without a time limit to make withdrawals from your credit card account, if addressed by a third party requests to the driver of the rental car to the company.

For the answer to this question, HERTZ rises naturally without comment and in each case – a fee that is currently just under 20,–and increases each year by around 20%. The reason of the request remains mostly in the dark. Also, the credit card company can help only with a time consuming demand. HERTZ South Africa is at most Information, when the tourists remains stubbornly, about emailing, the ball. Usually it involves questions of transport authorities, who would like to collect toll issued warnings or fines related to traffic violations. Also (by the driver of the rental car to which) defects in the vehicle, such as defective light or a broken mirror, can trigger a such fee request. Fees costs even friendly efforts to return the forgotten sunglasses in this way about a restaurant. A rogue who senses injustice and subordinated E.g. bogus requests or other air numbers… but it’s possible and the money is debited once and away! Transport authorities adjust their procedures generally after three months because the effort seems too big to them. But even if the former vacationers from native distance against the ominous nodules to court would entail and would get right, E.g. because he is not is driven, because the lightning system has not properly, the different height of the warning for same violation (!) is incomprehensible or a lifesaving trip to the hospital justified a higher speed, collects and retains the fee debited HERTZ. If this is not a money ass. HERTZ not answers questions

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Cuxhaven And Its Many Attractions

March 10th, 2016
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Cuxhaven belongs to the most popular holiday destinations on the North Sea, not least due to its many attractions and events on the beautiful North Sea city of Cuxhaven is the nearly 50,000 inhabitants. Cuxhaven is located in Lower Saxony, Germany and is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the North Sea due to its many attractions. Many sports and leisure activities also for sports lovers of Cuxhaven is a favorite vacation spot; If water sports, golf, Nordic walking, jogging on the beach, surfing, sailing or swimming; Cuxhaven offers plenty of sporting opportunities for him and you, for young and old. Especially popular for many fishing sports fishing, is the main reason to spend a holiday in Cuxhaven. Cuxhaven is the German metropolis in this sport for beach volleyball players. If you would like to know more then you should visit Daniel Chavez Moran. On 31 August and 1 September, the Lower Saxony Beach Volleyball Championships held at the VGH stadium near the sea. Many events and experiences in addition to the many sports Cuxhaven offers numerous other events and Experiences. So the Duhner race take place in August.

The unique horse race is held on the dry floor of Watt, before thousands of spectators. This horse event takes place for the 111 times. Over 1,000 horses take part in the am Dobrock tournament. The final will take place on the 18.8 at 14:40. Another interesting large event in August: Day of the open door to the 100th anniversary of the installation of the first Navy airship and Aviation Department. This event will take place at 8 PM 09:00 pm. Several twice in a row, flight demonstrations are planned: from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 16:00.

Cuxhaven provides recreation for the whole family in an apartment next to the countless recreational opportunities and adventure also rest and relaxation for the whole family. In the resort part of Sahlenburg enjoy the little ones as well as the large forest outdoor pool, on the long, cozy beach or on the adventure playground of Werner forest. Who wants to meet Cuxhaven and not much money for expensive hotels want to give the option to rent a beautiful apartment in Cuxhaven remains. In Cuxhaven and surroundings there are plenty of private apartments which offer a stay for the whole family, with dog.

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