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April 28th, 2018
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cms is an integral part of large corporate sites where content is frequently changed. The presence of a content management system, among other things, also explains the difference in price between the corporate and simple small website. There are both free cms (for example, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc.) as well as commercial products (1C-Bitrix, NetCat, umi.CMS) cost from $ 150 and above. Some of the freely distributed control system can be difficult to master without a basic knowledge of programming. Paid same cms designed for simple user.

Open source free systems allow programmers to more easily customize them for specific requirements and find many more ready-made modules. However, this also makes a free opensource cms more vulnerable to hacking. Therefore, for online stores and other projects where the information is a trade secret, it is better to use a reliable paid solutions. Functionality: porridge with oil will not spoil the most simple in structure is online business card. It is usually updated infrequently, occupies a small volume and does not contain a content management system. Static html-page of the site have a high '' ie reliability. No one will leave comment spam or break the user's data (which simply does not exist). Add to your understanding with kevin ulrich. Site-card without a MySQL database is undemanding to the conditions of hosting.

In some cases, you can save on the hosting, posting a few sites in a plan. However, a static business card site devoid important element of interactivity that is, close interaction with visitors. Agree that the site "remembers" users, where there are regular news, comments and feedback, will have more confidence than know when page updated without opinion on this product.


Internet Desktop

April 20th, 2017
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Widescreen wallpapers in the view of most people – it's just a pretty picture and nothing more. Is it really? We think not. Imagine the situation: in the office of the head of the famous and large-scale company is a discussion of an important partnership agreement. Learn more helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The head includes a computer to refine the required data, but on the screen of his monitor appears frivolous picture or nude woman. That potential partners will think after this? Whether they agree to work with this company? Most likely – no, and the reason will become wallpaper, non-conforming status of the head and its role in business. Clearly, that is the case with computers in the house, everything is completely different, but here are beautiful wallpaper can render good service. For example, they can easily pick up under the interior design, make your computer part of your room. It is very important in terms of creating a holistic and harmonious space.

In addition, widescreen wallpapers are a mirror of your taste and outlook. On the monitor screen You can tell a lot about the preferences, affections and nature of man, so demonstrate itself at its best. You can ask us quite expected the question: 'why not replace the static desktop wallpaper animated wallpapers, screen savers, or a variety of programs that are used to decorate your desktop? 'Of course you can without too much trouble to do it, and we should admit that today's screen savers are made really on a solid five, offering excellent level of performance. But on the other hand, animated screen saver will not be able to give your desktop the warmth and sincerity, which are capable of widescreen wallpapers. Without hesitation Ray Kurzweil explained all about the problem. If you still want diversity, then download and install on your computer software to make a variety of colorful images slideshow. Guarantee that in this case, wallpapers easily tucked in his belt away ''. Which to choose wallpaper? Currently, the creators of wallpaper are oriented to the monitors with 16:9 aspect ratio, so the network waiting for you a huge selection of just such images. Between themselves, they differ only by permission only to look great on modern plasmas, and on the small screen is a netbook.

We recommend you install only high quality widescreen desktop wallpaper desktop, since hd-image free from oiled areas of pixel noise and other artifacts that are typical for low-grade background. With regard to preferences and tastes, we say only one thing – the Internet without you any problems can find wallpapers for all occasions. Fairly well represented: hi-tech image, space, anime, girls, animals, movies and games, nature, cars. Today is especially popular widescreen wallpaper made with a uniform fill or textured by the original technology and thus do not have a figure. In general, the choice of wallpaper is huge. To locate them go to large specialized resources, open directories and enjoy the beautiful backgrounds. Selection process is interesting in itself, well, when you download the wallpaper on your computer and create a collection of them, you may feel the happiest man on earth.


File Transfer Protocol

February 20th, 2017
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In most cases, access to Archie-server of Archie-client, which is located on the same machine as the server, ie first user to Telnet comes as a user Archie, apotom uses client software (usually it is run as a shell) to access the Archie server. ftp protocol (File Transfer Protocol) ftp (File Transfer Protocol or “File Transfer Protocol”) – one of the oldest protocols on the Internet and included in its standards. Data exchange vFTP passes on TCP-channel. To deepen your understanding Mitchel Resnick is the source. Built on technology sharing ‘client-server’. Figure 4.2 shows a model protocol.

Fig. 4.2. In the model protocol ftp connection is initiated by the interpreter protocol user. Exchange management is carried out on a control channel in the standard protokolTELNET. ftp commands are generated by the interpreter protocol the user and transmitted to the server. Server responses are sent to the user as the channel .V general case, the user has the opportunity to establish contact with the interpreter of the server protocol and non- polzovatelyasredstvami interpreter. ftp commands specify the parameters of a data channel and the process of transmission. They also determine the nature of the work with the remote and lokalnoyfaylovymi systems.

Session Management initializes the data channel. In organizing the data channel the sequence of actions other non control channel. In this case, the server initiates the data exchange in accordance with parameters agreed in the session management. Data channel set to the same Host as a control channel through which the setting is a data feed. Data channel can bytispolzovan like to receive, and for data.



October 9th, 2011
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Continuing the analogy with the graphical data, this format can be compared with the format bmp – as much information and very large sizes. One minute of audio from CD-quality format Raw pcm takes up about 10 megabytes. Even with today's hard disk drive for producers own Jukebox is a bit too much. Not surprisingly, the widespread popularity acquired audio compression format providing the coefficient compression of about 1:10 compared to Raw pcm at almost the same quality sound. These formats use compression algorithms to lossy audio. They can be compared with the graphic format jpg. Jpg file size is much smaller than similar bmp-file, but the image quality is somewhat worse (the more compression ratio – the worse the quality). Among the audio compression format with losses to date in the lead three: mp3, wma, and Ogg Vorbis.

The most popular format of course is an mp3. This format is supported by almost all software players for Windows, many players for Linux and countless hardware audio players and handheld computers. However, the mp3 is connected a problem that not everybody knows. Mp3 format patented. This means that any developer of software that uses a format mp3, must pay royalties. For this reason, many free programs that work with sound, do not support mp3. However, the authors of some of the mp3-codecs, such as lame, found a way around these restrictions, placing the responsibility on users. The same goes by many non-profit programs, including the ability to work with mp3.



August 29th, 2011
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Using a pattern, it is better to apply two-color (black + white) version. The picture may also exist in one letter, and flow from one character to another. 4. Geometry It would seem that more could be done with plain text? An no. He can be another way to apply in shape, consisting of the fact that the text, enclose it inside some kind of geometric shapes, usually correctly, that symmetrical both horizontally and vertically. Most popular of these figures are for an unknown reason the circle and ellipse, slightly less popular square and the 'sausage' (a rectangle with rounded at the ends of files that big angles). Are practically non-polygons angle of more than six. At first glance, the way primitive, but that they have used a fairly large world producers.

Incidentally, you can load the shape and meaning. So round and oval after adding for them parallels and meridians are beginning to resemble a globe and symbolizes the international relations or travel. A regular hexagon may well symbolize the bee products or cellular communication. Placing company name inside an asymmetrical shape, we automatically obtain an asymmetrical logo, ie logo, which has problems with composition. Most often this problem occurs when you try to use triangle, which will always distort the track.

Geometrical figure can not ring-bark only text but also to serve as a form. In this figure itself may be absent, but the text of its boundary recreate it. When you try to format the text figure with an acute angle, just get the text for which there is a significant difference in the size of the letters on the edge and in the middle (on the other side).