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Air Conditioning

October 15th, 2013
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Although good weather is resisting reach this time, in a few weeks will have high temperatures here. And, as every year, comes the fear to pass with the invoice of the air-conditioning, especially in big cities and areas where the heat tightened with force from June to September. If your home has insulating Windows and, therefore, good thermal insulation, you can get an energy saving up to 30% on your electricity bill. To achieve a good insulation, it is advisable to equip our housing with insulating Windows that prevent the entry of heat. In this way, we buy less energy when it comes to Acclimate our House in summer and in winter, heat will not be run by these enclosures. We must remember that well insulate a House can lead us to save 70% on the invoice of electricity, something which we will notice, and much on our savings.

Other recommendations to save are:-install awnings on Windows where to receive greater amount of sunlight during the hottest hours. -Lower the blinds and run the curtains in the hours of more heat-set at 26 the temperature of the air conditioning unit air conditioning.-open the Windows when there is less risk of heat BREW at home, i.e. first thing in the morning or last night. The rest of the day, try to keep everything closed.-other appliances that consume less energy, as ceiling fans. At least in some rooms-maintain air conditioning in places where only them in the Sun. If they are on the roof, it is suitable that are covered in some way-not starting air conditioning at one lower than normal temperature, this entails a very important energy expenditure.

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