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Extrusion Technology Development

December 25th, 2012

China begins in 2006, China produced more than 25,000 sets of extruders. Extrusion mechanisms are one of the key articles of Chinese exports. China provides cost-effective and integrated solutions from main units of production extruders to supply complete production lines. As for the main blocks and plastic products, the Chinese extruders include single-screw extruders are suitable for different materials and designs, such as panels, sheets, film, fibers and rods, parallel twin-screw extruders and reversing the conical twin-screw extruders reverse rotation used processing heat-sensitive materials such as panels of PVC pipes and profiles, parallel twin-screw extruders in parallel rotation used when mixing materials, filling, drainage, modification and granulation. In recent years there is continuous development of additional equipment and production technology of molds, and extrusion lines gradually come to the important place in Chinese market extruders. As technology improved manufacture of PVC profiles and equipment for their subsequent processing is the growth in demand for film and pipeline equipment. Chinese exports to the markets of CIS countries include film extrusion lines and lines for the production of blow, such as 3-7-layer multi-functional line of laminating films, lamination line sandwich structural film Chemical packaging production line of the film used in agriculture and processing of soil and geotechnical production line of the film. On the other hand, China is developing the technology of production of various of cast film and the film stretched along one axis and two axes. Also, China can provide the line for the production of five-layer extruded / cast film production line or extruded / cast film width of more than 5m.

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