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Chuva Day

January 1st, 2013

As he can the world continue existing if it is not more here. This is what I ask myself to each minute that passes since that I knew that it died. It rains there it are. The young woman of the forecast of the time does not obtain to find a reason for this, at least not one convinces that me. Today of morning the sun shone sovereign. The afternoon was the burial of Rafael, and was when it started to rain. In my opinion it rains because Rafael died, and was not Rafael any, was my Rafael.

I left my body to fall heavily on the bed and cried. I cried with the same fury that rain used to make right my window. I cried until to dominate me to sleep. The dream with Rafael started soft. It was seated in my sofa, attending TV. I came close myself and it smiled. That smile smiled that it wise person to only smile. I started to cry.

In the dream! He will be that nor in dream Rafael can live? Hugged it me: _Calma _Como you ask for to me to have calm! You died! _Eu I know. _No! It cannot be truth! _Mas is _Para to say this! Why you mind do not stop me? Why not return for me? _Eu never to leave I go you. I am of its side, always. _Mentira! _Eu would not lie for you. I go to prove saying this the dream if undid. Little time later woke up me to a thunder. for as. Under the light of the lightning I thought to have seen Rafael.


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