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Activity Project

May 4th, 2012

This graph (indicating) looks for to portray, how much the industry spends to carry through its logistic activities monthly, this graph is one of most used for the logistic operators, from this graph the companies can take decisions as for example she is herself viable to continue carrying through its logistic activities or to terceirizar the activities. For a taking of decision in long stated period, we can also carry through a projected one for the year, that can simply be compared with the years previous. Diverse pointers can in accordance with be adopted the necessity of each operation or branch of activity, it does not advance terms many pointers if they do not obtain to portray the reality of the processes, or mask the reality. Therefore the volume of pointers is not most important, the important one is the quality of the pointers, the pointers must be a photo of the process, Ray that allows in them to enxergar the activities clearly, facilitating the taking of decisions. The choice of a company who if considers to carry through a project of this level, must have very formed its perspective of future well, the plans of management of the company must be feasible. The application of the project can be in an existing process already or in the development and implantation of a new process or activity, that never must be forgotten are that the focus of the lined up project the strategies of the company are basic, when are decided for implanting a project without firm bases, where the activity focus of the project well is not defined or can be that the activity in the future can more not to exist, is not justifiable to spend energy with the activity. Therefore the feasibility study of the project it has that to be very clear-cut before taking the decision for the beginning of the same, many projects in the branch of the logistic one are mainly not concluded by not being well definite in its target, the logistic one are an activity that dumb constantly, therefore, is a challenge in leading a project of logistic there.


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