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Legal Documents Sales

May 9th, 2012

But now, the situation is not more the same one. It is not of today that it is said in commercialization of cars for the digital net. By the way, the end of the last decade and the beginning of this, had been marked by great boom of expansion of the Internet in the sector. However, until point the digital net is impactando the file of legal documents sales? They would be the skeptics for electronic safe file of legal documents commerce in its position? It will continue the Internet, in the automobile industry, being communication channel or will be able to compete with the traditional distribution? These are only some questions that appear to each round of colloquy involving the subject. A fact of the one not to deny: independent if form, communication channel of distribution, mixing system or any another trend that appears, the Internet comes, to each day, giving tests that to be ignored are a lamentable error.> Periodicals of the entire world are to the returns to keep the invoicing level, to the measure that the Internet extends and if it sophisticates. The American automobile sector, for example, comes increasing of exponential form the investments in the digital net, to the measure that reduces the mount of money in the traditional media, special, periodicals printed matters.

It is undeniable that, in the current days, to contact somebody for message text it has been more efficient of what for telephone. I myself, many times, I try to say with entrepreneurs and executives for the cellular one. When I do not get success, sending immediately a torpedo or email. Half delay hour and is not the reply there that I in such a way needed. It is common the people to consult and to answer its electronic messages for the cellular one, during meetings, conventions, congresses or any another event that inhibits to speak to the telephone.

Corroborating with this point of view it is the magazine of AutoExec of July of 2009. In news article published in pages 14 and 15, it evidences that the net of concessionaires, in the United States, it comes to each day, using more the resources of web, to produce and to divulge its announcements. According to publication the automobile industry, with investment of U$2,8 billions in the passed year, was the third bigger advertiser in the electronic media of the country. An important concessionaire of there, declared that its mount of money of propaganda is distributed obeying the following composition: autotrade.com, site of local periodical e, the lesser part, in the TV the handle and specialized Magazines. Recently, the General Motors assembly plant (GM) started to vender new automobiles and trucks through the site of auctions on-line eBay. The plan involved only 250 concessionaires of the American state of California. The users will be able to search, to contact the concessionaires for email, to negotiate price, and, also, he is clearly, to buy the available models.


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